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Madeleine McCann : A Plausible Theory

Editor's Note: Textusa, an alias of a commenter here in this blog, left in the comments section the following theory. I asked Textusa permission to share with all the readers what I consider that can be a plausible theory of what happened to Madeleine in the Algarve in May 2007. Textusa gives us an interesting and unique perspective to the reasons for the various whys, hows, and whens; a rational explanation of what could be behind the Tapas group [G9] cover up to the possible meanings of a string of strange connections which have occurred during the investigation.

My theory on all of this. This a purely personal interpretation of all the information out there, and is based on my intuition and general logic.

The Tapas 9 are (were?) just a part of a high-class swinging community. Far from me to judge each one’s right to privacy and choice of lifestyle. However, I clearly condemn and abhor paedophilic behaviour. I believe that only some few of these elements, namely David Payne, a man of strong and dominating personality and a pivotal character in this entire story, are involved in this type of aberration. I believe the majority of them are not.

The ramification of this VIP “swinging club” goes as high as the British Government itself, up to the possible involvement, direct or indirect, of Mr. Gordon Brown. I read somewhere that his wife and Kate McCann share a common friend, a colleague of the latter. Have no idea of the importance or relevance of this friendship, or even if it exists.

However, only at this very high level can I explain, to myself, the enormous capability and importance of those that have intervened in the misinformation campaign and in all the decision taking processes in this entire affair.

Hence the appearance of the Official Court-Clown, Mr. Clarence Mitchell, the only human being capable of surpassing in ridiculousness the Iraqi Foreign Minister during the 2nd Gulf War. Before thinking that I’m blabbering away and going totally off-limits (and you’re entitled to that, although it’s strange that I feel much less afraid to say out loud that God doesn’t exist than what I’ve just stated) please keep in mind the following: on the British side, the Profumo case, and on the Portuguese, Ballet Rose and Casa Pia.

Sex and power is an Alliance that has been around for a long, long time. Much longer than the Portuguese-British one that is so much proclaimed and so very little respected.

Besides it giving some explanation to myself, it also might explain why the McCanns are unable to sue anybody. Either the hearing would be behind closed doors, which would only delay the leaking of the facts (where they would finally be debated), or it simply cannot take place.

Having said that, my theory is as follows.

On that particular afternoon, with the knowledge and consent of Gerry McCann, David Payne and Kate McCann engaged in sexual activity. They were caught red-handed, by Madeleine. Maybe it was the first time this happened. The being caught. Or not. Whatever reason, the reaction of all escalated to levels of violence that resulted in the death of the child.

My supposition is that, and pardon the gory details but I deem them sufficiently important to be stated, Kate was satisfying David orally. Upon this sight, in the innocence of an almost four year-old toddler, started to say out loud some sort of a “Mommy had David’s weener in her mouth! Mommy had David’s weener in her mouth!”.

The attempts to silence her only aggravated in conviction and volume what she kept repeating. She kept shouting out loud those words that had a seriousness and comprehension span that she wasn’t able to understand. At this stage the physical violence started. Incrementally. At some point, she started to jump on the couch, shouting with the control and conviction of a child that age throwing a tantrum.

One of the two adults must have slapped her hard enough to throw her off the couch and bang her head on the wall, dying either instantly, or shortly thereafter. This scenario would explain the blood splattered on the walls as well as Kate’s bruises. David was never looked upon for blemishes. Nothing states he had any, but also nothing says he didn’t.

A child is dead. 

An explanation of its death that could guarantee an easy way out is easy to see that it doesn’t exist. London is immediately contacted. Whoever was listening on the other side was reminded, or didn’t need to be, that a bean-spilling process could not only seriously compromise the aspirations of a certain high influential person in an already anticipated replacement of the PM that would very soon be leaving office, but would unquestionably bring the whole government down due to the national scandal that would certainly break out.

Simply unacceptable, no question about it.

Advice was asked, advice was given. Records that would later be deleted (or maybe not, being, at this point, simply dormant). Lead your life as much as normal as you can, they were told. We will think of a way to get the body out of the country, they said. The body was placed in the closet of the master bedroom, the blood in the living room cleaned, explaining why the couch was pushed against the curtains, as it was being replaced in its initial position after the cleansing.

