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McCann's Cadaver Dogs Video:PJ Final Report

Excerpt of The Judiciary Police Report - All Investigation

pages 35 and 36

(...)Now the question related to the performance of the British dogs will be covered, along with the consequent quality assumed by the parents of MADELEINE, once again with the ability to revisit the description later in the report.

In this way, from pages 1989 and following, one can read the full report by MARK HARRISON, whose speciality is the search for missing people or homicide victims, including catastrophe scenarios. He provided the use of canines, specialized in the detection of vestiges of human blood and human cadaver odor.

This is an inspection technique commonly used in the United Kingdom, frequently with positive results, consisting of the utilization of two especially trained dogs.

One of the dogs is trained to detect cadaver odor and the other to detect vestiges of human blood, with existing knowledge that their prior usage had resulted in significant results, principally in the detection of vestiges, which had then been, later, confirmed in the laboratory.

After a positive joint meeting with the British police, it was decided to use this capability and a large number of objects and locations were examined, with these diligences being recorded in films which are included in the documentation (appendix III).

In some of these locations and objects, the animals exhibited the behaviour of identification and “signalling”, including:

pages 37 and 38

1 - Apartment 5A, of the resort ‘Ocean Club’, place from where the child disappeared.

- cadaver odour dog:
*in the couple’s bedroom, in a corner, close to the wardrobe;
*in the living room, behind the sofa, close to the lateral window of the apartment;

- blood dog:
* in the living room, behind the sofa, close to the lateral window of the apartment (exactly as it was signalled by the cadaver odour dog);

2 – Area of the backyard, close to the apartment 5A:

- cadaver odour dog:
* in a flowerbed, commented by the dog handler the lightness of the scent detected;

3 – Apartments where the rest of the elements of the group stayed

* NOTHING was detected by any of the dogs;

4 – House of the MCCANNs at the date of the inspection [second apartment]

* NOTHING at the house, was detected by any of the dogs;

5 - In the area of Vila da Luz

* NOTHING was detected by any of the dogs;

6 – In the clothes and belongings of the Family MCCANN

- cadaver odour dog:
* in two pieces of clothing belonging to KATE HEALY
* in a piece of clothing of the minor MADELEINE
* in the plush toy, possibly belonging to MADELEINE (it was detected cadaver odour, when the plush was inside the residence – at the date occupied by the family)

7 – In the vehicle used by the MCCANN family

- cadaver odour dog:
* signalled the key of the vehicle;

- blood dog:
* signalled the key of the vehicle;
* signalled the interior of the vehicle’s boot;

8 – In the vehicle used by a friend of the family, who stayed in the same resort, matching some of the holiday days.

pages 39 and 40

* NOTHING was detected by either dog;

9. In all the vehicles that were used by arguido ROBERT MURAT and persons that are close to him;

* NOTHING was detected by either dog.

(in a total of ten vehicles, the cadaver odour dog and the blood odour dog only signaled the vehicle that belonged to the MCCANN family, which was rented on the 27th of May)

On the locations and the pieces that were marked and signaled by the blood dog, forensics tests were performed, especially at a reputed British laboratory (Forensic Science Service – check Appendixes I and VII – FSS Final Report) but also, some of them at the reputed National Institute of Forensics Medicine (check Appendix I), whose final results did not corroborate the canine markings, which is to say, cellular material was collected that was not identified as pertaining to anyone specific, and it was not even possible to determine the quality of that material (v.g. whether it could be blood or another type of bodily fluid).

But during a first scientific approach (pages 2617 and following), the possibility of a match between the DNA profile of MADELEINE and some of the collected residues (among which those that existed in the Renault Scenic that had been rented by the McCANN couple were abundant) was raised; a match which, as can be verified in the aforementioned final report from the FSS, failed to be verified, after the execution of long and complex testing.

On pages 2461 and following, the translation of the comments that were made by the dog handler, during the inspection actions, was appended.

Based on the action of the canine team and the aforementioned initial scientific approach, which revealed the possibility of the existence of a cadaver inside the apartment and in the vehicle that was used by the MCCANN family, and in order to allow for GERALD McCANN and KATE HEALY to see their position within the process safeguarded, they were made arguidos, in face of the mere possibility of their involvement with the possible cadaver. During the questioning as arguidos, they denied any responsibility in the disappearance of their daughter.

It may be questioned that KATE HEALY was not immediately made an arguida, but rather inquired, as a witness, and only afterwards, following said inquirition, did she assume that quality.

Therefore, the constitution of KATE HEALY as an arguida was made when she was confronted with concrete elements that might lead to her incrimination, a fact that, within the terms of the penal process law, would officiously force that constitution.

Source: Document in PDF - PJ Report in Portuguese 


“I was close to finding Maddie”
14 Aug 2008
The technique of residue collection using special dogs like these, CSIs, is usual in England, in the United States and it has already led to more than 200 condemnations. The laboratory where the samples [of blood, cadaver odour and DNA ...

Dog Detects car of the McCann Couple
10 Aug 2008
The McCanns previously tried to dismiss the cadaver dogs findings, stating that the Cadaver dogs were manipulated to react to the Renault Scenic therefore implying that the South Yorkshire police special team handling the dogs was. ...

