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Madeleine McCann The child, the whole world was looking for

What actually happened that night Madeleine McCann disappeared? The SZ has evaluated the investigation files.
By J. Caceres and N. Richter

Late in the evening of the 3rd May 2007, the manager of the Ocean Club holiday resort, Silvia Maria Batista, was called back to work. At the reception of the holiday village in Praia da Luz in southern Portugal are police officers, and Gerald McCann, a British guest, kneels and screams and bangs his hands on the ground. He reminds her of an Arab praying.

Batista accompanies him to his apartment, number 5A, where there is great confusion. McCanns wife, devastated Kate Healy, sits on the bed, several friends of the Britons enter and leave the living room making phone calls. They talk of a kidnapping.

Madeleine McCann, the daughter of the couple, barely four years old, disappeared from her bed, while the parents sat in a restaurant. When the mother checks at 10 pm, she feels a draught in the room, the window is open, Madeleine's bed is empty, only her plush cat and a pink blanket are there, the sheets are turned back. The siblings Sean and Amelie, two-year old twins, sleep, as if nothing had happened.

Ms. Batista notes that none of the British is outside looking for the child, all are only talking about calling the media.

Soon Madeleine becomes the icon of all disappeared children, she will visualize to every family in the world how fate can strike, even when happiness seems to be perfect, successful parents with healthy children, relaxing with friends in Praia da Luz - on the "Beach of the light."

The crime meanwhile remains without solution. After 13 months, the Portuguese police has closed the case this summer and published the files. Testimonies, crime scene photos, DNA analysis, tapped phone calls tell on more than 20000 pages of the unsuccessful hunt for potential perpetrators - but also about the confrontation between the Portuguese authorities, driven by the media, and a British family who have no other way out of their pain than a nonstop call for help all over the world. The case Madeleine has been a cultural battle between British and Portuguese, between city and country.

If there is one lesson to be learned from the file, then this: Even costliest investigation and exciting media campaigns can not solve criminal cases, if relatives and police officers on the scene blur vital tracks in the first minutes. Maybe that is why Madeleine, the most famous child in the world, has not been seen since 3 May 2007.

1st The witnesses

Nine hours after Madeleine's disappearance, on Friday morning, 7 o'clock, the case is leading the news of the British satellite broadcaster Sky News. Agencies, radio, television and newspapers follow suit, the mystery becomes a global event.

Hundreds of reporters travelling to the Algarve, Larry King sends his CNN talk show from here. Every movement of the investigators is being analysed, criticized, broadcasted live to the world. For Portugal, the reputation as a tourist destination is at stake, for the British the case Maddie is a state affair.

Portugal's judicial police is confronted with thousands of clues within hours. Countless people come forward because they think they have recognized the girl. Initially Madeleine is still sighted in the vicinity of Praia da Luz.

Then she is seen allegedly, sometimes at the same time, in places that are thousands of kilometres apart, in Indonesia, Singapore, in a bakery in Porto. Soon, a hundred investigators are on duty, questioning the 112 hotel employees alone and evaluating the details of numerous witnesses.

One remembers a man who photographed children, and he still knows the car number of the residents. The officials allocate it to a couple from Poland. When these two tourists, three days after Madeleine's disappearance, on Sunday morning at seven return to their Warsaw apartment, the Polish police knock on their door. Volume I of the Act, page 216, shows the comment from Interpol: Madeleine is not in the apartment.

That is how it is until today. In August this year, the Croatian soccer star Dino Drpic just prevents a British tourist on the island of Krk to take his son. The woman thought the child was Madeleine.

2nd The suspicious neighbour

Robert Murat quickly turns into the perfect suspect. Murat, 33, unemployed, claims to have only heard on Friday morning of Madeleine from his mother Jenny. She had watched Sky News. Only then they understood the sirenes of the previous night they claimed. In the morning Murat makes his way to the Ocean Club, only 150 meters from the house of the mother.

Murat, the son of a Portuguese and an Englishwoman, wants to help. And aggrandises himself. He listens in on every conversation, speculates, translates. His tone is so commanding that witnesses ask if he is leading the investigation.

In the turmoil of the first days Murat has gained a power position like hardly anyone else: He speaks English and Portuguese. Until a correspondent of a British tabloid supplies him with an assessment that shocks him. In the eyes of her colleagues the woman says, he is suspect number one.

They scour his life and learn that he was divorced from his wife and is missing his daughter, the same age as Madeleine. A man craving for recognition, certainly, but a paedophile? The journalist from the Sunday Mirror reports him.

In the complaint she says that it had disturbed her that Murat phoned with his daughter in front of reporters and derived a "big show". The police in Portugal had long since received an anonymous call: The perpetrator was "very close" to the police . But nothing incriminates him so much than the statements from the camp of the McCanns.