Dinner went as planned. Just with slight changes. Drugging the twins, for one, as they had witnessed a big commotion around them and were probably too excited to sleep. Kate would later question herself on her own capability to do this as she checked the twin’s breathing afterwards. Maybe with a little bit more alcohol, and this is understandable under the circumstances. The other change was the frequency of “child checking”. Everybody knew they were in deep shit which explains the unusual need to keep track of the well being of the children.

The group waited for instructions. These came when Gerry was out of the table. For some reason he was instructed to get the body out of the apartment. Maybe due to time constraints to get somebody in time to be able to get rid of the body before morn. Maybe because it would be too risky to get it out through diplomatic channels. Most probably just because some explanation would have to be given for the child to be missing the next day. The knowledge that the Portuguese justice system is dysfunctional and very permeable to pressure, thus very easy to overcome or, at least, to get around, helped to come up with the abduction theory.

But like any police novel, you cannot foresee every detail nor anticipate every reaction, and something always does go wrong. Specially if you don’t have a buttler to pin the blame to. In this case, somebody forgot to tell Kate about the change, or better yet, the evolution, of plans. As Gerry was walking towards the beach to bury the body in the beach sand (remember that those first days everybody went looking for a missing girl, not an already dead one, and how it went from the there to the freezer is totally irrelevant), Kate walks into the apartment, goes to look for the body where she left it, and finds it missing.

All came together at once in her head. The guilt. The pressure to keep silent. The mother within her, she overreacts. Explodes. Uncontrollably.“They’ve taken her! They’ve taken her!”, “they” she knew who they were. And “they” had taken Maddie away without telling her. “We’ve let her down!”, a mother’s wail for not having said the final goodbyes to her unfortunate daughter.

This hysterical reaction precipitates things. Blundering, as we all now know, of the covering up of the evidence and the construction of the cover-up. Irrecoverable mistakes. The rest is history. Some call it facts.

FACT is that the way the facts have been denied, bent and stupidly misinterpreted, allowed somebody, namely myself, to come up with such a grotesque theory. If truth had been told from day one, I would have better things to occupy my mind.

To all those that have been fooled by these people by giving your money to them, its time for the McCanns to forego a little auditing, don’t you think?


Here follows Textusa answer to my e-mail, where I asked for permission to reproduce is theory on this blog.


Thank you for you compliments. My only merit was to try to put together in a logical manner all the loose pieces of this enormous (and deliberate) puzzle that those of us who stubbornly refuse to be taken for idiots, however convenient that attitude might seem, are faced with. These were some of the facts that triggered my theory:

1. The holiday in Greece.

Irrelevant the nipple twisting. And finger-sucking. But a common denominator: David Payne.

2. The apparently purposeless conversation between David Payne and Gerry McCann that took place at the tennis court.

One simply doesn’t leave, without a clear and objective intent, a café by the seaside in a South-Northern direction towards the resort, pass the row of houses where apartment 5A is included, continuing North to the tennis courts, chat for a minute and then comeback South to check on a family other than his own, get dressed and go back to the same tennis courts to play. Even OJ Simpson couldn’t pull this one through. My supposition is that David saw Kate pass-by running, all sweaty and sexy, clothes clinging to her body and, sure enough, got aroused. He then went to the tennis-court to get the green light from Gerry, or most likely, just to tell him to stay out of apartment for the next hour or so. As the leader of the pack, it’s natural that when he left the café the other men followed him. This probably didn’t constitute any kind of surprise to all adult present, be they male or female.

3. David Payne going to check on Kate McCann and the McCann kids.

I have spent various holidays with other couples, with and without kids, and when these were present, diverse in gender, age and nationality. These group holidays had all one thing in common: a private family time at the end of the day. You know, when you wash the sea salt off and get ready for dinner, and all those things a family does that its only their business and theirs alone. So, its totally inadequate and strange that a man goes to check the well-being of another family, specially taking into account that its not in route to the apartment he was staying - if he went through the back door, he would have to go up the stairs, or if he went by the front door he had to turn to the extreme of the building that he had no need to go. The accesses to apartment 5A are not, by any chance, “on the way” to anything, which, by the way, has become a main factors for the abduction theory simply not to stick.