Recourse to the dogs was advised by British expert
7 Aug 2008
An English expert who counsels the police in cases of missing persons, abduction and homicides was determinant for the turnaround in the Maddie case, dictating the call for the dogs that detect cadaver and blood odour. ...

The dogs’ work as described by their own handler
7 Aug 2008
The cadaver detection dog “Eddie” and the blood detection dog “Keela” showed themselves as “very excited” when they entered apartment 5A of the Ocean Club, the one that had been occupied by the McCann couple during their holidays. ...

Madeleine McCann: Reversed Investigation
27 Jul 2008
It does seem possible that that has taken place based on the circumstances of the cadaver dogs who signalled [death triggers] the existence of a cadaver and, also of blood with the genetic profile of the girl. ...

Cadaver Odour in the McCanns Car and Clothes
12 Jul 2008
In a total of ten vehicles, the cadaver dogs only signalled cadaver odour and blood scent in Kate and Gerry McCann car, rented 24 days after the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, on the 3rd of May of 2007, in Praia da Luz, Algarve. ...

What are the Chances?
27 May 2008
Of highly-trained forensic cadaver dogs and DNA analysts from the UK being mistaken? Of a GP coming into contact with 6 dead bodies in the week before the holiday? Of the GP bringing a "Cuddle Cat" to work with her and it thus acquiring ..

Sniffer Dogs used to seek Madeleine prove again their effectiveness
25 Feb 2008
In cases where a dead body will be the likely outcome of a search, Cadaver dogs are used to search, rather than standard Search and Rescue dogs. Why? Because a Search and Rescue Dog is trained to find living humans, and not detect ...

The Theory of the Abduction of Madeleine McCann
19 Feb 2008
c) We’ll get on to lawyers in Ireland/America who say these cadaver dogs’ evidence is useless. (d) The DNA was the children’s dirty nappies in the boot. (e) The ‘smell of death’ was rotting meat that Gerry was taking to the dump. ...


  1. Eddie & Keela are the best in their field with a 100% success rate in over 200 cases, including Madeleine's.

    Mr Amaral confirmed that PJ not only suffered protracted delays with forensic results, 'results were withheld'; illegally, astoundingly, given FSS are reportedly the best in the world. However, it's owned by a Government-backed private company; Brown made it clear from the outset he didn't want the McCanns found guilty. A somewhat alarming attitude towards the rights of innocent children, being a parent himself.

    By the process of deduction, Mr Amaral's evidenced testimony, withheld results include cadaver hair; PJ's request for return of cadaver hair specimens owned by them as criminal investigators was blocked.

    Eddie confirmed cadaver odour on the vehicle key, Keela confirmed the presence of blood. Ditto car boot. Given the application of LCN, results handed to PJ skeletal although a substantial DNA match (sufficient for Court)to Madeleine was confirmed.

    LCN process enables DNA of all components, including car keys, readily identifiable; the ID of those NOT belonging to Madeleine was, therefore, known but withheld from the police.

    The laboratories used in Madeleine's case were not independently operated or monitored.

  2. It's totally unique that any Government would seek to intervene in a serious criminal investigation.

    It almost defies belief that the overwhelming evidence of death and disposal in Madeleine's case led the Home Office to 'block' PJ's request - standard police procedures - re-questioning prime suspects. It was at this juncture in parallel cases (Sarah Payne & Sohom girls) that prime suspects were arrested and charged.

    However, in Madeleine's case, the police had sufficient evidence to detain and charge the McCanns BEFORE re-questioning on 'inconsistent statements'.

    PJ made a media announcement of the date arrests were to be made.
    It was widely reported that this was prevented by the intervention of a British diplomat, reportedly Miliband.

    I wonder, would Blair, Brown, Miliband or Mitchell afford the same level of corrupt Government protection to a person who killed one of their children, accidentally or otherwise ?

    Would they not impose law and justice on behalf of an innocent child whose right to life had been taken by another ?

    In this case, it seems Madeleine's life and rights count for less than nothing. To the contrary, her death (police conclusions) was used as a means for profit and gain by those in the 'caring' profession.

    Dr Shipman was ill, not of normal mental function. The BMA clearly has either failed to read evidenced facts, or chosen to ignore them. More Government orders ?

  3. "- blood dog:
    * signalled the key of the vehicle;
    * signalled the interior of the vehicle’s boot;

    8 – In the vehicle used by a friend of the family, who stayed in the same resort, matching some of the holiday days."


    Este ponto 8.
    Quem me consegue explicar?
    É o mesmo carro,o RS?
    É outro carro? O carro de um amigo?
    É 1 dos 7/9T?
    Quem é esse amigo?Qual o seu nome?



  4. The cadaver dogs are front page news in today's The Sun. The article displays the usual characteristics of UK articles on the Madeleine McCann case - a fallacious argument so as to present the McCanns as victims and to criticise and ridicule the PJ. Despite plenty of bias and sophism, in this article some facts are being revealed to the UK general public and this makes a nice change from the usual 'abduction' brainwashing.

  5. To me the all telling factor is the fact the dogs both detected and ignored the same places/vehicles...That speaks volumes, whats the odds of both dogs being mistaken at the same place every place? slim to nil....The dogs were spot on.


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