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McCann Process: Request - Public Ministry obliged to investigate?

Lawyer forces reopening

Manuel Maysounave Jiménez asks the reopening of the process of Maddie McCann in order that a new lead supplied by him is investigated. This Spanish lawyer says that he saw a couple with a girl, “apparently Madeleine, in the bus station of Santander, nearly eight months ago".

The registered letter with this information, which the CM had access, must reach today a judge. The missive begins by explaining why did he took eight months to reveal this information "because I did not know that the PJ was spending their time supporting the wrong hypothesis to incriminating Kate of occultation of a non-existent corpse". The lawyer who identifies with the number 118 of the Lawyers' College of Alava, in the Basque Country, describes then what he alleges to have seen on the 18th of January of 2008, during a bus travel, which passed by Santander.

“I was doing some time in the bar of the station, the surprise arrived. A girl with four or five years old, beautiful, apparently Madeleine, entered with a couple aged from 45 to 55 years. It was an unforgettable flash. I thought: “She is already found.”

Manuel Maysounave describes the girl as being in "good health, happy and well dressed ". About the couple he says that they “were British" and that he did not feel that there was “pressure" on the child. He described the man with a white and little beard" with nearly 1,80 metres of height, stating immediately after that he did not know photographs from the arguido Murat, leaving in the air a insinuation that he could have been the kidnapper . Francisco Pagarete, lawyer of the British-Portuguese, does not know the letter and affirms: "It’s very strange."

The spokesman of the McCann, Clarence Mitchell, also states to know nothing about it. Rogério Alves, one of the lawyers of the couple, guarantees that he doesn’t know about this new data and assures that they are going to ponder in what to do.


At the end of a year and a half of investigations and to avoid that the suspicion resulting from the constitution of arguido [formal suspect] was kept eternally on air, the Public Prosecution service of Portimão ended up by opting for the archiving of the legal proceedings. However, the dispatch is far from closing certainties in. The magistrate of Portimão left on air many doubts regarding the behaviour of the parents, ending up by practically considering the kidnapping theory improbable. The same was done by the PJ, though they did not manage to find the proofs of the death of the child.



One of the claims of the Spanish lawyer is to set himself as an assistant in the process. However, the law defines very clearly which the crimes are where anyone can do the request; this does not happen in this case. In the process of Madeleine's disappearance, only the interested parts, like the parents of the child, can apply for that processual quality.


The archival of the legal proceedings- the process, happened in the last days of July. Since the process has not imprisoned culprits, the terms did not run on holidays. It is still possible for the processual intervenients [yes, the ‘Leaving No Stone Unturned’ parents] to question the archival of the Public Ministry. The McCann are in conditions of doing so.


Gonçalo Amaral, former co-ordinator of the investigation to Madeleine's disappearance, who left the PJ at the end of June, was yesterday in the nearby country to present the Spanish publication of the book ‘ The Truth of the Lie ’. The Portuguese publication remains in the top of sales [actually on the tenth edition! TheTruth will prevail!].

Source: Correio da Manhã

About Mr. abogado Manuel Maysounave Jiménez, he is a writer, founder of Partido Proverista - the word pro verismo means in favour of the truth. The party has dissolved counting only 245 votes in 1989. Maysounave Jiménez probably should read the process or just the book by Mr.Gonçalo Amaral - there is a new Spanish edition of "A Verdade da Mentira"- since he is so keen on the Truth and stop saying really amazingly stupid things like insulting the Portuguese Police. Funny how all of these Jimenéz, Metodos3, Toscanos resemble each others...


  1. ..."The missive begins by explaining why did

    he took eight months to reveal this information

    "because I did not know that the PJ was spending their time.........


    Pardon?This lawyer do not read newspapers,do not listen radio,do no see TV,do not talk with people?

    Maddie do not deserve more bad,so bad things.

  2. Another disruption coming from Metodo3-land.

    - Trying to take the light off the publication of Amaral's book in spain

    - Strengthening the ludicrous theory that she is still alive

    - Preventing the awkward questions why the parents have not so far asked the process to be opened again

  3. Whay are all these people prepared to perjure themselves to help the parenst evade justice and to in the process deny Madeleine any dignity in death? They ought to be horse whipped and in my opinion are not much better than those who actually commited the crime in the first place.

  4. Reopening the Madeleine McCann process to go back to the 'abduction' myth, what a joke, you must laugh!

    I wonder who is behind this, Mr Mitchell. It really smells fishy, not sardine but some rotting fish caught off the coast of Britain, poisened with filthy lies.

  5. What ever happened to common sense? You supposedly see the missing girl but say to yourself why bother the police eventually will find her. Give this idiot's information to the McCann's invisible super detectives. It is beyond belief how so many people refuse to see the obvious; the girl is dead, she died in the McCann apartment. How much longer are we going to have to put up with this crap?


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