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Maddie Case: The First Interview to Kate's Parents

The Healys give their first televised interview to a Spanish TV, Antena3.

SA Confidential (Talk Show)
Language: Spanish
Broadcasted: 22nd October 2007

Healy's Teaser Clips:


Susan Healy: 'Gerry called me. He said, errm… "There's been a disaster, it's a disaster" and I thought there'd been a car accident.'


Susan Healy: 'But I… I've never heard Kate raise her voice, she doesn't raise her voice, and she was shouting down the phone. I think, to emphasise how important it was, errm... to the British Consul: "I want somebody here now."'


Brian Healy: 'We'll keep searching. I'm appealing to whoever's got her, have a change of heart and send her back to us.'


Brian Healy: 'Just her total presence. Of a morning she'd come in with a book, into our room, and we'd have to read her a story, She was a doll, a little diamond.'

Susan Healy: 'Kate visualises Madeleine coming down the stairs in the house: "I can see her coming down the stairs, mum".'

Susan Healy: 'We love you Madeleine.'

Talk Show Host
Santi Acosta

Degree in information science, Santi Acosta has a long career in the world of television.

The journalist began his career in 1991 as a reporter and presenter of space Direct Telemadrid Madrid, in which autonomous channel also has led, among others, the first edition of Telenoticias and Madrid Direct program. In 1999, Santi Acosta joins producer El Mundo TV as director of project development, and assumes, among other tasks, the branch's program of research reports First Line for Antena 3,

Angela Portero

She studied journalism at the School of Information Sciences at the Complutense University of Madrid, where he graduated in 1988. In 1989 he traveled to Ottawa, Canada, for a master's degree at the University of Carlton. She is currently Director of Content and Projects of her own Agency.

Albert Castillón

dedicated to the world of journalism nearly 30 years. He began his professional journey on the radio. In 1980 began his career on the air, where he has worked Chain Catalan, Cadena Ser, Cadena Rato, Spain Radio, Onda Cero, Onda Rambla and Punto Radio. The world is articulista of 20 minutes and La Vanguardia.es, and author of "black book of the mafia."

Paloma Garcia-Pelayo

(Madrid, 1963) She obtained a degree in information science from the Complutense University of Madrid in 1986, but began her career in 1984 as a reporter and editor of the Daily Graphic ABC. After a year of collaboration with the magazine Paris Match, in 1988 he joined the Group 16, where he works for Cambio 16 and Marie Claire. Since 2003 working in various television programs such as heartbeat (Onda 6), Afternoon With T (Telemadrid) and Sabor a ti (Antena 3).

Jose Cabrera Forneiro

Spanish forensic psychiatrist. Complete his degree in Medicine and Surgery at the Faculty of Medicine at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid the year 1979 that has developed a long career in political office associated with the People's Party.

At present holds the private psychiatric clinic in Madrid, Spain, is the Academy of Academic Medical Surgical Spanish, is the Scientific Advisor to the Spanish Confederation of federations and associations of Families of Mentally Ill (FEAFES), taught classes at various conferences and forums , And is Expert Nominated by Spain in the European Medicines Agency (EME).For over 15 years is a regular contributor to numerous TV shows, such as the Fourth Millennium

Transcript of the Healys Interview

Clip No.1:

Susan Healy: 'Gerry called me. He said, errm… "There's been a disaster, it's a disaster" and I thought there'd been a car accident. And it took me a while 'cause he was hysterical, errm… it took me a while to realise. He… he just said "Madeleine's been abducted from her bed". Errm… And, I sort of said "No, Gerry", you know, and he… he was, sort of, at pains to emphasise how important it was because, at this time, I think they'd been looking for some time and they hadn't told us right away. They'd looked for an hour or so. She said: "She's gone, mum, she's gone, mum", and… and I said "We'll get her back". And I was able to say this to Kate for quite a few months, "We'll get her back, we'll get her back". And now I find it is getting harder to say that to her. Errm… I… I believe it. We want her back, we're not going to accept that Maddie's gone from our life altogether. She's far too important for that.'

Clip No.2:

Susan Healy: 'Kate phoned me, errm… about an hour after Gerry and asked me to get in touch with, errm… Paul Seddon, who is the priest, Father Seddon, who married her, who baptised Madeleine, errm… and I didn't have his mobile phone so I rang a friend of Kate's and got… got him and he rang Kate right away and I think as soon as this happened, as soon as Kate realised what had happened, it was as if, errm.. she started to ask God right away to give her Madeleine. Errm… because Kate and Gerry were not the most devout family. We do have Catholic faith, errm… it's… it's the religion that we were brought up in, but I would never describe myself as a devout person. We're just ordinary people, errm… but Kate certainly has… has clung to her religion, errm.. since this happened. Possibly she feels that, you know, it has to be a greater thing that helps us to get Madeleine back. Errm… something with more power than… than we have.'