It’s also noted that there are no other reports whatsoever of this kind of “late-afternoon-well-being-interchange-check” between members of different families. This was a once-only occurrence that lacks any explanation.

All added up, David went to that apartment for a specific reason, which, for me, was sexual gratification.

There is another relevant deduction that can be made from this episode. The fact that the Tapas group considered natural and unsuspicious, thus normal, that a “male” of one family goes to check on the “female and her pups” of another family without an apparent reason, as is known to be said in the various statements, depicts how dominant David Payne’s personality was within the group.

4. The 30 seconds/30 minutes time discrepancies.

Doesn’t require any kind of analysis. The truth is unique, coherent and cohesive. And this is applicable to all other time discrepancies.

5. The blood splattered on the walls.

A fall between the couch and the wall, by the child alone, as is stated by Mr. Amaral, however much acrobatic it was, might explain the death, but not the splattering over two walls. Those bloods droplets were animated by a quantifiable amount of energy. Hence my deduction that the child must have been upright and jumping on the couch (the position in which I can place her most off balance) when struck violently. The force required to produce the effects in question, is, to me, only possible when applied by a male adult, in this instance David Payne. This would explain Kate’s apparent distancing from the events, triggering in herself a sense of innocence as she was not the material killer.

6. The blood in the closet.

This has to be the first location where the body was deposited. Which means that there was a time where options were analysed and decisions taken. Also means that the body was not disposed of in a hurried way, but rather in a planned manner. It awaited there for a better destination.

7. Kate’s reaction to the disappearance.

Kate’s reaction is of someone who has been robbed. Not of one who has lost a child. When one loses temporarily a child, in a Mall, for example, is to say the child’s name out loud in an anguished manner and immediately search the surroundings for her. The most evident verifiable action would be to knock on the neighbour's door (this would have been after the natural reaction that would be to go once over around the house looking and calling out for the kid, but this could go unseen). Or if that apartment was empty, to shout for help to the group who was, at least as was said, under visual distance, not more than 75 yards away. This in the case of a supposedly missing child. In the case of an abducted child, where a mother realizes that another human being has snatched her child, the first instinct (the maternal one) would be to grab the twins under her arms as quickly as she could, and run for her life (for that is exactly what she might be doing) towards the Tapas Bar and get help and call the police as soon as she could.

Nothing of this happens. Kate says that she immediately realizes that she has been abducted by the odd fact that the toy was out of reach of the child. This statement is very important, not because the “out-of-reach” doesn’t exist (a shelf that I fail to see in any of the pictures) or that the toy appears to have been left behind next to the pillow where it would be reachable almost by the twins from their cots, but because of what is implied by the statement. Here we go back to the description of David’s “natural and unsuspicious” trip to the apartment in the afternoon. A person who says that a toy out of reach amounts to her child being abducted, is downsizing the intelligence of who is listening to her. Or, most likely, pretty sure that whatever she says will fit the bill as she knows that God is protecting her, as was proven by the amount of times she went to church afterwards.

But going back to the beginning of this section. To feel robbed. When one goes to look for one’s key where one has left them, the natural reaction is to ask out loud “Has anybody taken my keys from the cupboard?”. That simple and eventful. However, if somebody asks one to safeguard a one hundred million-dollar diamond in a closet, and when one goes back to check if everything is alright and finds it gone, what does one do? Yes, one jumps around in panic, desperate, flailing your arms around and shouting “It’s gone! It’s gone! Somebody has taken it!”. And what I think is that when Kate arrived at the apartment she found that her “diamond” had disappeared from the place she had left her.

The rest of my theory is a simple connection of the dots. However, as it was written in a quite emotional manner, I would like to correct something. When Kate says “We’ve failed her” I don’t, any longer, think it’s a mother’s wail. “Her” is not Madeleine. It’s whoever coordinated the whole thing from London in the afternoon while the body lay in the closet. Whatever had to be done was carefully delineated by some woman, and agreed by all before going to dinner. I maintain that the plan was upgraded keeping, inadvertently, Kate in the ignorance. So, when in that state of despair and totally uncontrolled, two things worried Kate: Madeleine’s body was not where she had left it, and the fact that it was missing meant that the decided course of action could no longer be taken, thus disappointing instructions from home.

