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Soft toy found by death smell - Correio da Manhã

Investigation: CM reveals images of the dogs’ work

The cadaver odour on Madeleine McCann’s soft toy was proved when the sniffer dog was able to find it while hidden inside a closed cupboard.

The process of the toy’s marking is demonstrated by the images from the investigation’s videos that are published by Correio da Manhã, as well as the moment when the springer spaniel that is trained to detect the smell of death, changes its behaviour next to a piece of Kate’s clothing.

The cadaver odour on the soft toy was marked inside the residence that was being occupied by the McCanns in July 2007, but the experts repeated the diligence in a scenario outside the house, where the dog, ‘Eddie’, gave signal again.

Confronted with the indicia that resulted from the inspection done by the dogs, which are widely used in the United Kingdom – English expert Martin Grime asserts that in over two hundred searches, the sniffer dogs have never marked a false positive – the Polícia Judiciária questioned Kate and Gerry and made them arguidos. The authorities were forced to admit a possible involvement of the McCann couple in their daughter’s disappearance and to confront them with elements that could result in incrimination.

Kate McCann, who after Maddie’s disappearance was accompanied everywhere – and in a visible manner – of her daughter’s favourite toy, did not deny the fact that two pieces of her clothing and her daughter’s soft toy had been marked by the English dog that is trained to detect cadaver odour and justified the fact with her profession: she alleged that as a doctor at the Health Centre in Leicester she attended six death situations during the period immediately before her vacation time in Portugal.

Manipulated evidence

The soft toy was found on the bed where Maddie allegedly slept on the night that she went missing, but on the bed, no cadaver odour was detected, contrary to the soft toy. This fact led the Polícia Judiciária to believe that the crime scene was manipulated in order to better justify the abduction theory that is sustained by the McCanns and their friends.

In one of the investigation reports the inspectors write that the soft toy was placed on the bed’s end in a moment that was posterior to the disappearance. “There was an intentional modification, in an attempt to take advantage for the simulation of the abduction scenario”, the process reads.

McCanns devalue dogs

Kate and Gerry McCann continue to defend that Madeleine McCann was abducted on the evening of the 3rd of May 2007, in the Algarve, and they devalue the indicia that was collected during the investigation – mainly the traces that were detected by the sniffer dogs.

“The frailty of these dogs was proved in a study that was carried out in the USA”, the McCanns stated in an interview to ‘Expresso’, reiterating the hope of finding their daughter alive: “We want to find her alive, but if she’s dead we want to know. There is nothing in the process to indicate that something bad has happened to her.”

Kate and Gerry say that they “firmly” believe that Maddie was abducted by a man and they criticise the former case coordinator, Gonçalo Amaral, who defends the homicide theory. “His behaviour has been a disgrace”, they said, considering that the success of his book is a case of “illicit enrichment”.

“Suing the McCanns is a possibility to consider” (Gonçalo Amaral, former coordinator of the Madeleine McCann case)

Correio da Manhã – How do you react to the McCanns’ statement that your behaviour is a disgrace?

Gonçalo Amaral – That happens in the sequence of a campaign, it’s normal for that hostility to exist. Concerning that type of accusations, they have to be pondered…

- Does that mean that you consider the possibility of suing the McCanns?

- Yes, it’s a possibility to consider.

- How do you interpret the fact that the McCanns devalue the dogs’ work?

- It’s a form of defence. To them, we are all incompetent, but that is not how the dogs are seen in the United Kingdom, where they are widely used and with success.

- The McCanns say that the English police are more experienced in abductions…

- They can present a formal complaint about their daughter’s abduction to the English police instead of using private detectives.


200 searches – Expert Martin Grime asserts that in over 200 searches the sniffer dogs have never failed.

Vehicle – ‘Eddie’ and ‘Keela’, which are trained to detect the odour of human cadavers and blood, marked the car that was rented by the McCann couple among ten vehicles.

Robert Murat – The cars that were used by Murat, the first to become an arguido, were inspected by the dogs but nothing was detected.

Decisive – The investigation changed its course after the traces that were detected by the dogs.


16 months: Missing – Madeleine McCann disappeared 16 months ago from the Ocean Club resort, in Praia da Luz, Algarve, where she was spending holidays with her parents and her twin siblings. It was on the evening of May 3, 2007.

