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Maddie Case: Guilty - Focus Front Cover

61 percent of the British and the Portuguese point their finger at the McCanns: Maddie case - GUILTY

An international poll by Focus shows that England and Portugal have no doubts: Kate and Gerry McCann are responsible for their daughter's disappearance. And they believe that the little girl is dead.

What is coming in the Maddie case - The counter-attack by Gonçalo Amaral - Deceived McCann couple loses half their fortune

This is the front cover Only. Full article here: Maddie case: Guilty - Focus

Translation by Astro
Source: Focus magazine paper edition

1 comment:

  1. Would like to congratulate the magazine in question for their choice of the cover picture. True concerned expressions of those who have much to fear from upcoming times.

    One rat (apologies to the species, but lacked a better word), CM, has already jumped ship. Its been more than a month that from his abject mouth came the words "you're either brave or you're terribly stupid", and we are yet to see something, anything, backing those words.

    Anxiously waiting to see how many, if any, will, together with the "Captains" who are chained to the wheel up to their necks, go down with this ship.



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