After my comment, Joana/Astro placed a post about Robert Kennedy. Also, reading in the interview (apologies to myself for not being able to resist) I read that two benefactors were paying their legal fees. I no longer think that the millionaires that filled up the funds acted out of good faith. When I said a VIP “swinging community”, I should have used the acronym of VVIP. Or maybe even VVVIP. And they are not protecting the McCanns, but themselves. Trying to contain the damage to the couple. They, like Madeleine was to them, are expendable to the group. And I for one don’t criticize their self-defense. They are not to blame for the excessiveness of David Payne.”



  1. Textusa,
    I thank you for sharing that.
    It makes sense in every way but one,
    do you really thing that swinging would be the downfall of the current government. There have been so many sex scandals, and they all recover.

    And if I had to guess on the woman on the other side helping out to such an extent, I would voice for the millionth time that it was non other than Cherie Blair.

  2. Textusa, a sua teoria é extremamente plausível. Aceite as minhas felicitações por uma interpretação brilhante.

  3. Joana, não quero deixar de lhe dizer, mais uma vez,o quanto é importante o seu blogg, e o valor da informação que aí é veiculada. Fantástico. Interessante, revelador, inteligente. esta «teoria» é genial, dá-me que pensar. Explica muita coisa. É como ler o «invisível», como fazia nos meus cadernos de criança, em que se ia passando o lápis na folha e as figuras iam aparecendo. O sangue na parede, claro!. Tudo bate certo. Mas veja: fora do contexto todo a que este comentador se refere, será assim tão estranho passar por casa de um amigo, oferecendo ajuda à mulher deste? Sendo íntimos, será assim tão estranho?
    Mas de facto, é fascinante como a realidade tem leituras e sub-leituras. Níveis diferentes, diferentes contextos, etc. Incrível. mas o todo faz imenso sentido. Nada até agora me fez tanto sentido.
    Ana castro

  4. My god, the most plausible explanation given covering all facts...however would like to ask how certain is it payne was havinga sexual interlude with kate and not one of the twins or Madeleine herself? I say this based upon the finger sucking escapade which gerry and kate were privy to! Agrre Brown a paedophile, probably Mitchell and defiantely Kennedy.

  5. Whilst evidenced facts are upheld in a Court of Law, Textusa's 'instincts' based on unsubstantiated reports could result in a libel suit.

    In the absence of press/TV confirmation of the twins being made a Ward of Court, along with Madeleine, as a result of unfit parenting/risk etc., it's fair to assume that the 'anonymous' report regarding David Payne was an act of vengeance along with others involving Murat, Algarve pig farmer, Durate Levy, Mr Amaral & PJ. An English lawyer has confirmed one of the Tapas group wanting to change his story was encountering difficulty due to Government intervention.

    No independent witness saw or heard Madeleine following Mrs Fenn's report and 'noises' she reportedly heard on her parents return.

    Kate herself displayed several injuries in a TV appearance shortly after 3 May, including a cut above her right eye and bruising.

    Mark Harrison's cold case review and recommended use of best available cadavers resulted in the case being solved regarding the cause of Madeleine's reported 'disappearance'.

    The rest is a soap opera written and produced by Government ministers and McCanns hired mercenaries.

    PM's statement of conclusions were based on evidenced facts :

    "abandonment, endangerment, homicide and concealment of cadaver".

    Mr Rebeiro was discharged prior to case being archived; Mr Amaral had previously been discharged immediately prior to obtaining sworn statements from the Smith family. Mr Amaral stated Brown phoned two hours prior to notification of discharge.

  6. Tja.... it is what it is.. "a theory ...... a purely personal interpretation....."
    no facts...
    no prove...
    it doen't really help us finding the truth...

  7. Bem,Joana e Textusa: mais uma vez,aqui deixo aqui, que ao ler estas deduções,elas parecem mesmo ser a realidade possível.
    Só tanto poder estranho seria assim posto em acção.