In the night of the disappearance Jane Tanner, a friend of the McCanns, allegedly remembered something. When she briefly left the restaurant Tapas after nine o'clock to check on her daughter, she noticed a man who hurriedly carried away a child in pyjamas and bare feet. The police is startled: An abductor would have had to observe the apartment and the routine of the parental checks, and he would have had planned an escape route. The safest would have been to the left of the entrance door of the apartment 5A. But the man described by Tanner went right. In the direction of the villa of family Murat.

Suddenly everything seemed to fit together. Three friends of the McCanns testify that Murat was already at the OC in the night of the crime; one of them gives a statement on 16 May on page 1321 of the File to put on record that Murat "without any doubt" had worn glasses. On 11 July, the same witness is stating in another hearing that Murat even gave him his mobile phone number, but only in the morning.

Murat denies that he was on the scene that night. And police, hotel employees and neighbors, who searched until the morning for Madeleine, assure that he was not there. But then lonely Murat is already held as arguido, charged.

The judiciary approves of every intervention.

On 14 May investigators browse through Murats house and car, collect hair, look at the covers of the cisterns in the garden for blood, photograph the swimming pool, garden shed and rooms. They take a cutout from a paper to the file: "Close away your daughters," says the headline. It is the review of a biography of Casanova, the "cheater and paedophile".

When Murat makes phonecalls, the police listens in without his knowledge. Once he says to a friend: "They have crucified me, but I hope that they (the police) concentrate on the essentials, and that is to find the monsters that have this girl."

The media shower Murat with dirt, he has to endure that the statement of a friend from former times is sent anonymously to the newspaper Correio da Manhã and distributed worldwide. The witness said that Murat as a child had raped a cat. At the end the police exonerate him of any suspicion, but his reputation is destroyed.

3rd The parents

For Madeleines parents the holiday on the Algarve, is the first pause after exhausting years. Since the birth of the twins, Gerald McCann tells in a hearing, his wife and he ony went out together once. At the Algarve they now take time for themselves.

During the day they send their children to the creche, on the evening of the 3rd May they bring the children to bed at 19.30, and as always go to dinner at 20:30. The sliding door to the terrace remains unlocked and they don't call on the baby-sitting service of the hotel.

In the restaurant tapas they meet seven friends who came with them from Britain, the apartment is not visible from the table. The waiter says that he had placed four bottles of wine on the table right at the beginning, since they usually empty double the amount in the course of one evening. Because they are so cheerful, the employees call them the "Tennis Group".

That Madeleine was killed by her parents, is a theory the police only starts to aggressively pursue in August, three months after the crime. Until then, they had only wondered. In his book "The truth about the lie" Gonçalo Amaral, who headed the investigation, depicts that Kate once accompanied the police only reluctantly, although they told her, the girl had been seen.

Strange what takes place in mid-June. An e-mail arrives in which an extortionist offers to reveal for two million euros the whereabouts of the girl. Gerald McCann answers via a police computer. The tension among the policemen was great while waiting for the extortionist's reaction-but McCann was talking about football with a British policeman.

Better evidence only emerges in August. A British expert has proposed two dogs, which are specialised in corpses and blood smell. The cost: 1000 euros per day plus accommodation, 2750 for travel and 450 for the dogs passports.

The effort seems to be worthwhile. In August the dogs indicate - not with Murat, but in the apartment 5A, behind the sofa, in the wardrobe, at clothes of the mother, at the plush cat and in the car of the parents. In Apartment 5A has never been a case of death. Did Madeleine die here?

The police take the image of the happy family apart. In a 16-page memo of 11 September 2007 they state: The parents have killed the child accidentally and have used their cronies to cover up the facts. The McCanns, it says, live in a demanding society "full of rules."

4th The police

When the prosecutor José de Menezes e Magalhães held the final report of the judicial police in his hands on 20 June 2008 , he can not fail to praise the hard work of the investigators. The distillate includes 4500 pages in 17 volumes, plus 12000 pages of bills, interception, analysis and legal assistance, and finally 5000 pages with apparently worthless notes from the public.

The police have visited 443 homes, sought 30 square kilometres with two helicopters, four ships and jeeps. The laboratories examined 257 hairs from homes and cars; this alone cost tens of thousands of euros. But in the end, the investigators have nothing in their hands.

How can that be?

The biggest mistake happened at the beginning: In the hectic first few hours, the apartment is turned upside down, the most crucial tracks are destroyed. Friends, policemen and employees bend over the bed, search under it, touching the window and patio door. "Nobody had the calm and mind, to secure the scene," complains the prosecutor.

When the CID dusted the windows with the red powder "Dragon Blood" to secure fingerprints it turns out that the clearest impression is that of a country policeman from Lagos. The attempt to secure footprints weeks later fails: There are too many feet of sniffer dogs to see.

