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Open Letter: Gonçalo Amaral's Wife reacts Ironically to Kate's Attack

Open letter to Mrs Kate Healy

Dear Madam,

You will forgive my boldness, but after I read your comment (in an interview to Expresso newspaper) concerning Gonçalo Amaral, my husband and the father of my daughters, I cannot avoid sending you these words of gratefulness. For many years, I have been trying to make myself heard in this sentiment that unites us both: "…as a professional and as a person his behaviour has been a disgrace." Look at it closely:

a) Professionally

- As a Coordinator of Criminal Investigation for the Polícia Judiciária, my husband has always refused to sit around from 9 to 5 in the comfortable chair in his office, as his hierarchical status implies. Instead, he spent the day (and very often, the night) with the investigators on the terrain, coordinating searches, surveillances, apprehensions and other diligences 'in loco'. A disgrace!

But if it was only the fact that he was subject to the weather, it wouldn't be serious, as our climate is not too bad, as you know. The problem is that this dedication to the cause has earned him a non promotion in his career. Indeed, I will explain this to you, even because this case happened when the searches for your daughter were under way. My husband applied to the category of Superior Coordinator, and in between drug apprehensions, sequestrations and homicides, he somehow managed to produce a thesis about drug trafficking by sea, which he defended in Lisbon, in front of a Jury that congratulated him. Full of hope, Gonçalo Amaral returns to the Algarve and awaits the result. To his surprise, he was passed over by other colleagues (real coordinators, truth be told), because he had not been able to score points in the "professional formation" parameter. That's right, Mrs Kate, my husband spent his life working, involved in complex investigations, he was the man who apprehended the highest volumes of drugs in Portugal, but given the fact that he had no time to go to Lisbon to parade himself up and down the corridors of the PJ's Institute, he was not promoted. A disgrace, madam, a disgrace!

- As you probably know, even because you seem like a very well informed person to me, my husband's salary was less than 1.5 times the lowest salary in your country. But as a wife, as a mother and as a Portuguese citizen, I can't complain, because Gonçalo Amaral's salary was equal to 4.5 times the lowest salary in Portugal. But pay attention to the following, which is an example of what I'm going to explain next: At some point, an individual shoots a member of the PSP [urban police] and flees into neighbouring Spain. A PJ team follows him, including my husband. They stayed there for over two weeks. Now at that time, the international expense coverage was around 100 euros. As you can easily imagine, it's not possible to sleep and eat in Spain with this amount of money, much less shortly before Christmas and taking into account that the value will only be paid at around Easter time (if one's lucky). But Gonçalo Amaral never refused, not even for one day, to search for the escaped murderer, relaying the expenses onto our family accounts. And this is just one example among many. At some point in time, I suggested that we should create a fund or something similar to deal with these extraordinary expenses, but he never listened to me. You see, we also have mortgages to pay around here… A disgrace, Mrs Kate, a disgrace!

b) As a person, his behaviour has also been a disgrace, because to begin with we could never distinguish that he even had a personal life, due to the manner in which he dealt with the profession that he embraced. But if my good friend Mrs Kate allows me, I can offer you some examples:

- 5 years ago, a child named Joana "disappeared". Her mother, just like you, Mrs Kate, tried to project the case into the media, but she didn't make it any further than SIC…

Eight days later, came the confessions and the evidence: during an incestuous act between mother and uncle, the child was beaten, then dismembered and her body dumped who knows where. Mother and uncle went to jail, in a process that was coordinated by Gonçalo Amaral and which earned them almost 20 years in jail, each. But let us go a bit back in time. The child died on the 12th of September. On Christmas eve, our family was reunited for prayer, when my husband asked me to prepare a bag with some food and warm clothes, because he had not carried out his Christmas act of penance. Can you, Mrs Kate, imagine where Gonçalo Amaral went on that Christmas night under heavy rain and thunder? He went to the Olhão Prison, where João Cipriano, Joana's uncle, a confessed murderer and a clinically diagnosed psychopath, is detained. According to my husband, to simply offer an alimony to some beggar was not a sacrifice to him. The fact that he embraced and shared his Christmas meal with João Cipriano was the sacrifice that he offered to God, in memory of Joana. Is this not a disgrace? You should also know that every year, on the 12th of September, my husband has a mass celebrated in memory of Joana Isabel Cipriano Guerreiro. He says that nobody will ever remember the poor little girl again. Right, but they remember to unjustly accuse him of actions and crimes that he never committed. Isn't this a disgrace, Mrs Kate?

