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Maddie: journalists tried to break into window - Portugal Diário

During the month of September, the PJ received various alerts of foreign journalists who tried to enter the Ocean Club bedroom where the British child disappeared from

Several journalists tried to film and photograph the inside of the bedroom where Maddie disappeared from on the 3rd of May 2007. In some situations, they even tried to force the apartment’s shutters open.

Kate and Gerry McCann returned to London on the 9th of September 2007, and a few days after they left the villa that they rented in Praia da Luz, the real estate agency was contacted by a journalist who tried to rent the property in order to carry out some filming. The request was denied.

On the morning of the 20th of September, the executive manager of the Ocean Club noticed the presence of three television reporters on the outside of the apartment where the McCann family spent their holidays. The two men and one woman had already forced the shutters of the bedroom where the children slept. It was the manager herself who expelled them from the location, while suspecting that their goal was to film the inside of the property.

Five days later, the firm that is responsible for the Ocean Club’s security was summoned to the same location due to the insistent presence of three further journalists in the patio that accesses the apartments.

They tried to ‘buy off’ the cleaning ladies

Even the cleaning personnel declared that they were approached by several journalists so they could access the inside of the apartment.

Whenever the pretension was denied, they offered money in return for said access. While in the former situations foreign journalists were identified, in this last attempt the nationality is not identified in the process that was made public on the 4th of August 2008, after the investigation was archived and the judicial secrecy was lifted.

No danger of ‘contamination’

On the 26th of September, in the early evening, the Polícia Judiciária (PJ) was contacted by a security guard from the Ocean Club, who informed that he had found the bedroom shutters up. Two inspectors traveled to the location and verified that said shutters had been raised, from the outside, until half the height of the window. But nothing was broken and there were no indicia of the window having been broken into.

A police source that is connected to the investigation explained to Portugal Diário that at the time, no processes were opened against the journalists because there was no ‘risk of contamination of the premises’ anymore.

Without indicia that the McCann couple had committed any crime, the Public Ministry determined the archiving of the process. On the 21st of July of 2008, Kate and Gerry, together with Robert Murat, saw their arguido status lifted.

source: Portugal Diário, 03.09.2008


  1. In other words, the forcing of the shutters trying to open the window which the McCanns would like us to believe happened on 3rd May 2007, done by an 'abductor', in fact did not happen until much later, done by the media reporters the McCanns had attracted to PDL. By then all the existing evidence had been collected by the PJ, and, what you know, Kate's fingerprints showed she was the only person opening the window that evening.

  2. As always, 'no evidence' to support the 'story' of reporters behaving as merceneries in a criminal investigation.

    The photograph in the article is authentic; released by the police in November 2007 and included in US book publication. No photos were taken by the police on the night Madeleine's parents reported her missing.

    Windows throughout apartment 5A are white - photographs of the room falsely allegedly taken by police on 3 May for website display show stained wooden windows - like those in the McCanns' Rothley residence.

    Fraud and deception includes tampering and editing official police records. Nigel stated long along, the McCanns only means of defence is media/forum spin and lies, lies and more lies.

  3. anonymous,

    Police found no sign of a break in the night Madeleine was reported missing by her parents. Also confirmed by MW & Mitchell.

    The only forensic specimens on the window belonged to Kate; her fingerprints on the sliding window.

    For the first time in political/criminal history a Government has wasted £ millions and millions of taxpayers' money protecting parents of a 'missing' child.

    It defies public belief that this should occur where overwhelming evidence of death and disposal was found as the result the findings of Britain's top ranking authority on homicide, Mark Harrison.

    The person responsible for deciding Sir Ian Blair's future is the same person who prevented PJ re-questioning the prime suspects in this case.

    Laborites are bound by exactly the same laws as the electorate who pay their wages; not for much longer !!!

    Mr Amaral is the first of many reinstating POLICE FACTS and hard earned reputations.

  4. Hi there,

    this is sure another order from Gerry Mccan.
    As Dr. Goncalo Amaral told the press he is a very creative and full of imaginations desperado.
    That's not worth mentioning!

    Maria / Brasil

  5. Very important !
    THESE were the scenes as two police sniffer dogs investigated the disappearance of little Madeleine McCann —


    just see the videos


  6. BBC News Report is at variance with published police statements.

    Shannon's mother was charged with 'neglect' and 'wasting police time' for her part in the multi million pound search for her daughter reported missing. All family members co-operated with the police which, in law, does not constitute 'perverting the course of justice'.

    Police confirmed that Shannon's Uncle 'came clean' and told the truth. The family planned a scam disappearance in the hope of obtaining around £1.3 m in line with the McCanns profits from reporting their child's disappearance.

    In Madeleine's case, many agents, including Government ministers remain actively involved in perverting the course of justice, intimidating police witnesses along with the illegal deployment of mercenery tactics, including (citizens reports) of bribery and corruption.

    Whilst under contract to the McCanns to confound a criminal investigation, an agent was recently charged for attempted homicide and extortion.

    Shannon was found by a police tracker dog, happy and smiling hiding under her uncle's bed.

    Madeleine's parents refused to answer police questions and remain in an unprecedented position of continuing Government protection. The Home Office prevented stand police re-questioning following findings of overwhelming evidence of Madeleine's death and disposal.

    Shannon's family simply copied the criminal example set by the McCanns.

    Alongside tabloid photos of Shannon's dishevelled handcuffed mother, the McCanns, as prime suspects, were photographed heading for the stage in Strasbourg, arranged by Miliband. This action confirmed his contempt for the police in a case (concluded by evidence) of homicide. It also confirmed Miliband's contempt for the law and democracy.

    Government intervention/corruption in Madeleine's case appears to extend to and involve EU ministers.

  7. maria from brazil,

    Mitchell was seconded by Government to control the orchestrated PR campaign.

    By criminal means, according to police, Mitchell's team have highly illegal control over every website and forum. Government authorized identity theft/cloning for the purpose of misinforming the electorate. Police also confirm illegally controlled websites are used solely for disseminating and restructuring official Police Reports & Files.

    These were released for public information purposes. The cost of perverting the course of justice, including use and abuse of the media, is, I am told at taxpayers' expense; on top of extortionate costs of British police expertize deployed to solve the case on Madeleine's behalf.

  8. maria from brazil,

    The Sun is one of Mitchell's favoured outlets for publishing disinformation.

  9. If you kill or save you child do not take the Mccans as a paradigm.
    They are very bad actors, bad parents, bad british, very mad human beings.

    Do you know how the Gorillas or the animals generally treat their children?With LOVE.

    Have you seen an elephant crying when a baby dies?
    It's an offense to the animals if you compare the Mccanns or such a parentes with any animal.

    Please don't do it.


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