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McCanns: Metodo 3 Back in Action?!

Police in Spain have been searching the holiday island of Majorca for missing toddler Madeleine McCann, after a British couple claimed to have seen her on a beach.

Detectives were scouring hotels and holiday apartments over the weekend for two dark-haired women [it's the Swarthy Mediterranean story again...] seen with a young blonde girl matching Maddy's description.

The holidaying couple [British Robert and Marian Cleminson of Chester] were convinced they saw the missing child with the two women at the Cala d'Or, in the south east of the island, last Sunday morning.

But they did not report the possible sighting to police for three days.[no because they attempted to contact the McCanns first, wonder how that conversation went?.]

A police source said: "The couple's account was detailed and there were no contradictions in their statements. [unlike the Tapas9, then?]

"However, we are aware of the numerous previous sightings all over the world that have turned out to be false and it could well be that the couple have made an honest mistake.

"The couple believe they saw the girl last Sunday and at first, attempted to contact the McCanns through the internet. [hummmm..money? rewards? 1.5 million pounds?]

"They reported the incident to us on Wednesday, after seeing a missing persons poster with Madeleine's photograph on it."

The British couple, who are in their 50s, were on a two-week holiday and had arrived on September 11.

They were enjoying a morning at Cala Gran beach when they spotted a pale blonde girl under a parasol.[were they drinking in the morning? perhaps a 'Margarita'? or a barrel of beer?]

The couple were suspicious because the two women she was with had dark hair and did not look like they were related to the girl.The toddler was colouring in a book on her own and was wearing sunglasses. [not a ripped colour book?]

A member of staff at the hotel said: "The couple noticed her similarity to Maddy and tried to get closer, but because of the sunglasses couldn't see if she had Madeleine's distinctive eye. [no coloboma, no iris defect yet the couple insisted and said: 'She looked a lot like Maddie which aroused our suspicions.']

"The woman is very religious and was praying a lot because she did not know what to do.

"On Wednesday, one of the staff took her to the police and acted as a translator while the couple gave their statement."

The couple flew back to Manchester on Thursday.

Police have been to hotels and holiday apartments in Cala d'Or and nearby Cala Egos and Cala Ferrera.

Madeleine was days short of her fourth birthday when she disappeared from a holiday apartment [while her parents dined with friends 120 meters away in a Restaurant, she was alone baby sitting her younger brother Sean and sister Amelie, who where at the time two years old] in Praia da Luz, in southern Portugal in May 2007.

Private detectives from Spanish firm Metodo 3 may travel to Majorca to investigate the sighting. The Barcelona-based firm was paid£50,000-a-month until their involvement was scaled down late last year. ['Put your cars inside the garages, lock your dogs in the house, and watch out for the burglaries!']

British firm Oakley International took over the search, funded by the McCanns' millionaire friend Brian Kennedy.

Source: Multiple Media with the same story


  1. Here we go again...and the tabloids will be full of this because it suits the scenario that the Mccanns are innocent.
    We need Amarals book eleased here in the uk, that will open a few more eyes.

  2. Joana,

    I'm surprised a woman of your calibre wastes precious energy publishing trash.

    One man band Oakley International has reportedly gone into liquidation.
    Fraud and corruption specialists Metado 3 continue to 'coin it'.

  3. speak your mind,

    Why do you suppose Mr Amaral's testimonial book is unavailable in UK ?

  4. Anonymous,,,,,is it in the uk? And is it in english more importantly?

  5. Searching for two dark hairy women

    in Spain?

    They will never be found, due to the exceptional colour of their hair.


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