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McCanns in Expresso - Preview


The headline reads: 'Gonçalo Amaral is a disgrace'.

In case you were still illuded concerning Expresso's priorities.

Update: Full Interview Translated here

Note: for Daily Mail and similar copypasta 'journalists' : at least give us some credit for doing your work! Ta very much.[Plagiarism in the UK media is becoming rife - there are some nitwit 'journalists' that don't even bother going to the original source.]


  1. Here, in Portugal, the "powerful" and the "influential" have also tried to whitewash the personalities involved in the Casa Pia case. However the real power lies with the people, and I'm not making a political statement.

    They know that not ONE human stare believes in their innocence. Those that claim PUBLICLY that they do, have a direct interest (personal fear, political reasons, financial gains/losses or other, amongst which I include the grotesque xenophobic worries of losing reason to such inferiors as are the portuguese) in saying so.

    EVERYONE, and I mean EVERYONE, knows they are guilty.

  2. Then there is the 'journalist' with direct media contacts with direct access to 'sources', who edits and amends official police testimonies without their knowledge or consent.

    The fraudulent Fund is replicated in criminal activities involving media/forum publishing - directly linked to McCann protectionists.

    Police continue their sterling work behind closed doors.

  3. Mr & Mrs Mccann,

    you can escape from the justice of men but never from your own conscience.
    If you look yourself in the mirror and if you have a little bit, a 000,1% feeling of humanity then I guess you'll never forget why Madeleine died alone.
    The world will never forget Madeleine Beth Mccann (and her parents also!).
    I don't wish you any tragic destiny
    just peace and comprehension for Sean and Amelie.
    Your show must go on.
    Its always money,mortgage and madness.
    Your prision is your image and the mansion in Rothly.
    Wherever you go people will identify you as the uncareful parents of Madeleine.This is also a punishment.

    God have mercy on her soul!

  4. anonymous,

    Perhaps you can explain the reason why Correio da Manha has deleted all online McCann articles published since March.

    This includes the verbatim transcripts of Mr Amaral's book, interviews, articles by PJ's Forensic director, all police related factual material. Mr Amaral's promised Saturday column was cancelled.

    The Editor printed Mitchell's verbal threat 'you are either very brave or very stupid'. Odd given that every article was backed by police evidence.

    Correio da Manha was clearly viewed as McCanns enemy. The last two online articles were clearly false information - Kate's journal and torn books - a predictable set up. Arrange publication of false stories then wield the threat of libel stick. AKA Government Media Management - thug rule.

    PJ were set up, used and publicly slandered. Correio da Manha victims of repeat exercise, along with Duarte Levy.

    As the police said - "Mitchell wants a wall of silence". As Mitchell himself said in his support of his mercenaries, Metado 3 - "we use all available means on McCanns behalf".

    Legal manipulation/threat is a standard tactic. 'Silencing' the highly reputable Correio da Manha gives them and Portuguese citizens a true insight into the way the British Government views and treats democratic civilions.

    Like all cowards, Mitchell never faces his enemies face to face. He gets his mates to do his dirty work. The 'dirty work' in this case is on a par and scale of a Mafia network; stemming from just two people - McCanns, one aiding and abetting the other.

  5. Kate's changed her direct gaze pose.
    Is her enlarged left eye causing embarrassment ?

    In the immortal words of John Lennon - 'one thing you can't hide, is when you're crippled inside'.

    Gerry .... he doesn't give a toss.

    The Payne family, along with Mr Amaral, faced the bullets and did right by themselves.

  6. To anonym 13:40

    Correio da Manhã changed the on-line site some months ago, some old articles are still on the database other's aren't. In any case can you give me at least one link of the Correio da Manhã article you're trying to find and say it was deleted?

    Amaral's Column was not cancelled.

    The articles you mention are taken from the process dstributed to the media on DVD, they are 'the real deal' unless you you can base your facts don't make silly assumptions.

    Lastly, agree with your comments on Mitchell.

  7. Dear guests from our fantastic Joana Morais blog,

    I ask you seriously:

    if you are ill and need a doctor ....would you go to Gerry or Kate Mccann?

    have a nice weekend!


  8. Dr Amaral does not belong to the PJ force anymore. PJ closed their investigation in June. The case was shelved by the Attorney General in July.
    So, WHY on earth is it so important to the Mccanns (and to their sinister team) what the public thinks of them now? Why are they still seeking publicity?
    And why does a "serious" newspaper like the Expresso offer them its support?...

  9. Hi there,

    the Mccans need publicity because of the fund to " find Madeleine"
    People are still giving money to pay Medoto 3, holliday in Vancouver,house in Rothley, the salary of John Mccann( Gerrys brother) etc, etc, etc.
    It just a case of money!

    got the picture??

  10. To live by injustice is to forfeit mercy.

    Denied to Madeleine, forfeited by the parents, mercy has no meaning to the "I did it my way" crowd.

  11. O que é uma vergonha é o Expresso fazer parte de mais outro exercício de relações publicas deste casal.

    Did Expresso ask them why there was a crime manual that is exclusive to the police, in their possession?

    Did Expresso ask them if the two cadaver dogs didn't indicate the presence of a dead body in their apartment and vehicle then what was it that they indicated?

    Did Expresso ask them what details of Mr. Amaral's book do they feel is not an exact depiction of what took place and that would lead them to sue Amaral?

    In Britain it must be easy making the career transition from journalist to fiction writer.

    I very much doubt that the couple will be punished by their own conscience, that's not in their make up.

  12. Sobre o título que consta na página inicial-impressa sobre o Ex-Inspector Gonçalo Amaral

    "Gonçalo Amaral é uma vergonha"

    Ah,é? Quem diria!A sério? E,porquê?

    Tomara muitos serem como ele,GONÇALO AMARAL.

    Lamento profundamente o que colocaram.

    Mª ********************************
    F P Balsemão †
    Independent Non-Executive Director (Portugese; aged 71)
    Francisco Balsemão was appointed to the Board in 2002. He is chairman and chief executive of IMPRESA, S.G.P.S, chairman of the European Publishers Council and a former prime minister of Portugal.

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    Expresso,já não comprava.NÃO HÁ DIREITO!
    Público,sim. MAS NUNCA MAIS!

    Fazem-me ter VERGONHA!



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