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The Non-Charitable odd Fund: The McCanns & Brian Kennedy Strange Connection

'I'll fund the McCanns until they find Maddie', vows double-glazing tycoon Kennedy

The multi-millionaire tycoon financing Kate and Gerry McCann's search for their daughter has said he will support them for the rest of his life if necessary.

Double-glazing magnate Brian Kennedy, 48, said he would use his estimated £450million fortune to back the couple as long as Madeleine remained missing.

His pledge will alleviate concerns about what will happen when Madeleine's Fund, made up largely of public donations, runs out. There is currently less than £500,000 in the kitty, with £1million having already been spent on the hunt for Madeleine since her disappearance in May last year.

Missing: £1m has been spent seeking Madeleine but glazing millionaire Kennedy has offered to pay for the rest of his life

Team McCann is now hiring a fifth group of private investigators to help with the search.

Mr Kennedy, who has five children with his wife Christine, lives in Wilmslow, Cheshire, and made his money through double-glazing firm Everest. He had not met the McCanns before offering his help but now speaks to them almost daily.

A source said: ‘Mr Kennedy got involved after seeing Kate on television after she became an arguido. He felt compelled to do something. A fifth company is going to be hired.

'Everything that can be done is being done. But it is like looking for a grain of sand on a sea shore. The team are just desperate for leads now.’

The couple's lawyers are still sifting through 13,000 pages of Portuguese police files, released last month. One team of investigators believed they had found Madeleine in Morocco last year – but it turned out to be an American girl being kept against her will in a dispute between her parents.

‘It was desperately disappointing when it turned out not to be Madeleine,’ said a source. ‘It was a low point for everyone concerned.’

Madeleine’s Fund is already paying investigators Metodo 3, Control Risks, Oakley International and an unnamed fourth company. However, as The Mail on Sunday revealed last month, Oakley will not have its current £500,000 contract extended after missing a series of targets set by Mr Kennedy.

Clarence Mitchell, the McCanns' spokesman, said: ‘We will leave no stone unturned in finding Madeleine.’

Source: VIB - Very Ignominious and Biased Tabloid


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  2. Hello Joana,
    I love the way you illustrate this post!!! I'm pasting a link on mine.
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  3. It could be that Brian Kennedy wishes to become even richer and thinks that financing the McCanns is a good opportunity for wide advertising that will help sell even more double-glazing. Or is there a more spooky reason?

  4. If Brian Kennedy's generosity towards the McCanns is well-intentioned, then why doesn't he help other parents of missing children who are more needed and possibly more deserving. Very strange.

  5. Is Mr Kennedy a friend or foe of the McCanns. If he is saying he will finance them until Madeleine is found, is he saying this to extend the opportunity of Kate and Gerry exposing themselves with their lies for a longer period. It is hard to believe Kennedy is naive enough to be genuinely trying to help them. The alternative explanation is that the supposed help is in fact a trap.


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