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“The McCanns hid the body on the beach”

Gonçalo Amaral was the first inspector who coordinated the search for Madeleine, the girl who disappeared in Praia da Luz on 3rd May 2007. In October 2007, after having considered the girl’s parents Kate and Gerry McCann, arguidos, of having hidden their daughter’s body, he was removed from the investigation. In July 2008 he decided to leave the police force in order to narrate his version of the events. 

The result is Maddie, The Truth Of the Lie, published by Esquilo.

Question: According to you, what happened on 3rd May 2007?

Answer: Madeleine McCann died in an accidental manner, upon falling behind the sofa in the apartment. This sofa had been moved when the disappearance was announced. I think that someone found the body, hid it, cleaned everything and moved the sofa against the window.

Q: Who?

A: Madeleine’s parents

Q: Upon what basis do you make this statement?

A: The dogs provided by the British police discovered cadaver odour behind the sofa and in the parents’ room. Also on the little girl’s cuddly toy, on Kate’s clothing and in the cupboard and on the keys of the car that they hired later.

Q: How did they hide the body without anyone seeing them?

A: They were seen! An Irish family saw a man pass carrying a child at 22.05, heading for the beach. They later identified the child as Maddie. But they did not realise that the man they had seen was Gerry until they saw the McCanns arriving in the UK on TV.

Q: What happened?

A: The manner in which Gerry was carrying one of the twins and his way of walking were identical to what they had seen that night.

Q: But, 22.05 was when Kate said that the girl had disappeared and Gerry was with her...

A:The times are not clear. The only thing that is sure is that the McCanns contacted the National Guard at 22.40. So, before then, Gerry had time to hide the girl’s body on the beach.

Q: And nobody saw the body there? During the night they were already searching for the girl.

A: Yes, but they were looking for a living child, not a dead child. Furthermore, I am not saying that the body remained on the beach all of the time. It is clear that the first thing was to remove the body from the apartment. Afterwards they could find other solutions to hide it. Witnesses from the National Guard said that they had seen the McCanns go towards the beach twice very early in the morning. They surely found a better place quickly.

Q: How do you explain that the dogs found cadaver odour in the McCanns’ car? They rented it 24 days after the disappearance.

A: I was investigating that when I was removed from the case.

Q: Do you think that they preserved the body in a freezer for all of this time? Where?

A: There is a journalist who claims to have seen the McCanns enter an apartment block near to the beach, during the month of June.... But we do not know what floor of the block they went to. It is a building for tourists and many people go in and out.

Q: And why did the dogs not detect cadaver odour on Gerry McCann’s clothing?

A: Do you know what clothing Gerry was wearing that night? I still do not know.

Q: Is there any more information that hasn’t been provided?

A: We asked the British police for reports about the couple, whether they had a nanny in the UK, if they had any problems at work...we never received these replies.

Q: Why not? Do you believe the McCanns have high level connections?

A: I don’t know. I do not want to comment on this, but it is curious how the British Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, showed his support for the couple even after they were declared arguidos.

Source: Metro.es
Translation by Ines (Muchissimas Gracias)


  1. I wonder what further information there is on that block of flats near the beach to which the McCanns were seen walking. Which flat would have the fridge where little Maddie's body could have been hidden.

    Perhaps a friend of the McCanns' vacated the flat soon after the McCanns hired the car where Maddie's body fluids were found. I am sure someone must have looked into this.

  2. Finally,someone have asked by the smell at G.´s clothes.
    But,like said D.L.,with the DVD´s files,by the first time they have send the clothes to the laundry....
    5 May the clothes,washed,went to PJ.
    But if G. had totaly care about the smell....it means he concerned only about him (nice relationship!);

    If D. Kruegel come to Pt. and have said all the time the child was buried in the beach.So,he said the truth.

    What a gang!They know do everything...almost.G. forget to protect and respect her wife.

    No,I am not with the couple.I discus only the bad relationship.

    What a disgusting case.
    Poor Maddie!

  3. Talvez seja que os McCann estão desmascarados o suficiente para serem levados a tribunal.

    Já não é sem tempo que se faça justiça. Justiça deve-se à Maddie bem como a todos, e são muitos, que têm sofrido injustamente em consequência da campanha McCann.

  4. And analysis of the McCanns' body language in interviews strongly suggests they were lying.

  5. It’s not in any way normal to leave your kids in day care all day and then leave them alone at night! It’s certainly not normal for ordinary working class British families to do this! We go on holiday together to be together! I’ve just read Gonçalo Amaral’s, Truth of the Lie (only available on-line). He’s clearly a wonderful man dedicated to his profession and finding the truth. I think everyone in Britain got swept up by the media view that poor Maddie had been abducted, but with the distance of time, it’s now possible to think less emotionally and consider the facts. And the facts suggest it’s time the British Police reopened the case and considered what none of us want to believe; Maddie died in the apartment.


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