Detectives: 1.2 million – Kate and Gerry McCann, Maddie’s parents, guarantee that they have already spent 1.2 million euros from the FindMadeleine Fund, with the private investigation into their daughter’s disappearance.

Investigation: Case archived – In July, the Public Ministry archived the investigation into Maddie’s disappearance. The abduction theory was dismissed and homicide was pointed out as more likely.

source: Correio da Manhã, 07.09.2008


  1. Does that mean that you consider the possibility of suing the McCanns?

    - Yes, it’s a possibility to consider.
    The prospect of Maral suing the McCanns is great, I hope his becoomes the end outcome, be interesting to hear their defence on the indefensible!
    Waiting with baited breath.

  2. The photograph is a fake ..

    Eddie & Keela are uniquely, specifically trained in pursuit of identifying critical forensic evidence WITHOUT TOUCHING OR CONTAMINATION.

    As confirmed by their trainer and Mark Harrison's Report, Eddie gives strong clear signals by 'excitement and anticipation' when entering suspected areas. His performance in 5 A was identical to his performance as soon as he entered the macabre Jersey Home.

    Eddie 'scents' the place of cadaver odour, is trained to back away, sit and give his handler a 'positive' signal. Ditto Keela in scenting the presence of human blood.

    As a result in Madeleine's case, her DNA was found in apartment and vehicle samples. 22 components were identified as comprising the genetic profile of 'two' others directly involved in cadaver deposits, i.e. the guilty parties. The identification of the 'two' parties was (criminally) withheld from the police. FSS is a Government backed privately owned company.

    Eddie signalled cadaver odour on cuddle cat. According to Mark Harrison's report cuddle cat was not hidden in a cupboard. Highly trained Eddie who operates in stringent conditions with his police handler DID NOT TOUCH OR PICK UP CUDDLE CAT AS SHOWN IN THE PHOTOGRAPH - IT IS CLEARLY ANOTHER FAKE.

    Police reports exclude relevant articles or specimens were found in any cupboard. Eddie & Keela's positive signal of blood in the McCanns bedroom was on the floor CLOSE TO THE CUPBOARD.

    The public have hard copy access to police facts and findings, the reason for their release.

    Falsifying/faking authoritive police material is the most alarmingly criminal behaviour. That it involves Government ministers is mind blowing.

    Those who decided to publish in US on behalf of the police, and others in this case, were wise in the extreme.

    They sniff out, thereafter trained

  3. The person who handed Correio da Manha fake stories - Kate's journal and torn book covers - has struck again.

    The photograph is non police sourced fake. Eddie & Keela never touch, pick up or hold evidence.

    The soft toy hanging from the spaniel's mouth is a different colour from cuddle cat; amateurish in the extreme.

  4. Good Morning,

    This is the truth.Nothing else but the truth.

    As a prosecutor with 26 years in this profession in my home town Rio de Janeiro/ Brazil I believe and all my colleagues also do that Dr. Gonçalo Amaral and his ivestigation team have the logical evidences.The girl died in the living room.
    The parents are sure they never,never will be punished for it.
    Thats why Mr and Mrs Mccann behaving is so relaxed now.
    I just hope for Madeleine and her siblings that the parents don't treat this very sad and irreparable tragedy with indifference in trying to protect their snowy image.

    Thanks for this place, Joana!

    Maria Leal-Rio de Janeiro/ Brazl

  5. anon.. you say the dogs are trained not to touch the evidence yet we can see one of the dogs picking up the red item of clothing.

  6. A pequena Madeleine deve ter morrido agarrada ao peluche. Pobre criança, procurando conforto no peluche, assustada, aterrada.

  7. anonymous.

    All items of clothing were laid OUTSIDE for Eddie's reaction. He positively confimed cadaver odour on Kate's check trousers, a top, a piece of Madeleine's clothing and cuddle cat.

    Springers are commonly available; the one in the photograph is not Eddie. He and Keela are subject to specialized training, operate under Martin Grimes supervision; the pair scent, signal, sit.

    Conversely, the dog in the photo is holding a dead rabbit lookalike, as would a 'gun dog' in his training.

    Eddie & Keela travel in purpose built air conditioned vehicles and have a special diet to ensure optimum levels of performance.

    McCann mechanics, publish misinformation and faked photos, to discredit Mr Amaral, PJ & Mark Harrison's recommendations and the results yielded. Eddie & Keela are used solely for homicide cases where evidence is suspected of being concealed; proved to be the case in Madeleine's 'disappearance'.