- There is a last episode that I will report to you, one that I still find hard to talk about. Last year, in May, we started to move our family to Portimão. My husband was supposed to enjoy a holiday period starting on the day after your daughter's disappearance. "For obvious reasons" that didn't happen. I started on a new job, looked for a house, moved house, and tried to integrate our daughters in new schools and new routines. All of this I did alone, without any help from my husband, who for obvious reasons, was looking for your daughter, Mrs Kate. In October, on his birthday, a week after our daughters started school, Gonçalo Amaral was dismissed and returned to Faro. This was supposed to be the time of the family's reunion and it turned out to be another separation. Isn't this a disgrace? Our daughters never managed to understand, and we never managed to explain to them what obvious reasons were those that rewarded in this manner a father who left his own daughters to go looking for a child that he had never met and whose parents had neglected her. It was a pity that my dear friend Mrs Kate was not around anymore at that date, because you could have been very helpful to me in explaining these "obvious reasons" that led to their father's dismissal, to our daughters.

Finally, I can only report to you that intimately, Gonçalo Amaral is precisely what the latinos are famed for: shameless, as my pudency does not allow me to write any further.

I ask you, my good friend, to forgive these confidences from a wife and mother, but I'm certain that you will understand. I finish this letter asking you to send your mother my most sincere praises. She sounded so sincere to me, when during an interview she referred that she felt like slapping the face of the person who left her grandchildren alone. She spoke so openly that she sounded like a genuine Portuguese grandmother

My dear friend Mrs Kate, without wishing to bother you any further, I would like to request one last favour from you: now that you have started to tell some truths, please continue, and let the world hear the truth that it has been waiting for.

Best regards,
Sofia Leal
Wife and Mother of the Daughters of Gonçalo Amaral

Full letter - Portuguese Version

Carta Aberta à Sra. Dª Kate Healy

Cara Senhora,

Perdoe-me a ousadia, mas depois de ter tido conhecimento do seu comentário (em entrevista ao jornal Expresso) relativamente a Gonçalo Amaral, meu esposo e pai das minhas filhas, não posso deixar de dirigir-lhe estas palavras de agradecimento. Há já vários anos que tento fazer-me ouvir neste sentimento que nos une às duas: “…é que como profissional e como pessoa o seu comportamento tem sido uma vergonha.” Senão veja-se:

a) Profissionalmente

- Enquanto Coordenador de Investigação Criminal da Polícia Judiciária o meu esposo recusou-se sempre a estar sentado das 9 às 5 na confortável cadeira do seu gabinete, como aliás é inerente a esta categoria. Em vez disso, passava o dia (e muitas vezes a noite) com os investigadores no terreno, coordenando “in loco” buscas, vigilâncias, apreensões ou outras diligências. Uma vergonha!

Mas se fosse apenas pelo facto de estar sujeito às intempéries, até a coisa era pouco grave, que o clima por cá nem é mau, como a senhora Dª Kate sabe. O problema é que esta dedicação à causa lhe valeu uma não promoção na carreira. Pois, vou passar a explicar, até porque este caso é contemporâneo às buscas pela sua filha. O meu esposo concorreu à categoria de Coordenador Superior, e por entre apreensões de droga, sequestros e homicídios, lá conseguiu produzir uma tese sobre tráfico de droga por via marítima, que defendeu em Lisboa, perante um Júri que o felicitou. Esperançado, o Gonçalo Amaral regressa ao Algarve e aguarda o resultado. Para seu espanto, fora afinal preterido em função de outros colegas (coordenadores à seria, diga-se em abono da verdade), porque não tinha conseguido pontuar no parâmetro da “formação profissional”. Pois é, Sra. Dª Kate, o meu esposo passou a vida a trabalhar, envolto em investigações complexas, era o homem que em Portugal apreendia mais droga, mas como não tinha tempo para ir a Lisboa pavonear-se nos corredores do Instituto da PJ, não foi promovido. Um a vergonha, minha senhora, uma vergonha!

- Como deve ser do seu conhecimento, até porque a Srª me parece muito bem informada, o vencimento do meu esposo não chegava a 1,5 vezes o vencimento mínimo no seu país. No entanto, como esposa, mãe e portuguesa não posso queixar-me, já que o ordenado do Gonçalo Amaral equivalia a 4,5 vezes o vencimento mínimo em Portugal. Mas atente no seguinte, que serve como exemplo para o que vou expor: A dada altura um indivíduo mata a tiro um elemento da PSP e foge para a vizinha Espanha. Lá vai uma equipa da PJ, da qual fazia parte o meu esposo. Entre idas e vindas estiveram por lá mais de 15 dias. Ora a ajuda de custo internacional cifrava-se na altura pelos 100 euros. Como a Srª D. Kate imaginará, não é possível com este valor dormir e comer em Espanha, muito menos quando estamos em véspera de Natal e este valor só será pago (com sorte) lá para a Páscoa. Mas, ainda assim, o Gonçalo Amaral nunca se negou, nem por um só dia, a procurar o homicida evadido, imputando assim custos ao nosso orçamento familiar. E este é apenas um exemplo entre muitos. Sugeri-lhe a dada altura a criação de um fundo ou algo parecido que fizesse face a estas despesas extraordinárias, mas nunca me deu ouvidos. Pois, que nós cá também temos prestações das hipotecas para pagar…Uma vergonha, Srª. Dª Kate, uma vergonha!