Also incredible, that Murat, the former suspect interpreted in more than a dozen interrogations. Amaral, the police chief, regrets that he was driven by the public. "The pressure has never left us," he writes, investigations against the parents were long omitted out of political consideration. The prosecutor also complained that the "Media orgy" distracted the investigators and that the dignity of the suspects was violated, who were partly downright slaughtered, see Murat.

But the cooperation poses questions. On 16 May a couple reported to the British police that David Payne, a friend of the McCann-round, was once noticed for obscene gestures, which could have been attributed to Madeleine. The Portuguese learned of the statement in autumn. The prosecutor quoted from the detective novel "The Promise" by Friedrich Dürrenmatt: "Logic can only partly explain the reality"

In the File is a copy of Madeleine's passport number 453847661. It expired on 4th August 2008. Her mother says she feels that her child is alive.

Source: Sueddeutsche.de

Translated by from German by Jeanne d'Arc (3Arguidos) Thank you J.


  1. A nice day,to All.But specially to RUI PEDRO and HIS FAMILY.
    Seems to me the case close? today....
    About Rose Pizem(Pizam):Israel Journalism stoped the news about the litlle girl because they felt the case like a Rose´s Parade.

    About Maddie,really a Maddie´s parade.

    But is good that the world do not forget her and all the children.It is nice that many people talk and talk about her case.
    "...Ms. Batista notes that none of the British is outside looking for the child,

    1º all are only talking about calling the media.


    2º"if relatives ------------ on the scene blur vital tracks in the first minutes.

  2. There is never going to be closure on this, Madeleine will never get justice or the dignity of a christian burial, she is condemned to remain wherever she was dumped thanks mainly to the people who provided false alibis for her parents and those who after the fact interfered and pressurised the investigators....Gordon Brown and co.
    Its a sad state of affairs when a little girl is the victim of a heinous crime that is then covered up to allow the perpertators to escape consequence or justice.
    Shannon Mathews mother Karen still languishes in jail, denied bail and seperated from her children, her crime? To try and scam some money with a bogus abduction, her child came to no harm and the amount swindled was fuck all to write homa about, what a contrast with the McCanns who are responsible for the death of Madeleine and who swindled over a milion euros..The disparity between the two is nauseating and unjust.

  3. Two more highly inaccurate 'authors' whose accounts are at variance with authorititive Police reports.

    The only hair specimens police recovered and handed to FSS were those pinpointed by Eddie & Keela in locations contained in Mark Harrison's Formal Report.

    Police reports confirm PJ were not given the results of hair analysis; their request for return of cadaver specimens was disallowed - presumably by the Home Office. Prior to this, the Home Office stopped PJ & Leicester Police re-interviewing the (then) prime suspects.

    PJ were charged tens of thousands of euros for a 'corrupted' service.

    FSS was put in the hands of a Government backed private company around the time LCN was introduced.
    This development led to re-opening shelved cases and DNA based arrests.

    Cadaver results found by Eddie & Keela resulted in police taking DNA specimens from all those 'at the scene', primarily Madeleine's parents. The police handed them to FSS in person, along with cadaver specimens recovered.

    LCN magnifies and elucidates; it assists, not complicates DNA identification, as PJ were informed. Cadaver blood content was confirmed by Eddie & Keela; LCN enables all other components to be identified, such cerebrospinal fluid etc.

    Results of car key specimens handed to FSS were ommited from their Report. Unique in a case of homicide; the hand that held the key was contaminated LCN techniques made it readily identifiable.

  4. speak your mind,

    It's wrong to assume Madeleine was unceremoniously 'dumped' away from home.

    Gerry made several trips to England in the early stages. During one, he escorted a 'sick' person by ambulance; it carried Gerry and his 'baggage' to Redhill Hospital. The 'patient' reportedly made a miracle recovery and was not detained.

  5. speak your mind,

    McCanns hired merceneries to 'fight the police' - unheard of in Portugal as well as England.

    The most alarming fact is that the anti establishment 'merceneries' have total control over media reporting. It's identical to Mugabe's mindset and corrupt methods of 'rule'.

    The Government's view is crystal clear; in Madeleine's case, the police are the enemy and treated as such - total media 'blackout' as if they do not exist. It breaches virtually every publishing law.

    The 'no holds barred' factually based investigative reporting in the Staffordshire arson/murder enquiry serves to illustrate the level of Government intervention on the McCanns behalf. All at taxpayers' expense. It is utterly criminal and deplorable.

    Whilst the state of the above family's finances was published, the Home Office refused a standard police request for details of the McCanns finance, credit cards and a victim's medical records.

  6. Yes anonymous I had forgotten about the patient, but I think it unlikely Gerry would have had her body on the plane.....unless he had assusrance he would not go through customs...Its still not the same as being buried properly even if she is in G.B....any thoughts on what kind of place she ended up in if here?
    And anonymous 2 the interference is neyond and it makes you wonder what makes these people help the McCanns in what is a filthy dirty low life crime, I keep thinking the finger sucking exploits of payne may well be the answer.


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