  8. Mr Goncalo's alleged comments are as ingenuine as the photo.

    He confirmed in his interview prior to book publication the reasons for doing so. He wrote it in reaction to several unique factors; to reinstate his good name and reputation after being slandered by the British media and also his unjustified removal as head of the investigation.

    For the first time in British/Portuguese political/criminal history, a criminal investigation suffered unrelenting intervention and influence to the detriment of the investigators and the benefit of prime suspects.

    Statistics show PJ's success rate in cases of missing children, including Joano Cipriano, where the guilty were arrested, charged and imprisoned.

    There has been no other case in Britain/Portugal involving a PR campaign. Slandering, undermining the police has never happened before in either country. Mr Goncalo comments only on factual findings.

    The death of Mr Amaral's family pet due to serious injury does NOT 'happen in the sequence of a campaign'. Mr Goncal has confirmed the McCanns 'investigators' are, in fact, merceneries.

    Mr Goncalo had grounds for suing for libel on several occasions. Despite having a law degree, he chose not to seek justice via legal procedures. Instead, he published The Truth of the Lie to address and redress his - my words - utterly disgusting and vile treatment instigated and fronted by Labour ministers protecting the McCanns. Outlaws, thugs and bullies .... the Government's true colours.

    Impersonating Mr Amaral is another criminal offence on top of all others deployed for the past 16 months - Government orders, no doubt.

    It does not 'happen' that

  9. maria from brazil,

    As a prosecutor, can you explain why the Prosecutor's evidenced based rulings on Madeleine's behalf were 'politically' overridden ? Specifically, the need to re-question McCanns as prime suspects on inconsistent statements and all unanswered questions.

    In normal cases in Britain & Portugal non compliant suspects are arrested and detained. Unanswered questions are judged accordingly in Court.

    In Britain, the only case involvement

  10. http://www.elmundo.es/elmundo/2008/09/06/internacional/1220677421.html

  11. anonymous,

    What you see is a springer spaniel holding an unidentifiable object.

    The alleged 'last' photo of Madeleine by the pool was technically flawed - ingenuine.

    The Portuguese police were 'shown' a scene of abduction; it was technically flawed and negated by overwhelming evidence of death and disposal.

    It'll be interesting to hear Mark Harrison's & Martin Grime's reaction from friends in police.
    They won't take kindly to those attempting to 'make a fool' of their number one dog.

  12. "Madeleine McCann might have been found by now if she had vanished in Britain".

    I expect all those who've been made to suffer and pay for the most expensive case PJ have ever dealt with, taxpayers money, wish the wretched McCanns had NOT gone to Luz.

    The McCanns are fortunate in that they have contact with so many corrupt Labour politicians.

    Mark Harrison's recommendations would have equally applied had the same situation occurred in Britain. His involvement solved, without any doubt, the reason for Madeleine's 'disappearance'. She's not alone - BBC news reports 'disappear', DX articles 'disappear', Correio da Manha's reputable honest coverage also 'disappeared'.

    The use of the word 'cops' confirms the contempt shown for the exceptionally outstanding work and technology applied costing two countries taxpayers millions, upon millions of £'s & euros.

    PJ were set up to be used and abused, as were the public. The criminality continues - fronted, aided and abetted by Labour ministers on behalf of their mates.

    It seems Madeleine's rights stood for nothing whilst alive and less in death (police conclusions - overwhelming evidence of death and disposal). She's merely a tool for profit and gain. Utterly, totally despicable to those of normal function. These far outweigh the 'mobsters' acting for the McCanns.

    The British & Portuguese police have been placed in the same situation as the mother of one of Brady's child victims. He will never assist the mother and the McCanns refused to assist the police. Criminal, utterly selfish minds - without conscience - psychotic.

    Brady's life sentence has cost taxpayers far less than the Government fronted campaign to overrule British & Portuguese police and justice. Mr Amaral's testimony confirms FSS (privately owned Government backed company) suffered intervention and influence. Certain results 'disappeared' along with Madeleine.