b) Como pessoa o seu comportamento também tem sido uma vergonha, mais que não seja porque nunca foi possível distinguir nem ter vida pessoal com esta forma de encarar a profissão que abraçou. No entanto, e se a minha boa amiga Srª Dº Kate me permitir, posso dar-lhe alguns exemplos:

- Há 5 anos atrás, “desapareceu” uma criança de nome Joana. A mãe, tal como a Srª Dª Kate, tentou projectar o caso para a comunicação social, mas o mais longe que chegou foi à SIC…) Passados oito dias, lá vieram as confissões e as provas: no decurso de um acto incestuoso da mãe e do tio, a criança foi espancada, posteriormente retalhada e o corpo depositado sabe-se lá onde. Mãe e tio foram para a cadeia, num processo coordenado pelo Gonçalo Amaral e que lhes valeu quase 20 anos de cadeia a cada um. Mas voltando um pouco atrás. A criança faleceu a 12 de Setembro. Em vésperas de Natal, estava a nossa família reunida para iniciar as orações, quando o meu esposo me pede que prepare um saco com alguma comida e roupas quentes, porque ainda não tinha praticado o acto de contrição e penitência natalício. Imagina a Srª Dª Kate onde foi Gonçalo Amaral naquela noite de Natal em que chovia a cântaros e trovejava? Ao Estabelecimento Prisional de Olhão, onde se encontrava detido João Cipriano, tio de Joana, assassino confesso e psicopata clinicamente declarado. Segundo o meu esposo, dar uma esmola a um qualquer pedinte não constituía para ele qualquer sacrifício. Já o facto de abraçar e repartir a sua ceia de Natal com João Cipriano era o sacrifício que oferecia a Deus, em memória de Joana. E isto não é uma vergonha?

Saiba ainda a Srª Dª Kate que todos os anos, no dia 12 de Setembro, manda o meu esposo rezar uma missa por Joana Isabel Cipriano Guerreiro. Diz ele que nunca mais ninguém se lembrará da pobre menina. Pois, mas lembram-se de o acusar injustamente de actos e crimes que nunca cometeu. Então isto não é uma vergonha, Srª Dª Kate?

- Relato-lhe um último episódio, do qual ainda me custa falar. No ano transacto, em Maio, iniciámos o processo de mudança da nossa família para Portimão. Era suposto o meu esposo entrar em período de gozo de férias no dia seguinte ao desaparecimento da sua filha. “Por motivos óbvios” tal não aconteceu. Iniciei um novo emprego, procurei casa, fiz mudanças e tentei integrar as nossas filhas em novas escolas e rotinas. Tudo isto sozinha, sem qualquer apoio do meu esposo, que, por motivos óbvios, procurava a filha da Srª Dª Kate. Em Outubro, no dia do aniversário, uma semana depois de as nossas filhas terem começado o ano lectivo, o Gonçalo Amaral é demitido e volta a Faro. Este era suposto ser o tempo de reencontro da família e afinal foi o de mais uma separação. Então isto não é uma vergonha? As nossas filhas nunca compreenderam, e nós nunca conseguimos explicar-lhes que motivos tão óbvios seriam esses que assim premiavam um pai que deixava as suas filhas para procuram uma criança que nem sequer conhecia e cujos pais a tinham negligenciado. Pena foi que a minha cara amiga Srª Dª Kate já cá não estivesse à data, porque até poderia ter-nos sido de grande utilidade na tentativa de explicação destes “motivos óbvios” da demissão do pai às nossas filhas.

Por fim posso apenas relatar-lhe que no aspecto íntimo o Gonçalo Amaral é exactamente aquilo de que têm fama os latinos: um desavergonhado, que mais o meu pudor não permite escrever.

Peço que a minha boa amiga me perdoe estes desabafos de esposa e mãe, mas estou certa de que compreenderá. Termino esta missiva pedindo-lhe que remeta à Srª sua mãe os meus mais sinceros elogios. Pareceu-me tão sincera quando, em entrevista, referiu que tinha vontade de arrear uns bofetões a quem deixou os netos sozinhos. Falou tão abertamente que até parecia uma genuína avó portuguesa…

Cara amiga Srª Dª Kate, sem a maçar mais gostaria ainda que me fizesse um último favor: agora que a boca lhe começou a fugir para a verdade não pare, continue, e diga lá a verdade de que o mundo tem estado à espera.