Clip No.3:

Susan Healy: 'The police took us to the airport and we… we flew over to Portugal and Kate and Gerry, when we arrived at the apartment, were hysterical. Their voices were out of control and I think it was just blind panic and fear that they couldn't get through to the police or to anybody, errm... to make it clear that they felt Madeleine had been abducted and they were afraid that every minute that was lost was crucial to getting Madeleine back. Errm… my daughter is very, very placid, very even tempered, and I saw her scream that night at the Consul. Screaming for help, for somebody to do something to... to help them to get Madeleine back. But I… I've never heard Kate raise her voice, she doesn't raise her voice, and she was shouting down the phone, I think, to emphasise how important it was, errm... to the British Consul. "I want somebody here now," errm… is what she was saying. But, yes, emotionally she was very up and down, errm… and that isn't, as I say, she's a very placid… '

Brian Healy: 'Meeting Kate for the first time after Madeleine was abducted… just awful. Worst feeling of my life.'

Note: Susan Healy confirms that Gerry said how important it was that everyone accept it as an abduction straight away. Secondly, she confirms that the McCanns were NOT devout Catholics and that Kate only turned to God after Madeleine had 'disappeared'. Also, she refers to Madeleine as 'Maddie' and tells how Kate was screaming at the British Consul saying 'I want somebody here now'!

It just encapsulates everything they were attempting to do: Hammer home that it was an abduction, pressurise the PJ with Consular help, play the 'devoted Catholics' card when, in reality, they weren't and draw their relatives in to provide a cloak to hide behind.

Thank you to Nige from the McCann Files for the transcript, and for pointing out the relevant aspects of the Interview.

Muchissimas Gracias a Mercedes de Hasta que se Sepa La Verdad por lo resumen.


  1. Incredible... "I want someone here now"! What an arrogant b**** is Kate! Who do these people think they are?
    By the way, can someone explain where this "swinging" thing comes from? is it just a rumor or did Mr Amaral mention that the McC were swingers?

  2. No matter how well the sods thought they had cleaned up the "crime scene" and no matter how they try and control peoples perceptions of themselves by having advanced knowledge of questions to be a, sked, hiding behind Mr Pink... aka the mercenary Mitchell, they could not exert their control over how and what the extendd family say.
    ver interesting the fact that the Mc's appeared so fanatically religous, bet the pope is horrified he agreed to them attending prayers.
    Remember Philomena saying in abridged form( when Kate and Gerry come home we are going to throw a huge party" sky news forum was wild with people saying what bad taste and asking why Kate had only said the previous week she wasnt leaving PDL without her.
    Suddenly woosh the articles and interview with old Phil yr face was gone and replaced was Kate reiterating she would not be leaving PDL...
    They are a pair of manipulating mdevious bastards. I do beleive Amaral re the sedatives but do not discount the Payne stuff. Mybe Madeleine's body was hidden to hide any proof of injuries sustained prior to death if you get my drift.

  3. The usual McCann make-believe, with the McCann pivotal spin elements of 'abduction' and Catholic front. In reality, no abduction, no devoted Catholics and, by the way, Kate's wrong statement about Maddie - they used to call her Maddie, contrary to what Kate says.

    Thank you Nigel for drawing attention to these aspects.

  4. Dear Joana, I only wish we could also have had access to the footage where the body language of the Healy couple was analised by experts. Why was that not shown?

  5. The body language of the Healy couple, namely of Mrs.Healy is analysed towards the end of the video. If I have time I'll translate that bit.


  6. What a pack of lies!

    Gerry and Kate Mccann are devout Catholics to the point they had to see the Pope. NO, they aren't, they aren't very religious people.

    Gerry and Kate are the ideal couple. NO, they aren't, the day before Madeleine went missing they had such a big row that Kate moved out to the children's bedroom.

    Gerry and Kate are model parents. NO, they aren't. They used to leave their children in the care of strangers daytime and on their own in the evening.

    Gerry and Kate have told the world their daughter Madeleine was abducted. NO, she wasn't. What have they done with her corpse.

  7. Let me see,if I can remember what I read at SOSMadeleine(DL):

    4 and 5 May Ambassador and another person make everything to put off the inevestigators,giving a lot of pistas;
    So,5 May,by the first time they went with their clothes to the laundry!
    Eddie and Keela,seems,no work more(tomorrow);
    So,5 May the laundry give to the Equipa/Gonçalo Amaral the clothes very well washed.....

    Probably more,but in this moment I do not remember.But the site have translation.