    E,para "calar" ou ter uma imagem "diferente" ou porque é uma "benesse", o B. Kennedy vai dar a Pt milhões!......Estou a falar do "amigo" Brian,não de Robert Kennedy!?

    Ontem não vim aqui e ainda estou a pôr-me ao corrente.

  8. What you say sounds very convincing. The different pieces of the puzzle fit in together quite neatly. And we need the TRUTH.

  9. Indeed, money... power and sex often go together. In the McCann saga, their PR campaign itself is rich in sexual vibes. To mind come photos like that of Gerry and Kate jogging in which the left inside leg of Gerry's shorts is folded in right to the pubic area (he must dress on the right). Kate tends to wear tops that cling to her body and suggest firm breasts or sleeves that casually fall off her shoulder. Their spokesperson CM combines male mannerisms with a pink shirt, potentially pleasing people of different sexual orientations. This is all rather odd in a campaign that is supposed to be an effort to find an 'abducted' child.

  10. Hello Textusa,

    as a theorie everthing is possible but it seems to me like a low budget film.Who knows, you are right but its too much for my blood pressure.

    I stay with Mr. Amaral with the conjecture that Madeleine heared the voice of her father outside the apartment, tried to clamber up to the sofa to reach the window, fall down and died.
    If Payne is so kinky...as he look like?
    This is not only a teatime saga this is a blood and thunder case to a little girl.


  11. To Anonymous who wrote on 09/09/08, 17:12 hrs, and says that "Textusa's 'instincts' based on unsubstantiated reports could result in a libel suit".

    Textusa's theory is not a matter of 'instincts' but a logical explanation that makes sense of existing evidence. Also you may find out that her theory is not based on 'unsubstantiated reports'. You may find out it is based on factual material contained in the Police files.

  12. Hi Textusa !
    Thanks for sharing this novel ! I'd like to see some hours, understand why this had to happen when the kids were at home at a time they couldn't have been sleeping... and what about the flowerbed ?

  13. Maria, if Madeleine died at 09.05 pm, there was not enough time to developp a cadaver scent.

    And to put her in the cup board, after contamination(scent) of the place behind the sofa.

    She must have died much earlier, I think.
    Textusa:why did Kate not consider the possibility the child had been removed by Gerry, instead of screaming they have taken her?

  14. What a stupid and sick theory. Joana, I really think you fallen to a new level in order to prove the parents had anything to do with their daughters disapearance.

    I hope and pray that you will soon be hearing from the lawyers of this couple, and not before time.

  15. What a load of rubbish.... cnat even understand why you have published this.

  16. It seems there are a few Pro McCanns posting comments, to the one who said she/he couldnt understand Joana posting the commment, you do not need to understand, ts a theory...that fits with all the peices and flows perfectly..no one sated it as fact....

  17. For me Textusa's theory makes sense; no other Brit couple on holidays, could have such a powerful back up and world coverage for a mere child accident (if the cause was M. fall)
    Plus, in this case what really "smells" is the political influence and determination of the "straw man" paying for all the bills and sustain the Mcs. for their entire life (????????)
    and then, the best private eye in the market to find.... the same than PJ. (Pehaps less).
    All bullshit.

  18. The report concerning David Payne and Gerald McCann is quite serious. Their silence indicates to me that an investigation is underway somewhere. Otherwise they would possess the freedom to tell the media that it was just a big misunderstanding.

    Although David Payne was the last person to visit Maddie, and his description of the children was that they were dressed in white and looked like angels, I think Maddie was already dead.

    I hope Mr. Amaral writes a second book and expounds on his fall off the couch theory. At most, a fall off of a couch might leave a 4 year old child temporarily dazed or, very, very rarely, partially paralyzed. A fall off the couch could not cause death in a 4 year old.

    Whatever happened to Maddie, the only thing I am certain of is that the parents were hell bent against a hospital examination. The mother's words, "We let Maddie down" strongly suggests to me that a group decision was made to end her life. The meaning of those words, when the girl was already dead, can mean only one thing. And that isn't a fall off the couch.