Com os melhores cumprimentos,
Sofia Leal

Esposa e Mãe das filhas de Gonçalo Amaral

Source: Correio da Manhã 


  1. Bravo Señora Amaral, muy bien por su sentida carta. En este desgraciado caso, la voz de su marido (reflejada en un libro) ha sido una corriente de aire fresco (y honrado) que no debe callarse.
    Un abrazo de muchos españoles que les apoyamos y seguimos. Adelante, por Maddie, por la verdad.

  2. Great! Both the Amarals are very intelligent people it seems. Especially the part about the fund, I had to laugh out loud when I read that. She beats them with their own weapons. Eloquently written it should give the McCs something to think about.
    Thanks for sharing Joana!

  3. Well done, Sofia Leal, congratulations on your open letter to Kate McCann. I'm proud of you, you are cleverer than she is! You and Gonçalo Amaral are also much nicer people than the McCanns, but that is not difficult!

  4. Bom dia,Joana!
    Bem,que maravilhosa carta;que estupendas pessoas.Merecem só o melhor.Francamente,tudo o que tiveram de passar...e passarão ainda.Belíssimo casal.Tudo de Bom para SOFIA LEAL e GONÇALO AMARAL.

    A very touching and very real letter from a Mother of two and Wife of a very nice,also,MAN!

  5. A superb and touching and sincere and true letter.Parabéns pelas Pessoas que são.
    Mandar rezar uma Missa pela Alma de Joana...além da ceia de Natal....o viverem quase sempre separados....Gonçalo Amaral atrás de um criminoso apenas com 100€....não reconhecido e mal tratado pelas hierarquias....

  6. I admit to having tears in my eyes when i read this letter.

  7. Absolutely brilliant letter... guaranteed never to reach the U.K. press

    thanks so much for the translation & posting it - hope Mrs. Kate gets to read it

  8. Bravo, Sofia Leal! And bravo, too, and thank you, Joana Morais! With the British press apparently gagged or, at least, having suddenly forgotten the true meaning of unbiased journalism, it is refreshing to be able to read something other than what the McCanns or some mysterious government officials want us to see. Only by having access to all aspects of this tragic story do we stand any chance of ever knowing what really happened to Madeleine.

  9. From SOS de Duarte Levy:

    Sofia Leal,Gonçalo Amaral´s WIFE will be at TVI,12:00

    Si l’ex-inspecteur, dans son calme habituel, n’a pas réagi, c’était sans compter avec le tempérament et la force de caractère typique des femmes portugaises. Sofia Amaral, épouse de l’ancien coordinateur de la Police Judiciaire, à adressé une lettre ouverte à Kate McCann ou, avec une bonne dose d’ironie et sarcasme, elle remercie la maman de Madeleine pour "un sentiment" commun à toutes les deux.

    L’épouse de Gonçalo Amaral est aujourd’hui l’invité d’un programme de télévision, vers 12h, sur TVI.

  10. What a splendid letter and apart from the obvious things the good lady mentions it is the mention of Goncalo's Christmas time visit to João Cipriano that I find quite astonishing.

    Astonishing that a man, and a cop at that, could act in such a selfless, noble and dignified manner.

    My hat off to you Sir.

  11. I would like to pass on a comment to Mrs Amarel. This is a beautiful letter that moved me very much. Unfortunately I think your words are wasted on Mrs Kate. She is a cold, heartless woman, her actions have proven that, and her comments about your husband is her only defence. I don't think she has a conscience. So your message I think will be lost. That is the disgrace.
    Please believe me not all mothers in England are like her, I am one and I am not. Good luck to your husband and thank you for all his hard work at the sacrifice of your family life. It gives back some hope to human nature.
    E x

  12. has the woman,sofia leal,no heart.poor madeleine mccannn is still missing and to be honest nobody on these forums knows what has truly happened to her.bless little madeleine and i and many have hope for her

  13. Brilliant. Just brilliant. Obrigada pela tradução, Joana!

  14. How very strong, brave and dignified Sofia is.

    To share his Christmas meal with João Cipriano is indeed an act of grace and forgiveness of the highest order on the part of Gonçalo Amaral. His remembrance of Joana and his continued pursuit of the truth concerning Madeleine are testament to his character.

    Let the behaviour of these two people stand as an example to those who have used obfuscation and suppression of the truth to smear the character of Gonçalo, and demean the child called Madeleine by exploiting her image and her story.


  15. Dear Madam Amaral, you are an amazing woman. Your husband should be very proud of you as you obviously are of him.
    How handsome a couple you are.
    I wish you both a long and happy life together. Your daughters are very lucky to have such parents.
    I am ashamed to be British right now.
    We are not all like the McCanns.

