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McCann Case: Who Died in The Car?

24 Horas newspaper has been reporting, for the last month, on their own previous publications regarding Madeleine McCann Case, and makes a comparison between their articles and what is in the Public Ministry Process distributed to the media in a DVD. As they state: "Since the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, 24 Horas has made more than two hundred references to the theme in the front page. Up to the end of this week, we will show you the truths we have written and we assume the mistakes. As always, in name of the truth".

Who died in the car?

The vehicle had smell of cadaver and was detected by dogs that came from England. It was never discovered the identity of the thought victim.

The McCann argued at the time that the corporal fluids detected in the boot of the car could be of Maddie's clothes, which were carried in Renault Scénic, rented 25 days after the disappearance.

The odour to cadaver and the biological evidences discovered in the Renault Scénic rented by the parents of Madeleine McCann, 25 days after the child had disappeared, as well as the revaluation of the proofs collected up to that time by the team formed by the superior co-ordinator of the PJ Paulo Rebelo - who substituted Gonçalo Amaral’s position, marked the news section of 24horas about the mediatic case between the 16 and 31st of October of 2007.

On the day 16 we published that the team of the PJ, that was investigating the events of the night of the 3rd of May, when the girl disappeared from Praia da Luz, Lagos, Algarve, had begun reviewing all the evidences that the investigators led by Gonçalo Amaral had gathered. A work that took several months and that ended up by confirming everything that had been already investigated initially.

Car with traces

Of one thing the PJ has no doubts, as it is obvious from the legal proceedings made public to the 20th of July of this year: a corpse was deposited in the van [sic, carrinha] rented by the McCanns 25 days after the disappearance of the daughter. But nobody managed to explain the identity of the supposed victim.

The forensic examinations done in Portugal and in England detected a series of alleles coincident with Maddie's DNA, but not in sufficient quantity to determine with certainty if the collected vestiges belonged really to the girl. The physical fluids that were gathered also did not allow to the authorities to come to any conclusion.

On the 18th of October it was announced that the new team of investigators had begun to "re-visit" the places where Maddie eventually might have been in case of kidnapping.

Searches of the PJ

To the 23rd of October of 2007 it was news the fact of the PJ being doing new searches at the home of Robert Murat, the first arguido of the process. Diggings were done; the computers of the arguido and of the mother and his vehicle were apprehended. One knows now that none of these diligences was useful to the investigations. And the worst is that when the agents took the vehicle of Murat to be inspected they ended up, as announced by our newspaper on the 24th of October, having an accident, which took several weeks to repair and to return to the legitimate owner.

The travelling of Judicial Police team to England to get the results of the analyses requested to a highly prestigious of forensic laboratory located in Birmingham was the principal piece of news on the case on the day 25. Those tests took several weeks to be effectuated and they would be handed only to the Portuguese authorities in November.

Kate cried

The consumption of alcohol by the McCanns and their seven friends at the Tapas Bar - who have consumed at least eight bottles of wine and several digestives-, as well as the report of the shouting that was made after Kate McCann to have given the alarm made the news section on the 26th of October.

The next day the highlight was given to the fact of Maddie's mother having cried publicly- in a televised interview -174 days after the daughter disappears.

Up to the end of the October it was news the fact of the phone calls effectuated by the McCanns not being able to be controlled by PJ, since the telephone operator was British.

It is advanced that the couple had begun to use the Maddie fund to pay the rent [sic] of the house in Rothley and also that the police spoilt vestiges that could help to reveal what had happened to the girl on the 3rd of May of 2007.

It is true that the dogs trained in the detection of blood of dead persons and of cadaver odour that came from England found vestiges in the car that the McCanns rented almost a month after Maddie had disappeared. The vestiges, after the tests were done and as one reads in the legal proceedings, presented several alleles which corresponded to Maddie's DNA, but the considered percentage was not concluding, such as 24horas announced.

