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Witnesses Heard by The PJ in the Maddie Case Were Sounded Out by the McCanns

Persons Heard by the PJ in the Maddie Case Were Sounded Out by Madeleine’s Parents

McCanns searched for Witnesses
by Luís Maneta

The mediatic process was still under the secrecy of justice, Kate and Gerry had already been constituted as arguidos, but nonetheless Madeleine's parents did not stop having contacts with witnesses. Three of them told everything to the authorities.

Kate and Gerry McCann spoke with witnesses after leaving for England

During the period in which the process Maddie was kept under the secrecy of justice, the McCann family had knowledge of what several witnesses knew. Persons who were sounded out and questioned by detectives hired to discover the whereabouts of the English girl, or even by a millionaire friend of the couple, reported subsequently the fact to the authorities, as stated in the process made public last month.

Between the witnesses "searched" on the McCanns request is Charlotte Pennington, one of the Ocean Club nannies, and Martin Smith, an Irish tourist who swore to be convinced of having seen Gerry carrying a child on his arms, in the fateful night of the 3rd of May in which the English girl disappeared of the apartment rented by the family in Praia da Luz.

Another witness, Catriona Baker, an Ocean Club nanny who knew personally Madeleine McCann, was received at the home of Kate and Gerry in November of 2007; months before her giving a statement to the Leicester police, in the scope of the rogatory letters sent by the Portuguese authorities for the United Kingdom.

When cross-examined by the English police, in April of 2008, Catriona Baker revealed the existence of this meeting: “I visited the family at their home in the sequence of an invitation to see how everyone was”.

Millionaire spoke with witness

In the questioning, besides describing the routine of the children in the crèche where they spent a great part of the day, Catriona shows that, when she knew of Maddie's disappearance, she searched for her everywhere, following on foot all the routes that were familiar to her, from the area around the Tapas Bar to the beach. “I did not see Kate or Gerry on that night”, she guarantees.

In his turn, the Irish tourist Martin Smith said to the British authorities that he had been contacted by Brian Kennedy - one of the biggest financiers of the Madeleine McCann Fund - in a date that he did not specify. Brian Kennedy justified the initiative with the purpose of elaborating a visual rendering of the man that Martin Smith said to have seen, a little after 22h00, carrying a child near the Ocean Club.

Initially, Smith did not identify the person. But after returning England and having seen Gerry McCann with one of the twins on his arms he was “60-80 % sure” that it was the same person. Having suspicions, Smith, did not only help to do any sketches he also refused to give informations.

Charlotte Pennington also said to have been approached by initiative of the McCanns. In this case, the contact was done through a private investigator, Noel Hagan, who works for Metodo 3, one of the detectives' agencies hired by Maddie's parents. “Charlotte assured to me that she only told him the same informations that she had already given to the PJ and to me”, wrote the English police officer who spoke with the former Ocean Club nanny.

Source: 24 Horas

More to follow:

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  1. Controlling, monitoring, hiding the truth, this is what the McCanns have been doing all along, with the help of some powerful friends. It's time this stops and JUSTICE is given a chance!

  2. It's high time the facts in this costly charade were judged in a Court of Law.

    This will be a first ... suing a highly competent PJ Officer for his efficiency and commitment to duty. Suing a Police Officer for publishing the results of Mark Harrisons's cold case review of Madeleine's disappearance. Suing an officer whose discharge was known to the British PM two hours before he was told.

    Mitchell's grown rather too big for his ministerial boots .... he cannot apply the criminality of site hacking, identity theft and plagiarism in the global world of publishing. I understand US was very carefully considered as a direct result of the corrupt, mercenary 'dark forces' in operation. Mr Amaral published his authorized testimony for exactly the same reasons.

    What goes around, comes around.
    People living in democratic societies will not succumb to gagging orders, threats, bullying or the rule of 'outlaws'.

    Bring it on ... Mr Amaral has tremendous support, home and abroad. As book sales confirm, there's no such thing as bad publicity.