  16. It's doubtful that Gerry had the business acumen to fleece the unsuspecting public out of £1.3 m, set up a 'closed' limited company and appoint high flying accountants or managers.

    It's even more implausible that Goncalo's wife would have the interest or acumen to set up an identical Fund.

    It's totally implausible that the honourable Goncalo would choose to spend time with and feed an imprisoned child abuser and abandon his own family in the process. No 'normal' person could do this and Goncalo is a true family man who clearly loves children and his duty to them.

    There's clearly a need for 'reverse spin' and a backward somersault in Mitchell's unrelenting manipulative media campaign. Always OTT, always toooo wordy. Conversely, Mr Amaral is always concise because TRUTH speaks for itself and requires no embellishment.

  17. Bravo Sofia Leal. I wish you and your husband good things and happy times from this time onwards, and hope that he will be given the recognition and respect that he so richly deserves, which was not given to him when he was in the PJ.

    Blessings to you and your family.

  18. What a wonderful and heartfelt letter. Just a great shame that this will not find its way into the British Media.

  19. I admire Mrs. Amaral for writing this open letter to Kate, in defense of her husband. Unfortunately, I do not think that the impact on Kate will be what one would wish for, but what one would expect from a self-centered individual. She will not have empathy for the Amarals and will only resent them more, blaming them for their problems, the way many criminals think of law enforcement's attempts to bring them to justice. It's not the original criminal act that is regretted by the individual, only getting caught out at it.

    Thank you for reprinting this letter on your blog.

  20. Sra. Sofia Leal,

    Parabéns pela sua classe, seu nível e sua grandiosa educaçao.
    Em comparacao com sua familia e os valores familiares que voces dao para suas filhas os Mccans sao favela!

    Maria- Rio de Janeiro

  21. Thank you so much for printing this.

    If only I could read it in some of the British newspapers

  22. If I was Mrs. Amaral, my letter would have begun, "Dear Kate, Do you know what a bitch you are?"

    But then I do not have the dignity or the charm that the lovely and delightful Mrs. Amaral possesses.

    Mrs. Amaral, I say to you, when you look into your daughters' eyes, do you not see the love of God? Do you know what a miracle that is?

    Mr. Amaral, you are so like my own husband, who is also a good man in a world of little men. Because of him, when I look into our children's eyes, I still see the love of God.

    May you and your family be forever blessed.

  23. Bem,oh anónimo que disse:"has the woman,sofia leal,no heart.poor madeleine mccannn is still missing and to be honest nobody on these forums knows what has truly happened to her.bless little madeleine and i and many have hope for her"

    Mrs Sofia Leal like her husband,Gonçalo Amaral have a heart and very beautiful feelings,size of the WORLD, about OUR MADDIE.MADDIE IS OUR LITLLE GIRL FROM PORTUGAL.

    Unhappy you perhaps...do not reach to be like them;I think.

  24. Doesn't ring true for Goncalo's wife to refer to Kate as "my dear friend" given the personal trauma Goncalos' family was made to suffer whilst carry out his duties to Madeleine.

    Goncalo confirmed how scared his wife became after the horrendous slaughter of the family dog and that she begged him to step down from the case.

    Mrs Amaral must rue the day the McCanns went to Luz, along with the thousands of others whose lives were viciously disrupted.

  25. anonymous 4,

    You're right - it didn't make the British press, nor, indeed, hard copy of Correio da Manha or any other Portugese tabloid. Likewise, no news of interview in Portugal.

    Mitchell's spinning wheel is in fifth gear.

  26. Joaninha: já atinei com os comments.
    Não atino com um anon. do blogue do P.Mete-se comigo.Espero que não seja do tipo obcessivo.Mas se tiver entre 60 e 70,venha ele!
    Ainda por cima o P. usa censura comigo.

    xxxx do Baltazar Diogo Cão e do gatarrão,irónicamente chamado de Leãozinho.

  27. Mr and Mrs Amaral, I wish you were British. We here in Britain would be very proud of you as one of us.

  28. My dear Mrs. Amaral, you also have a voice in this case. A moving and honest letter. Your family must be very proud of you, this is the best answer to an insult to a person who is devoted to his duty. Have our best wishes, and we look forward that Mr. Amaral can find what really happened to Mady, the only one who cares.

  29. Desgraça!
    Há pessoas que trazem sorte e outras trazem azar ou desgraça, como queira.
    Os Mccans sao repsonsaveis pela desgraça que aconteceu a Madeleine em tenra idade, a Praia da Luz, a Portugal, ao Ocean Club, às relaçoes diplomáticas entre Inglaterra e Portugal e enfim ao Partido Trabalhista ingles e Gordon Brown que vai perder popularidade por ter ajudado a esconder o crime dos Mccans.
    No Brasil a gente diz: "quem com porcos se mistura....farelos come"

    Maria- Rio de Janeiro
    No Brasil a gente diz:

  30. Birgitta Hyltén-Cavallius, Stockholm, SwedenWednesday, September 17, 2008 6:05:00 pm

    What a clever AND beautiful lady! Who is Kate McCann? And, what a warm and honest man! Many thanks for letting us read this letter!