It is a lie that the Police destroyed evidences that might show what had happened to Maddie. In fact, the evidences were contaminated by almost two dozens of persons who entered in the flat before the GNR secured the zone. Of the reading of the process it is understood that the authorities did not act in accordance with the internal regulations to this type of cases. It would have been more correct to write: “Authorities allow destruction of vestiges”.

Source: 24 Horas


  1. Im glad the portuguese are not taken in by this pair of shysters,it bloody sickens me how many people in Britain are hoodwinked by the pair of them.
    Been thinking though in some ways it might not be a bad thing because of hose polled a fair few blamed them for the abduction. My sister believes the abduction but hates them for making it happen by abandoning the kids, Just because people think abduction, they blame the McCanns for it, which is kind of good enough for me.
    Keep up the good work Joana, to me this site is the bible for those who seek the truth.

  2. Carissima Joana,

    mais uma vez muitissimo obrigada pelas informaçoes importantes que voce com tanta energia e força de continuidade nos trás aos olhos.
    Voce nem pode imaginar quantos advogados, promotores, juizes e investigadores leem sua página diariamente.
    Ele tornou-se a maior fonte de informaçâo sobre o caso Madeleine Mccan.
    Obrigada e que voce nunca deixe morrer esta luta pela Justiça por esta pobre menina.

    Maria Leal-Rio de Janeiro/ Brasil

  3. Rever notícias anteriormente publicadas à luz do que agora se sabe ao certo, além de ser uma iniciativa honesta, é uma medida inteligente do 24 Horas. Assim a Equipa McCann não pode sonhar com mais ameaças, pois a revisão é feita com base em factos confirmados.

  4. The UK media are very quiet about the sniffer dogs, blood and DNA evidence. It's something one does not talk about. It doesn't suit the 'abduction' story which is still being pumped out, direct and indirectly.

  5. So lets pretend that pigs can indeed fly and that Madeleine was abducted by paedophiles....
    The McCanns paved way for the abductor to take her, they abandoned the three children who's combined age was just 7 years old not just one night for n hour or two, many nights for many hours. Even after Madeleine was heard to be sobbing in distress at being left they did it again and again......

    Put yourself in Madeleine's shoes, aged just three years old, still not much more than a baby and to be left with only 2 year old twins for company, no soothing adult voice to quieten her distress or tell her its alright, no lights left on and worse still even the street lights blacked out by metal shutters, the poor child must have been absolutely shitting herself. We know at one point she was crying "Daddy daddy" for over an hour and a half before her wine swilling fucked up parents returned.
    Lets talk abduction theory ..

    When Madeleine woke up to these supposed paedophiles do you imagone she was happy and content as a waking child should be or do you think she cried....AGAIN for her mam and dad? Do you think as they defiled and assaulted her she was happy and uninjured? so for the poxy parents to claim "There is no proof madeleine has come to any serious harm" is fucking laughable and far far from the truth. If you then think hopefully she was then put out of her misery and murdered, do you imagine a peacefull transition or do you think the little mite screamed and kicked as she fought for life, she probably thought of her parents and willed and shouted for them to save her....pity they did not think of her because if you look t them they have no problem with that scenario, they were smiling and laughing within days...and have been laughing ever since as the money rolls in for a child they know full well to be dead.

    For that lone they should be hose whipped and jailed, but fact is...she is dead, was dead by the
    3rd of may and she knew the person who killed her, the very ones wjho gave her life.

  6. The UK media have the sniffer dogs back on the stage today but with the usual misrepresentation of facts. According to The Sun, the Portuguese Police used the 'flimsy evidence' provided by the dogs 'to build the case against' Kate and Gerry McCann (whilst the PJ has repeatedly said the dogs were just an indication that confirmed a number of other pieces of evidence) and of course the PJ is referred to in the article as 'bungling Portuguese cops'. Ironically, last year The Sun was full of praise for the same dogs whose findings were positivly infallible!


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