    Joana,alguém estará novamente down?

    PR,completa mais um ano.
    ou,estará de férias?



  8. Thank you Joana!
    I think that what was shown towards the end of the video is just some small clips of what was going to be broadcasted ahead. At least in my computer,after that the whole thing went blank, no images, was that the end of it or are we missing something here?
    Once again thank you so much for all the incredible effort and work you have been doing over the last year.

  9. and finally....

    We all have to admit that after this incomparable global "search"for Madeleine,the publicity, the Pope, the relatives, friends and the whole UK even Gordon Brown,politicians,money etc the parents can not call Sky News now and tell the truth.

    Would you do it?
    Do you agree with me?
    Dr. Amaral said that he understand why Kate and Gerry will never tell anyone that the child is dead.
    Is to late.


  10. Joana, gracias ti por estar ahi!!!


  11. Oi Joana,

    Tenho conversado com muitos visitantes de seu blog e gostaria de lhe dizer que lhe respeitamos muito pela seriedade com a qual voce trata este assunto.
    Sua janela virtual é a fonte principal onde colhemos informaçoes atuais baseadas no respeitável jornalismo que voce faz.
    Obrigada por todo este esforço, que sabemos, lhe custa horas de sono.


    Maria - Rio de Janeiro

  12. The Healys must be living in constant fear of the legal implications of a fraudulent hoax.

    Did anyone notice that all of the photographs in Kate's private memorial showed Maddie looking away? I was struck with the thought that while in Portugal, the mother could not look her in the face. Quite revealing, IMO.

  13. How revealing are K. words: "mum she's gone, she's gone"
    For me it sounds like "she's passed away", nothing to do with "they've taken her" or ""they snatched her"....

    Seeing from the distance this interview and comments... it is revealing.

    Asking for a priest insted of the police ....very strange.

    Poor Maddie, - what they have done to you?

  14. Com que então a ida a Fátima e ao Vaticano foram apenas para efeito, parte do exercício mediático, se os McCann não são pessoas particularmente religiosas...

    Que fantochada de bradar aos Céus!

  15. Esse programa é muito interessante, principalmente a questão da linguagem do corpo!

  16. Kate's shown self control throughout, whereas Gerry's displayed his 'short fuse' on camera. He stormed out of one live interview when asked about the reports of blood being found in the apartment.

  17. According to the Police, Kate acted like a mother in mourning as opposed to the mother of an 'abducted' child.

    In genuine cases of abduction, the parents phoned the police and left it to the police to deal with media reports. The McCanns totally disregarded all police advice. Their media manager slandered them throughout.

  18. Mr Amaral comments only on evidenced facts.

    Kate was quoted as saying (of the group) - "we were well into each other". The holiday was not as normal families operate - enjoying time together with the children, eating together, having fun together.

  19. I've always felt very sorry for Madeleine's grandparents Healy.
    Mrs Healy voiced her anger at the children being left alone.

    They must be deeply affected by the unrelenting media soap opera. They're clearly intelligent people who, along with the rest of the public, had direct access to Mr Amaral's evidenced based testimony.

  20. speak your mind,

    The fact that the 'story' was set and rolled off the press at 12.01 a.m. on 4th May confirms 'media contacts' were alerted sometime beforehand. A cardiac consultant and GP wife lacked the means themselves in many important aspects of the 'syndicated' abduction.

    According to the Police, Kate appeared to be in 'mourning'; this would have rendered incapable of organizing anything - especially writing a journalistic style log.

    Conversely, the police found Gerry's lack of concern quite bizarre. Laughing and joking amid the tension .... Mr Amaral's testimony confirms.

  21. speak your mind,

    McCanns were aided and abetted from day one by Government contacts. e. Madeleine's death and disposal (police conclusions)is irrelevant as far as the self serving Laborites are concerned. They operate 'mafioso' style protecting their own.

  22. Kate said she moved into Madeleine's bed, but did she ?

    Why in the technically flawed last photo was a weird rubber band (serving no function) shown ? The original photo published in 3 A's excluded the band. In Kate's recent 'after dark' photo session she was shown with her hair in a pony tail - held by a 'band'.

    The police reportedly asked Kate whether she had slept in Madeleine's bed and, undoubtedly, with just cause. A need clearly existed to show Madeleine as the 'owner' of the band.

  23. Whilst the media has been used to 'point the finger at Kate', not so the police.

    The media is used for the sole purpose of overruling the police, upending overwhelming evidence and publishing misinformation.

    The public were deliberately misinformed regarding a plea bargain involving Kate.

  24. Strange that Mitchell has only just arranged publication of the photos of Kate's 'memorial' - 16 months after they were 'allegedly' taken !!!


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