  31. Absolutely brilliant letter. Mrs.Amaral I salute you. My best wishes to you and your family.

  32. Querida Joana,

    quem sou eu uma pobre Procuradora de Justiça a lhe dar conselhos mas te peço encarecidamente pela boa imagem de sua página, dos comentários de seus leitores e por este canal fantastico de comunicacao que temos sobre o tema Mccann atrvés de voce, nao deixe que vagabundos, medíocres e malandros, analfabetos de cultura e bons modos invadam o espaço de nossos comentários fugindo do bom n´vel que temos para escreverem bobagens como está acontecendo em outros blogs.

    Madeleine nao merece, voce nao merece e a nossa busca pela Justiça também nao merece.

    Grande abraço,


  33. A beautiful picture of a genuinely loving, happy married couple. Such a stark contrast to the cold, ingenuine poses of the McCanns.

    Vile treatment meted to Goncalo has clearly strengthened the bond. Heartwarming ... love and truth conquers all things.

  34. An amazingly touching and beautiful letter which puts things into such perspective.

  35. To Anonymous who wrote 'has the woman, sofia leal, no heart, poor madeleine mccann is still missing...', sadly you miss the point entirely. Truth and justice for Madeleine is what Amaral has been working on. What has he received from Madeleine's parents, cooperation?, no, insults? plenty. What parents who genuinely want to know what happened to their missing daughter would antagonise and vilify someone who is trying to find out what happened to her.

  36. I wish the Amarals were one of ours British people, not the McCanns. Some people bring dignity to their nation, other unfortunately don't.

  37. But for the unrelenting intervention of British ministers, Goncalo Amaral's career would have remained unfettered.

    'Out of evil cometh good' and no more so that in the case of this couple, the targets of the 'mafioso' who so cruelly slaughtered their beloved family pet, had Mr Amaral removed and viciously, publicly slandered. Firstly, Mr Amaral continues to acknowledge his supporters and knows that the British per se are ashamed of the treatment he and his family received.

    His book sales continue to rocket and his course is set. Mr & Mrs Amaral and their long suffering family deserve every penny from publications of the truths of the lies.
    All your supporters wish you a long, happy and prosperous future, so richly deserved.

  38. He is an honourable man - a description that cannot be used when referring to Gerry McCann, a man who knows no honour - and his wife, a woman born with a silver spoon in her mean little mouth.

    I applaud Amaral and his wife. from England, where some honour remains despte our leadership and our police.

  39. am i bannned from commenting or censored....I comment on everything and usually ok....now all my comments gone!!

  40. Hi there, I am a mother from the UK. I was very moved by this letter and it was written with such grace and not only love but with respect for her husband. All I can say is God knows the Truth and Truth will prevail....it always does !!

  41. It is a brilliant satirical letter that unfortunately will have little effect on the McCanns, because, as one anonymous put it, they have no conscience. The British Press will certainly not publish the contents of this letter and perhaps they may even spin the letter to give the idea that Mrs. Amaral is ashamed of her husband. Even though it won't get published in Britain the people who have been complicit in protecting the McCanns will read it and perhaps they will feel some shame.

  42. Well, Mrs. Amoral proves a few well worn cliches:

    'Ask my brother am I a liar'

    'Women are women's worst enemies'

    Does she really think that Kate McCann is interested in the expenses regime of the PJ or Gonco's career history? He knew what the story was when he joined the PJ so why not put up and shut up now instead of whining to the mother of a missing child about PJ administrative matters?

    I wonder what Kate's mother will think about being used by Mrs. Amoral to support her argument? All proof once again that cultural differences are at the root of this case. Always the kick in the teeth about neglect thrown in for good measure in an attempt to win the argument at all costs. Sorry, Mrs. Amoral - it didn't quite have the effect on me you intended. Just another in the long line of self pitying drivel associated with this case.

  43. A very beautiful success the Sofia´s letter!A jewel!So explendorous!

    Mas parece-me que os tentáculos são bem compridos: os comentários de jornais on-line apresentam os comentários desagradáveis.Vendilhões!Ontem 1 deles,o da carta,não a mostrava;apenas os comentários do polvo.Sim,polvo.

  44. A suivre.........


  45. What a sharp contrast between the Amarals and the McCanns! Catholicism, in the Amarals, looks like a genuine faith and way of life. Catholicism, in the McCanns, doesn't it look more like a PR exercise?