    McCanns would be well advised to shut up and get on with their wretched lives. They're a menace to society and taxpayers. Any other British couple would have been arrested and 'banged up' a year ago.

    p ..... d with power. . Those involved gravely underestimate

  3. The last independent witness to see or hear Madeleine alive was Mrs Fenn on 1 May 2008. Had this not been the case, no need would have existed to 'manufacture' the 'last (technically flawed) poolside photo.

    No-one, especially an unelected PM or his minions, has the right intervene in the work of the police in a criminal investigation.

  4. More reverse spin and porkies from Mitchell ... he was quoted as saying that Metado 3 were planning to visit the Smith family.

    Tapas waiters were threatened to the extent of making them flee into hiding, confirmed by their families. Identical to the tactics in public forum debates, bullying/threat of litigation - those who support the police targetted/silenced one way or another. 24 hour monitoring for sixteen months, at (police confirm) taxpayers expense.

    This case has been 'outlaws' versus the police/law enforces from day one. Society finds this deeply offensive and wholly unacceptable. All those with self respect and respect for the law will NEVER be silenced. Brown isn't Hitler, or is he ?

  5. It's interesting to see who the McCanns fear most.

    An unimpeded investigation would have established whether the nannies were bribed. Young working girls with few prospects in life could be easily bribed.

    IMO, they may have agreed to say that Madeleine was in the creche on the 3rd when she wasn't. Otherwise, why impede the investigation???

  6. I still have the report of MW 'nannies' caught in uncompromising positions dressed as 'nurses' and baring their bottoms .... whilst wearing McCanns profit making wrist bands.

    Fair game indeed .....

    P.S. One web owner calculated the bands are sold and marketed at 1,000% profit.

  7. Hello from Rio,

    Well,we have to understand that nobody will be glad to go to jail and the Mccanns are not an execption notably because they belong to the upper class in England.But I presume,one day Kate will speak in someway.
    I had one case here 2 years ago with similar situation.
    The woman denyed the testemony to protect her husband.But one day he cheated on her with a young brunette and as soon as she comfirmed it she came to us and told the entire story.
    It is worth to wait till the lady gets jealous.
    Kate has also a very impulsive temper.

    bye for now,
    Maria- Department of public Prosecution- Rio de Janeiro /Brazil

  8. This looks like a sordid affair where criminals think they can buy 'innocence' with money and influence.

    Is such a monstrosity going to be allowed to happen or is it going to be stopped?

  9. When you have the Prime Minister,the Foreign Secretary,the Home Secretary,the British media, the Labour party spin machine,four high powered lawyers and two billionaires behind you it is possible to hide anything.

  10. Mercenaries are paid to do the McCanns dirty work, aka 'private detectives'.

  11. If you like to know the real face of the Mccans please, please have a look on this very realistic text written by Pat Brown - a criminal profiler.

    "They left three very young children unattended while they pursued pleasure for themselves. This is a sign of narcissism and a lack of attachment to one’s children.

    Both Kate and Gerry speak about Madeleine in a very impersonal and flat manner. Gerry writes nothing personal about Maddie on his blog. Maddie seems more like an abstraction than a real child. This is a sign of lack of normal attachment.
    ... Kate says Maddie was “very pleased with her life,” also an odd comment for an adult to say of her child. Both statements lead me to believe Kate knows Maddie is dead because of her emphasis on the inclusion of the word “life,” .

    Kate says Maddie was “very pleased with her life,” also an odd comment for an adult to say of her child. Both statements lead me to believe Kate knows Maddie is dead because of her emphasis on the inclusion of the word “life,”

    We have the right to look through their personalities to understand the actions and reactions of the Mccanns.

    do not miss the link.

  12. If the Mccann are really guilty and nothing happens against them ...I would say that Sean and Amelie are in danger.

    The twins could " disappear" and
    the parents calls Gordon Brown, Clarence and the whole Labour party!

    I never saw something like this.

  13. The more I hear about this pir the more I wish someone would give them a good hiding....The fact that they are behind strong arm tactics and coersion should be of no suprise to anyone, after all did they feel soory when Madeline was found to be crying in a darkened room...no...Do they accept any responsibility for what happend...No....were they smiling 9 days later om her birthday...yes/
    So this is nothing more than you would expect from scum....They may be doctors but in all my travels I have yet to meet a more calculating callous pair of bastards.


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