  19. About this comment:
    -" Kate was satisfying David orally. Upon this sight, in the innocence of an almost four year-old toddler, started to say out loud some sort of a “Mommy had David’s weener in her mouth! Mommy had David’s weener in her mouth!”.

    -Do you mean Hot Lips Healy?

  20. Deixamo-la ir(será isto em pt?)
    Eles levaram-na?

    D.P. tornou-se 1 pessoa muito sinistra.
    Quem sabe se T. não conseguirá colocar 1 outra situação plausível.
    Terá ele "brincado" com a Pobre Criança?

    Alguém sugere que o grupo decidiu "deixa-la ir"=não a reanimar para que a pp.ª Criança não falasse?

    Quanto aos mcs e companhia,cada vez a minha repulsa é maior.
    E os pro mcs.Continuam baratas tontas a defender o que nem eles imaginam....a não ser que sejam os investigadores privados a fazer o papel de escrivães.....

    Vai cá 1 romaria à senhora da asneira na gazeta.O Paulo só intervém como moderador.Que se passa com ele,Joana?


  21. I think a lot of people are getting carried away with the 'sex' theory. I think if they are covering up anything it was done to save their careers. After all it wouldn't look good for professional people to leave such young children on their own.

  22. You are right 'boozy dog',a lot of people are getting carried away with the 'sex' theory.....

    like they say 'a dirty mind is a joy for ever'.....

    probably what really happened is much more banal than the exiting theories...

  23. ..."share with all the readers what I consider that can be a plausible theory of what happened to Madeleine in the Algarve in May 2007."

    I have done my best to read this theory with an open mind but ultimately this theory is less plausible than abduction-by-a-stranger theory and much less plausible than a cover up within Portugal alone (ie not including Britain)and much much less plausible than a little girl wandering out of the appartment and being grabbed by an opportunist.

    It makes me wonder why the above three theories aren't given their own plausibility rating from Joana?

    Is bias at play?

  24. How could they have allowed a badly abused child from being found, even if it meant saving its life. The body had to vanish.

  25. On the basis of Police files and Mr Amaral's testimony, Textusa 'instincts' overlook major factors.

    Eddie & Keela pinpointed cadaver odour and blood in the parents apartment (near wardrobe), odour on balcony and garden - as well as behind the sofa. Police confirm cadaver odour on a piece of Madeleine's clothing as well as two pieces of Kate's, vehicle car keys and vehicle boot.

    In the event that Madeleine's death was caused by an accidental fall off the sofa following her parents return at around 11.45 p.m.
    (Mrs Fenn heard their return and a 'kerfuffle') - emergency services/authorities would have been summoned by her 'medico' parents as a matter of course. The fall would have occurred whilst they were with her.

    Kate displayed 5 - 6 injuries in a TV interview shortly after the parents reported her missing on 3 May - the night of the syndicated abduction.

    In defence of child neglect, Kate herself told an interviewier - "we know what happened to Madeleine and it didn't happen because she was left alone". She was alive on her parents return at 11.45 p.m. after which the crying ceased.

  26. Some times peices make it hard to reconstruct what kate stated about the door and window?
    This is what made me think kate was covering up, and some problems kate didnt account for in what she stated.
    These are view points about knowledge prior to kates check.
    Given the idea this was alleged to be a intruder, leaves alot of problems about the door and window?
    If kate had to search in the dark to find her daughter, how then did any abductor pick out madeleine in the dark?
    Since there wasnt any noise from the outside, or any attention to a open window in previous checks before kate set off, does draw attention to why the door didnt slam shut before kate arrived?
    The stramge part to this kate wasnt with gerry on his check?
    Since kate was unable at that moment to ask him if he opend the door , or opend the window, in what sense could kate find that strange, since he wasnt there with her to agree?
    Why then didnt kate go back to ask him if she had no idea?
    Kate already knew what had happend to her daughter, thats why she couldnt ask gerry if he moved anything on his check, including a body, the window was not open before kate arrived, thats why the door didnt slam previously before she arrived, ruling out a abductor, and bringing focus to the print on the inside window, kate opens the window then the door slams, explaing why it wasnt slammed shut before kate arrived, thats what i think happend.


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