  46. Sofia sounds like an amazing lady....all credit to her for the letter to Kate McCann.

  47. The long running diversionary media campaign in which, according to Mr Amaral's evidenced based testimony of death and disposal, focusses for the most part on Kate alone.

    Madeleine had two parents - Gerry hotly refuted reports of not being her father; the police and Mr Amaral raised more concerns about his bizarre behaviour in this sordid case than Kate. Unlike Kate, Gerry's displayed his 'short fuse' and lack of self control on several filmed/photographed occasions.

    Why the need to continually focus on Kate ?

  48. To 2345:"Madeleine had two parents - Gerry hotly refuted reports of not being her father;

    the police and Mr Amaral raised more concerns about his bizarre behaviour in this sordid case than Kate. "

    Also I think G. is not at all a flower to smell...I know ,in the car...
    Only cadaver odour was at K. clothes.He concerned only about him.

    Their relationship,I think is not,nothing healthy.

    If he is not Maddie´s father,he is a problematic person also like D.P.Even he is the father...is a problematic one.

    "the police and Mr Amaral raised more concerns about his bizarre behaviour in this sordid " TRUE!

    But was K. who said Mr.Amaral is (NOT) a disgrace....

  49. escaped murderer....

  50. To commentator 2345 who asks 'Why the need to continually focus on Kate?'

    You are right, Gerry seems to be stepping out of the scene. He is now back at the hospital (very well paid job), is he leaving Kate to face 'the truth of the lie' on her own?

  51. A por eyos
    Great letter Sofia
    Un abrazo

  52. Joana
    My comment has not go through
    Hope you are well.
    Sofias letter is a gem lol

  53. Who wrote Kate's alleged 'fake' diary and arranged publication in Correio da Manha ?

    Who plagiarizes and writes utter rubbish ?
    The person clearly has journalist/media contacts.

  54. guerra,

    Mrs Amaral's stance and views are undoubtedly in line with Mr Amaral's concise testimony.
    He chose to rise above the slander and lies.

    Did Mrs Amaral really take the trouble of obtaining the McCanns British address and set to work writing a 'satirical' composition ?

    For many reasons, Mrs Amaral's alleged letter 'rings as untrue' as the content and composition of Kate's diary which was subsequently alleged to have been 'faked'.

    The picture of Mr & Mrs Amaral was taken months ago and published elsewhere.

  55. anonymous,

    Gerry obviously takes time off work when it suits, i.e. media coverage of leaving for and 'on stage' in Strasbourg. Media is always designed to McCanns best advantage and police disadvantage.

    Their visit was arranged by (reportedly Miliband) after Home Office blocked PJ's request to attend Tapas interviews by British police. Conducted, reportedly, corruptly - reading original statements was allowed in PJ's absence. Jane Tanner's interview suffered 7 interruptions. All at taxpayers expense, of course.

    I'm told this case will be recorded as the most expensive 'cover up' in political/criminal history .... still it grinds on.

  56. At the end of the day your husband was just doing his job which has impacted massively on you and your children. I totally support your letter and hope you receive the reply you deserve.

  57. Realmente o dinheiro fala sempre mais alto.. para todos.Sejam portugueses ou ingleses. É uma pena, mas até a editora do livro do marido é Guerra...

  58. the new comments way is awfull....the same comments on different stories...

  59. The media campaign and police files have divulged a lot of material, but not the McCanns' full postal address including postcode.

    The McCanns are, however, readily contactable via various websites; the easiest means of contact.

    Goncalo allegedly posted a e-message to British supporters via websites. Spoke direct and saved himself a trip to the post office !

    I've often wondered how the reportedly high numbers of well wishers managed to obtain the McCanns' address in order to contact them.

  60. I guess Gerry Mccann reachs his safe harbour.Right now he lives in his silence and this was his plan from the begin.People talked much about the case but now there are nothing new and slowly the media is getting tired and bored about a crime without conclusion.He and Kate are no more on the top of the headlines.
    Rest in peace, Madeleine!God bless you forever and ever.

  61. Mrs Healy's anger at her grandchildren being left alone night after night in an alien environment, is totally understandable.

    However, in her defence of child abandonment, Kate said in live interview - "we know what happened that night and it didn't happen because Madeleine was left alone".

  62. Will the farce never end! Now the UK trash paper 'News of the World' prints an apology and pays more money to the McCanns fraudulant 'fund' for priniting their 'made up' diary!

    Come on, sensible people of the world, does anyone mention adjusting the door of their childrens bedroom in a DIARY!!!!


  63. segunda-feira,dia 22 de Setembro.
    Se o C.Mit.foi para o freud(não o Sigmund)e dizendo que daria apoio 1 x por mês.já disse muita coisa,se não tudo. Se o g. disse que conseguiria a "longo" prazo, manter o assunto
    do modo que lhes interessa,acho que esse "longo" prazo,parou.