  13. “Q – 40 apartments were investigated and the dogs only marked yours. Ten cars and they only reacted to yours.
    Gerry – These dogs’ frailty was proved by a study that was carried out in the USA, in the case of a man that had been accused of murder. They had ten rooms, and in each room four boxes were placed, containing vegetables, bones, trash. Some contained human remains. They stayed there for ten hours. Eight hours after the boxes were removed, the dogs came in. And the dogs failed two thirds of the attempts. Imagine the reliability when these dogs test an apartment three months after the disappearance of a child.”

    Gerry is absolutely right! I read the same Scientific Journal where he got the information from and I can guarantee that he can back up what he says. You just have to read “Leicester Dumbass University Journal”, in the March 2008 edition, and its all there, exactly as he says. No credibility whatsoever to those hounds.

    Other very interesting study that was published on the exact same journal, is that, the exact same american scientists that conducted the above referred study, proved that most blondish English women doctors married to Scottish men with stupid smirks, have a tendency to kill, or participate in the killing, of their daughters just before they reach the age of four. This happened in every four of five cases. In the fifth case, the referred women grew an oak tree out of their left ear, and had squirrels coming out of the right one. If the husband of the blondish woman happens to have a fat sister, than the probability rate soars to nine out of every ten.

    Strange that this also very credible study wasn’t mentioned in the interview.


  14. Bem,isto tudo anda cá numa roda viva!
    1º sabotagens/manipulações/argentina/áfrica do sul.
    2º O B.K.,pelos vistos progenitor de 5 vai "acompanhar" os mcs toda a vida, pelo menos até que 1 das partes se fine.A não ser que deixe directivas e testamento.
    3ºSim,gostei da clareza e da coragem de textusa. Digamos que já é o 2º relato que leio.Que haja mais como textusa,o cenário para mim, também pode ser mesmo aquele e que construam mais verdades possíveis.
    Mas aquele encontrozinho de 30s;3m;30m;10m porque foi dar banho às meninas com a sogra!
    4º a minha imaginação,já contei por aqui,levou-me a pensar que seria uma morte em solidão.
    5ºtextusa não poupou as palavras e fez muito bem.

  15. By comparison to Mr Amaral's concise evidenced based testimony, lies a veritable tome of police files.

    The content serves to illustrate the overwhelming Government led actions taken to waste police time and pervert the course of justice.

    Those referred to by the police as merceneries (fraud and corruption specialists Metado 3) have proved themselves to be a menace - Mafia mentality, a menace to society and a liability to law and order.

    As the saying goes ... "birds of a feather flock together". No more so than in this case.

  16. Hello Anonymous,

    I'd like to comment your question:
    well, this is not the first crime I know (and I had 2 cases in my career)with political influences. I knew and notice that a very dark power from high level persons didn't agree with my conclusion and my decision to arrest the suspect.
    Because of my position my brother was confronted with a gun in front of his family.I tell you it was a nightmare.Like Dr. Amaral ist tasting now, more or less.
    But I was prepared for the last act of justice.I played all my cards.And I tell you if the Pope did come and asked me for mercy I wouldn't peg away.
    At the end of this investigation we arrested the brother of a very rich and influencial man in Rio.
    Despite all the threats on us.
    By the trial he was sentence to 16 years jail.
    You know, sometimes you have to go on and not stop the procedure.
    This is my case but I have to confess that I really don't know how the pressure in Europe is.
    In our county here we don't "leave no stone unturned" till the justice is done.
    How the Mccanns went home as "arguidos" but almost as a free persons is for us a defeat.

    Bye for now,
    Maria Leal-Leblon / Rio de Janeiro

  17. Anonymous at 13:01 - if Eddie & Keela never touch, pick up or hold evidence, does this mean the video of the dog with the dog handler is also a fake?

    It shows the dog detecting the odour on the McCann's vehicle and also on the little red top which the dog picks up briefly.

    I'm confused as the video shows the dog handler talking about what the dog is doing, and I assumed it was a genuine video.

  18. A programme funded by taxpayers (according to media contacts) was designed to show the public the critical roles of police dogs.

    Eddie & Keela featured in the last episode .... along with the words 'the case remains a mystery'. Not so, according to the overwhelming evidence of death and disposal.

    The programme was expensive political propaganda designed to undermine the best cadavers in the world and their 100% success rate in over 200 cases of homicide, Madeleine's included.

    The programme confirmed the extent of the Government's contempt for sterling work conducted by Eddie & Keela at Mark Harrison's request along with the damning findings.

    It used and wasted taxpayers' money to undermine police facts in a case of homicide involving an innocent child.


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