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AlJazeera Documentary: The McCanns Versus the Media

A special programme from AlJazeera English examining why the disappearance of three-year-old Madeleine McCann turned into one of the biggest media events in the world. Broadcasted in May 03, 2008

Perjurer Phil McCann
Clarry the Buffon Spinner
Pro McCann Roy Greenslade aka the Gay Salad
Wanna be Detective Martin Brunt
Solicitor Tony Bennett for Truth for Madeleine
The McCanns in Archive
Aljazeera biased journalists
Roger Graef - pseudo criminologist and worthless director of awful “Dispatches”


  1. Bom dia e,mais uma vez,muito obrigd.,pela sempre re acrtualizações e Sua preocupação constante.Ainda não os vi(há tempos vi 1 doc; não sei se será ..mas agora,início do dia não me é possível ver.

    No entanto, há um "cartão rocha" a melgar o Paulo.,

  2. The press may well have initially turned upon the Mc's but since then there has been a hell of an about turn...There was no mention of payne allegations which would be a major headline and story..the amont of DNA markers found that cerrespond to her found, the inconsitencies in the stories, anything in the report that did not show the Mc@S in a good light was ignored...The findings were made out to be a declaration of innocence, whe in fact they looking as guilty as hell.
    was listening to the last of the video as typing this and I nearly smashed the computer speakers up on hearing Clarence say...the McCnanns made a mistake and are now paying the highest price....Bollocks, its madeleine who paid the highest price, every other fucker got off scot free!!!

  3. Mr Brunt makes the position quite clear in video 1 doesn't he?

    "We all thought they were a chavvy family from some estate in Essex"

    And what would have happened if they were?

    I guess the 'chavvy' family would be in prison.

  4. Jill you are right...proven by how the press turned on Karen Mathews for her low status life

  5. In relation to what is shown in the AlJazeera programme of May 3, 2008, the release of the Portuguese Police files and some publications, notably Gonçalo Amaral's book, have, to a degree, counteracted the ill effects of the British polical pressure and media misinformation on the McCann case. We are moving in the right direction, but when and how is the crucial step going to be taken? Is the case going to be re-opened? What is going to be done to achieve justice for Maddie and for all those individuals whose life has been damaged by the McCann cover-up machine.

  6. Joana: o que quer dizer o Martin Brunt?
    O meu inlês não dá para nada,quase.

  7. Hi SYM... hope you're feeling ok today?

    Yes, even though Karen Matthews deserved what she got... I just want to see the McScams get what they deserve too.

    And the justice for Maddie that she deserves, which should go without saying.

    Thank you for posting the videos Joana.

  8. As is it happens Jill,its not a bad day just not a good one!! There is not going to be justice at this rate I hate to say..unless I think pressure is brought to bare on the authorities to re open the case and get some explanations out of those who assisted them after the fact as to why they were given the assistance they were.


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