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McCanns' spokesman to join Freud Communications

The McCanns' spokesman Clarence Mitchell is joining Freud Communications as a consultant.

He will join the agency on a twelve-month contract, specialising in issues and crisis management, media training and scenario planning.

He will continue to advise the McCanns, parents of missing child Madeline McCann, on a monthly retainer basis. He will also provide pro bono support to his other clients Fiona MacKeown, the mother of the teenager Scarlet who was murdered in Goa, the parents of murdered teenager Jimmy Mizen and the parents of missing teenager Amy Fitzpatrick.

Mitchell said he had toyed with the idea of setting up his own agency, but thought joining Freud would offer him more security. He didn’t rule out setting up his own agency in the future.

Source: PR Week

Freud Communications  beliefs :"We get frustrated by our industry’s reputation. Ever been over-promised & underwhelmed? Thought so. We have a unique solution to the problem. TELL CLIENTS THE TRUTH. Is honesty always easy? No, but we believe that in the long-term you’ll respect us for it. We’ll get to make one kind of promise, the kind that doesn’t get broken…

We believe that honesty earns trust." - maybe they should hire a media spinner that doesn't lie , but that is a paradox, a contradiction in itself, what is a media spinner but an amoral person who distorts the news and censures or attempts to censor any negative exposure of a determined issue or person. We, the global public will NEVER forget Clarence Mitchell's role in the McCanns sordid affair. We know who he is and what he did with the support and assistance of the British government and Media. If a company hires Mitchell it should NOT be trusted.

Another Interesting and Strange Connection, remember this article where I pointed out that Rupert Murdoch was behind the media campaign and attack to the PJ investigation. There is also a video of former employees from FOX NEWS who explain the dirty tactics used like hiring only opinion makers that interest the political and economical agenda of Rupert Murdoch - the man who can create or destroy a prime minister or a president career.

Rupert Murdoch is the CEO of News Corporation who owns among several media outlets world wide, SKY NEWS, who was no doubt a key factor in the "brainwashing media tactics" since the very first day. Remember SKY correspondents in the Algarve were called during the night of the 3rd of May, on the early morning of the 4th of May 2007 the media circus was running and SKY was already opening their news with Maddie's disapperance labelled Maddie's kidnapping by SKY and the British Media.

Moving on, the strange coincidence is that the CEO of Freud Communications, Matthew Freud is in fact married to the media magnate daughter Elisabeth Murdoch. Matthew Freud and Elisabeth Murdoch Freud receive much media attention as one of the United Kingdom's best-connected 'power couples.

So, Clarence Mitchell were you already in Rupert Murdoch's pay roll or that only happened after your nomination to became the McCanns PR? Was the deal to give inside and privileged information to Murdoch's media aka SKY NEWS and as a prize win some money and afterwards a job as a media consultant in one of his family companies? Why do all these magnates like Brian Kennedy, Murdoch keep meddling in a criminal investigation? - this are some answers that NEED to be answered.

More On Mitchell

Madeleine McCanns' man now speaks for Freud - Telegraph
Kate and Gerry McCann's once ubiquitous spokesman - has accepted a job with a PR company.

In what will inevitably be seen as tacit acceptance that public interest in the Madeleine McCann story is dwindling.

Clarence Mitchell tells Mandrake that he will be joining Freud Communications, which was founded by Lucian Freud's nephew, Matthew.

"I'm going to specialise in crisis management for a range of clients which might include businesses, football clubs or even showbiz personalities," says the former BBC reporter. "I want to broaden out my portfolio of interests."

Mitchell, 47, told me in July that he had been advising the parents of Jimmy Mizen, the 16-year-old schoolboy murdered in London in May, and Fiona MacKeown, the mother of 15-year-old Scarlett Keeling, who was murdered in Goa in February, on a pro bono basis, but wanted to put himself on "a firm financial footing".

He stresses that he will still represent the McCanns, whose daughter went missing almost a year-and-a-half ago, and adds that he will be paid on a retainer basis from the "Find Madeleine" fund.

"Kate and Gerry are happy for me to do this, it became clear that I wasn't needed on a full-time basis to work for them anymore so this move makes sense," he says. 

Clarence Mitchell, Kate and Gerry McCann's spokesman, has joined PR and marketing agency Freud Communications. - Guardian

Mitchell will be a consultant specialising in crisis and issues management, media training and scenario planning at the agency, which counts Pepsi and Walkers Crisps among its clients. He started work yesterday.

The former BBC journalist has secured a 12-month contract at Freud but will not stop working with the McCanns, whose five-year-old daughter Madeleine has been missing for 16 months.

Mitchell said: "It is an exciting opportunity to work with one of the biggest and best PR companies in the country.

"It gives me the potential to work with a much wider range of clients if and when they find themselves in the news. Kate and Gerry and their financial backer Brian Kennedy have given me their full backing."