  64. Nome: Madeleine Beth Mccann

    Filiação: Gerald Patrick Mccann e Kate Marie Healy

    Nacionalidade: Reino Unido

    Naturalidade: Leicester
    Data de nascimento: 12/05/2003

    Passaporte: 453847661 – Reino Unido

    Data de emissão: 04/08/2003

    Data de validade: 04/08/2008

    Descrição Física:

    Sexo: Feminino

    Altura: 90 cm

    Cabelo: castanho claro/louro, liso, pelos ombros

    Olhos: olho esquerdo azul e verde, olho direito verde com mancha castanha na iris.

    Sinais particulares: Pequeno sinal na pele, de cor castanha, no gémeo da perna esquerda.


    Na data do desaparecimento, vestia pijama de calças brancas com motivos florais, e parte superior de manga curta, com predominância de cor de rosa e na frente uma figura de um “jumento” de cor azul e cinza, com a inscrição “EEYORE”.

    Informações complementares:

    http//www.pj.pt/htm/pessoas.htm altura em que a criança estava sozinha no apartamento.

    Departamento de Investigação Criminal de Portimão da Polícia Judiciária

    Rua Pé da Cruz, 2, 8500-640 Portimão
    Telefone: 282 405 400
    Piquete: 282 427 671
    Fax: 282 412 763
    E-mail: dic.portimao@pj.pt


    para qualquer serviço de piquete da Polícia Judiciária.


    Por despacho com data de hoje
    (21.07.2008) proferido pelos dois magistrados do Ministério Público competentes para o caso, foi determinado o arquivamento do inquérito relativo ao desaparecimento da menor Madeleine McCann, por não se terem obtido provas da prática de qualquer crime por parte dos arguidos.


  65. No Slideshow,"gosto mesmo da foto da sombra...
    Sabendo o que sei,sinto-a como sinistra...grrr..

  66. Joana: fiquei cá com uma sede! Muito mais do que já tinha pela JUSTIÇA para a Maddie, PJ ,Jornalistas e Bloggers...S.

  67. Can you not send this to all the mainstream medias?

  68. what a very nice letter except for the part where she has the niceness to call her her friend,because anyone I considered to be my friend would not stab me in the back like Katie has done to this family,those who have berated Mrs Goncalo for having written this and said that there is no way her husband would do something like that and oh poor Madie what about her,no one knows what has happened to her,well yes they do and that is Mr&Mrs Mccann knows exactly what happened to her that night,that is why she had him removed because he was getting too close for comfort,that is why they have and are still trying to this day to destroy this good mans reputation,fight back GA with everything in your power,fight back only then will you become victorious and make them 2 evil cowards pay for everything they have done,to the slaughter of your career,your marriage and lastly your good and great name I wish you both all the luck in the world we are not ALL like those 2 in the UK we are NOT fame hungy,money grabbing liars like the McCanns

  69. Mrs Amaral is a decent , sane honest and polite woman to even entertain the McCann woman who is a known liar as proved by the fact the pair of neglectful parents , lied throughout the investigation , If it were me writing that letter id call the pair of them scoundrels because they are just that . A good Police officer lost his job because of the lies and deception off the mccanns . I hope very soon the world unites to demand from the Portuguese Government why did they let the British get involved in Crimes committed in Portugal , when the British Police can not solve their own Crimes in the UK . As for this Government , they on their way out in the next election . Then the new Government will deal with the mccanns . Its about time the pair of them were Jailed in Portugal for Neglect , deception , and fraud .

  70. To all of you who feel sorry for the McCann's
    1 ) Why is Madeleine missing in the first place ?
    2 ) Why did the McCann's not corporate with the police ? Who did a very good job, but was hindered in their investigations by the McCann's.
    3 ) Why did the McCann's delete their phone records on their mobile phones ?
    4 ) Why did the McCann's not go and look for the " missing " child them self?
    5 ) Why Kate run to the tapas bar 120 m away when she could have gone looking for the " missing " child and used her mobile phone to call Garry ?
    6 ) Why did she as the first words say they have taken her ? How would she know she was taken ?
    7 ) Why did they call Sky News as a priority instead of helping the police ? Such caused a media circus and made the police investigations very difficult.
    8 )
    9 ) Why did Kate refuse to answer the 48 questions ?
    10) Why did they spend the money from trust fund made for Madeleine on expensive living and their private mortgage ?
    11) Why the billboard ?
    In a investigation it is all about eliminating possible suspects, and the McCann's did not want to be eliminated, if they did, then they would have worked with the police to the fullest.
    12) Their is not one shred of evidence that Madeleine was abducted.


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