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McCann couple feared being arrested in Portugal - Diário de Notícias

Maddie. The parents of the little English girl assert that they did not escape to England

Kate and Gerry criticize Gonçalo Amaral’s theories but will not sue him

The McCann couple feared being arrested by the Portuguese police. In a statement to today’s edition of Expresso newspaper, Maddie’s father admits that he feared that outcome, taking into account what was being written by the Portuguese press, but rejects that they escaped to England in order to avoid a possible detention.

During the first interview about their daughter’s disappearance that was given after the archiving of the process, Kate and Gerry McCann recognize that they felt the pressure from the Portuguese police, which motivated the fear of being preventively arrested in Portugal. “Taking into account everything that was being published in the papers, it is natural that we were afraid of being arrested. It was a horrible situation”, Gerry McCann remembers.

But in order to discard any suspicion about their behaviour, Kate McCann guarantees that the couple did not return to England as a form of escape, “even because the Portuguese police could have prevented the trip”.

After focusing on the statements concerning the investigations, the couple leaves the hope of still finding their daughter alive, in the air. “Sincerely, I don’t know whether Maddie is alive or not, or if someone hid her away. There is no evidence”, Gerry defends.

During the interview that was done in England, the couple seizes the opportunity to criticize Gonçalo Amaral’s theories. Nevertheless, Kate and Gerry do not ponder to sue the former inspector of the Polícia Judiciária who led the investigations.

The Maddie process was made public on the 4th of August, after having been archived by the Attorney General of the Republic due to a lack of evidence. Kate and Gerry McCann, together with Robert Murat, stopped being arguidos.

source: Diário de Notícias, 06.09.2008

Note: A clip with some moments from the interview with Expresso can be seen on SIC's website.


The McCanns Interview with Expresso - SIC News 5 September 2008

Excerpt of the Interview from Expresso Newspaper


  1. But for Government intervention they would have been.

    The police publicly announced 'arrests will be made in 48 hours' in early September.

  2. WONT sue Amaral? More like cant dare because they have no case foor libel, all he said was probably true, plus god alone knows what else would come out as a result of a court case...and the slimy bastards would have to take the stand and give evidence under cross examination...LOL

  3. Look at Kate how she is smilling and Gerry is sure they will never be punished for this crime.
    She seems to be very cool and having fun talking about text msg in Gerry's mobilphone in the night Madeleine died.
    She told the police(according to Amaral's book) that Madeleine was hyperactive, needed lot of attention and its got worse when Sean and Amelie was born.
    We guess she has enough time now to cook the cheesy britsh dishes.
    Poor Sean and Amelie!
    God bless them.

  4. Gerry's "fears from what was being written in the Portuguese press ..."

    The most damning reports were published in Britain (shown in hard copy) along with other countries.

    Overwhelming evidence of death and disposal exists and will never cease to exist in Madeleine's case.

    Their only means of defence is political/legal/media/online manipulation and lies.

    Exposure of truth will haunt the McCanns for the rest of their lives.

  5. anonymous,

    Home Office blocked PJ's standard request for Madeleine's medical records.

    Mr Amaral's book, Police reports and files (unedited) confirm the expertize and tenacity in their legal duties to Madeleine, the victim.

    Steps taken to waste police time and pervert the course of justice are overwhelming - a first in criminal history. As far as McCann protectionists are concerned, it can only be concluded that Madeleine 'stood for nothing - alive or dead'. Her death (police conclusions) became a profitable game at taxpayers expense.

    Her death no more than an exercise in profit making.

  6. speak your mind,

    Mr Amaral's testimony is based on evidence facts; standard police procedures for Court purposes.

    The rest is a Government run 'soap opera'.

  7. anonymous,

    The twins face tough times ahead.

    The McCanns fool no-one but themselves.

  8. anonymous,

    Gerry's shown he's devoid of normal function/feeling.

    Kate's different - her increasingly enlarged left eye is a 'giveaway' to internal struggles and conflict.
    She's stuck - trapped with Gerry in unholy deadlock.

  9. anonymous,

    Guilt metes it's own punishment.

  10. gerald is a terrible liar. There is the look of a guilty child all over his fidgetting shifty face when he mentions the amount of text messages sent on the night of may 3rd.

    In view of the potentially damaging publicity surrounding these text messages, any innocent father would surely have volunteered to reveal the content.
    But no,not Shifty!!

    They both look more and more guilty with each interview. Hopefully they are lots more in the pipeline.

    Oh, and after all their bullying rhetoric, isn't it revaealing that are no plans to SUE!!

    Revealing but not, of course, surprising.


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