Mitchell will continue to advise the McCanns on a monthly retainer basis. He was being paid £80,000 a year by Cheshire-based double glazing tycoon Kennedy, who is a backer of the McCanns.

He will also carry on supporting his other clients. They include Fiona MacKeown, whose daughter Scarlett was murdered in Goa; the parents of Jimmy Mizen, who was stabbed to death in London; and the parents of missing teenager Amy Fitzpatrick.

"My new role will involve different ways of working for clients depending on their circumstances. I will advise them as part of the Freud services package," Mitchell said.

"I am working on a freelance basis which will allow me to continue speaking for Kate and Gerry whenever Madeleine or the ongoing search for her is in the news. I am very happy to continue representing Kate and Gerry. This is not a parting of the waves. I need to expand and consolidate what I am doing," he added.

"I am very pleased that Freud found my media background and high-level media contacts to be of sufficient interest to take me on in this way."

At Freud, Mitchell will report to Nicola Howson, the former ITV director of corporate affairs, who is responsible for the agency's corporate and media practice.

Mitchell stepped down from his role as director of the media monitoring unit at the government's Central Office of Information in September last year to handle the McCanns' PR full time.

Before that, he had been acting as an adviser to the McCanns last summer at the request of the Foreign Office, while retaining his government role.

Mitchell was previously head of media monitoring for the Cabinet Office.

He was also a journalist for 25 years, starting out in print and then as a broadcaster with the BBC, covering a variety of stories including the Fred and Rose West murders and Soham. As a royal correspondent he covered the death of Princess Diana.

McCanns’ Mitchell moves on to new job - The People

Clarence Mitchell, the man who gave up his British government role in 2007 to work as a spokesman for Gerry and Kate McCann, has a new job. Mitchell  has joined the PR and marketing agency Freud Communications. Mitchell will continue to work for the McCanns, whose daughter Madeleine went missing from a holiday flat in Portugal in May 2007, but only as an advisor.

"I am working on a freelance basis which will allow me to continue speaking for Kate and Gerry whenever Madeleine or the ongoing search for her is in the news", said Mitchell. "I am very happy to continue representing Kate and Gerry. This is not a parting of the waves. I need to expand and consolidate what I am doing," he added.

Mitchell has had a diverse career. Before he worked for the McCanns he worked first for the Central Office of Information and then the Foreign Office. Before that he was a journalist for 25 years - including a stint at the BBC where he covered the death of Princess Diana and the Soham murders.

When the McCanns hired Mitchell to act as their spokesman they faced criticism from the press for hiring a media-savvy PR man. However the man branded a "manipulative liar" by the Portuguese police proved his worth by quickly turning around the public perception of Gerry and Kate McCann, by aggressively combating negative stories about them in the British and Portuguese press.


Can Matthew Freud be serious?
In August his newsworthiness increased still further when he married Elisabeth Murdoch and became a son-in-law of the world's most powerful media magnate. Indeed, there are so many questions waiting to be asked that it's impossible to know where to begin. Does the editor of the Sun answer Freud's calls more quickly given the Murdoch connection? Has Chris Evans gone bananas? Is it true that Freud now acts as an unofficial PR consultant to Tony Blair?

No 10 digital PR head joins Freud
Jimmy Leach, who as head of the prime minister's digital PR operation oversaw the launch of the Downing Street petitions website, is joining PR agency Freud Communications.

Image Credits by Himself at The McCann Gallery


  1. He will join the agency on a twelve-month contract, ........

    He will continue to advise the McCanns, parents of missing child Madeline McCann,

    on a monthly retainer basis.

    I have think it was a big,big joke,but.....
    oh,My G O D!!!!
    The fund is empty?BK said to him:is better that you go to work.

    No more useful? SURE?

    And the man go to a place who said to tell the truth..."Is honesty always easy? No,......
    "We’ll get to make one kind of promise, the kind that doesn’t get broken…"

    Que mais irá acontecer? Ao que isto chegou!


    Absolutly,J.M. completly amoral.
    "Feios,porcos e maus".Ettore Scholla,please another film!

  2. You're absolutely right, how can any company be trusted if it hires a man with no credibility? The politicians who associated the couple with a child welfare initiative, justice Hogg who proclaimed their innocence, Rupert Murdoch who launched a media campaign against the PJ and Brian kennedy who intimidated witnesses, all these people most likely knew each other and either the couple or some of the Tapas group before the child died in the McCann apartment.
    The question as you put it, why would these people be motivated to undermine an investigation? It seems that the couple and their friends of that night are privy to knowledge that is damning to this group. I can't think of any other explanation. Is there any one in Great Britain with enough courage to investigate the links between these people and their motives?

  3. As always - 'no evidence' to support the 'story'.

    Sion Phillips returned to the 'limelight' following Mitchell's announcement of acting on behalf of others in same situation as McCanns.

    Police confirm that the criminal activity, website hacking and identity theft is Government linked, paid for by taxpayers. Police also found Mitchell is still on the Government payroll, funded by taxpayers.


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