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Alipio Ribeiro is Back!!

Nomination: New Functions in the Public Ministry

Former Director of the Judiciary Police was nominated Public Ministry Inspector

The former national director of the Judiciary Police (PJ) was nominated inspector of the Public Ministry (MP) by the Superior Council. There for, and in the scope of his new functions, the magistrate, who has abandoned the position in May, almost an year before the term of office ended, is now going to inspect the criminal police forces.

The decision was taken in 17 of September and made public last week in Diário da República. According to the regulation of the MP inspections, “it belongs to the inspection of the Public Ministry to proceed to inspections, inquiries and diligences, as well as initiate disciplinary processes to the services and magistrates of the Public Ministry and to the organizations of the criminal police.”

When, in February, Alípio Ribeiro admitted that there was "haste" in constituting as arguidos the parents of Madeleine McCann for the disappearance of their daughter, back in May 2007, in Praia da Luz, an adverse feeling grew amidst the PJ. Due to the mediatic exposure of the case, the statements of the, at the time, top head of the PJ, officer responsible for the investigation at the time, were not welcomed.

And when, in 5th of May, in an interview given to the Diário Económico, he defended the concentration of all the police forces under one ministry rule, the Associação Sindical dos Funcionários de Investigação Criminal (ASFIC) [the Criminal Investigation Officers' Union] demanded his resignation. Two days later Alípio Ribeiro requested his resignation as National director of the PJ, accepted by the Justice Minister [Alberto Costa], alleging he was tired of the media exposure of his Job.

Source: Diário de Noticias


  1. Thank you for that report.
    Not all is well in the State of Portugal.
    I doubt if Mr Amaral will applaud this return by Mr Ribeiro.
    Nor would I.
    The battle for truth continues.
    And the truth will not come via Mr Ribeiro I fear.

  2. Que vergonha.
    Se fosse eu a decidir punha-o a limpar as casas de banho da PJ, isso sim!

  3. Porque é que não estou admirada? Ele, Alipio Ribeiro, tinha que ganhar alguma coisa por de repente ter mudado de opinião!
    Bem, agora falta esperar para saber o novo tacho de um certo coordenador da PJ

  4. P/Anon. 12:46
    Refere-se ao Paulo Rebelo, suponho? Ou a um outro coordenador?

  5. Peço desculpa, não disse o meu nome - Paula

    Sim refiro-me a esse. Claro que é apenas a minha opinião, mas pelo que vou lendo, a partir da altura dele, tudo foi mais brando!

  6. On the Maddie case, which side is Alipio Ribeiro on, seeking truth and justice or pleasing the McCanns and their allies?

  7. Paula, julgo que 'um novo tacho' para esse coordenador da PJ só se ele tivesse sido 'rolado' fora da instituição, como tal presumo que irá continuar como Inspector - mas nunca se sabe. Concordo consigo que o caso, ou a investigação nas mãos do referido coordenador foi mais branda, aliás penso mesmo que estagnou.

  8. To Anon.13:43
    Alípio Ribeiro's actions on the past speak for himself. Unfortunately it does not sound good such a controversial man to be now the appointed magistrate to oversee the Judiciary Police.

  9. Didn't Mr Amaral say in his book that he was surprised at Mr Ribeiro's interference in the case by "saying that the decision to make the McCann's Arguidos may have been "hasty" ", as Mr Riberio was also present at the PJ meeting in which the joint decision re the
    making of Arguido Status of the McCann's was made ?

  10. Joana...you are right "... it does not sound good...."
    But you have to agree, that nothing changed in the Superior Council or anywhere else, and that he is now rewarded for his 'cooperation' a while ago...
    it could have been expected !

  11. Tão inoportuno!Tanto descaramento!

    " O regresso da Velha Senhora" ou,então
    "As lições do menino Tonecas"
    ou a história do menino arrumadinho que no recreio da escola não brincava,pois não se podia sujar.
    ou a história do menino que não brincava e era alvo de chacota dos outros;
    ou a história do menino que sempre andou em "boas companhias".


    Há 1 site do António Torrado : ma história em cada dia.Acreditem: vale bem a pena o culto dessa página. Esta é mesmo a sério!


    As letras que tenho de copiar fizeram-me lembrar ,passe a publicidade, Gurosan....
    ou,"estás a gozar,oh menino!"
    ou " o penteadinho"....

    Tramada esta coisa da associação de ideias...

  12. Pelas costas era bem melhor....

    Vou parar esta minha "introspecçãozita"

  13. Não resisto:


  14. Do I hear the tingling of 30 coins?

  15. Boas!

    A foto do menino foi super bem escolhida!

  16. anonymous - 14.20

    In his book Truth of The Lie, Mr Amaral makes no reference to Mr Rebeiro. As always with Mitchell's 'media management' AKA a soap opera, Mr Rebeiro's comment of 'hastiness' was taken out of context and misconstrued to undermine the PJ.

    Mr Amaral's evidenced based testimony confirms unnecessary delays due to government intervention/influence in findings of death and disposal.

    Mr. Rebelo was reported as 'incompetent' following objections to the case being archived.


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