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Amaral in Vigo: “In the Madeleine Case Politics Aborted the Police Investigation”

“I was attacked, defamed and humiliated by the ignoble British Press”, claims Gonçalo Amaral, the former coordinator of the Portuguese Judiciary Police.

That disappearance of a girl in the night of May 3, 2007 in the Portuguese Algarve while her English parents, the McCann, couple had dinner with several friends hundred meters away of the apartment in which she was sleeping with the brothers, was only that. A tragic disappearance like thousands that take place in the global geography and not even anything particularly unique for its dramaticism. Nevertheless, it turned into a universal and invasive phenomenon as an effect caused by the media. His book in Esquilo [Publishers in Spain], "Maddie, the truth of the lie ", clarifies the questions.

- Was this case blown out of proportion?

- It’s understandable that the parents turn to the media in cases like this one but we believe that in this occasion they have done it trying to create a sense of victimization to conceal what has happened. I agree with you that there are cases that are very much more tragic who are not so mediatised, that do not transcend to the entire world.

I see Gonçalo Amaral between smoke scrolls, a cigarette after another, forthright face and the eyes with a ‘broken glass’ look. 

- They finished you off...

- Certainly, I was attacked, vilified and humiliated by some of the ignoble British press which contributed to the interruption of the investigation with their continuous onslaught and interrupted, therefore, the Justice. Portugal was treated like a Third World country and there is one thing where they [Translator's note here I assume some politicians, Justice Minister, Public Ministry, Attorney general & former PJ director] did behaved as such: when they removed me, the person responsible for the ongoing investigation. There were no police, but political reasons for this. The politics aborted the investigation.

- The fact is that his investigation was contradicting their interests.

Of course. The thesis of our latest work remained in the process and there it is summed up that the minor died in the apartment, there was a simulation of abduction, the couple is suspected of hiding the body, the death could have been accidental and that there is evidence of negligence in the care of the parents for leaving them alone even if they were one hundred meters away.

- Didn’t you rush yourselves in having them imputed [constituted as arguidos i.e. official suspects]?

How is it possible to speak about precipitation when we only accused them four months after the facts? On the contrary, we believe that one of the errors of the investigation was to have treated the couple “with tweezers”. Soon enough we saw that there were things that did not coincide and they were treated with privileges. They might have been imputed earlier...

"The citizen pays to have the right to safety"

Teams and special dogs for the search of living or dead Madeleine, hours, days and months of police work in the middle of a huge international media noise, vast numbers of followers or detractors... Can the public finances destine so much money to the investigation of every case? Amaral thinks that on Portuguese part there were no special expenses except the hiring of an English laboratory and the British police officers were paid by his country. "Nevertheless – he says - the criminal investigation has no price because the citizens pays taxes to have their safety".

- You worked for 28 years in the police. You have worked with cases enough to write a book of mystery...

- (smiles). True. For example, I had interesting cases of drug trafficking, some of which we worked with the Galician police, but those who have touched me most, emotionally, were some that included children. A father who killed his three-year-old son, for example, for jealousy. More tragic than the Maddie case although it has not been so mediatised.

- To what extent can the media interfere in the police work? ?

That is a very complex issue with many nuances. Our Judiciary Police has no press office to face the current challenges, nor an image consultant for its general director, or assistants that will examine what appears in the press or on the Internet. With this lack of resources it is not possible to answer to a British press that seems much more guided feeding information towards the thesis of the abduction and that influenced the investigation until the investigation stopped.

Source: Faro de Vigo


  1. Its a bloody disgrace the way the McCanns have behaved and also the poeple who have done likewise on their behalf...There are a few victims here apart from madeleine and it isnt the McCanns....Amaral who has been dragged through the mud and in turn his wife and children, Mrs Fenn is no doubt easily forgetting hearing madeleine cry, Murat, and even Karen Mathews who saw them raking it in and thought she would have a go herself....at least Shannon is alive to tell the tale.

  2. In normal circumstances, rules of publication prohibit British tabloids from unsubstantiated, biased/prejudicial reporting.

    Uniquely in Madeleine's case, where overwhelming evidence of death and disposal was found - PM's evidenced based conclusions "abandonment, endangerment, homicide and cadaver disposal" -
    British tabloids have been subjected to censorship for the first time in political/criminal history.

    It's unprecedented for anyone, especially Mitchell with government connections, to threaten the Editor of Correio da Manha, as well as Mr Amaral, for merely working in line with their democratic right to honestly inform readers by printing the truth.

    Madeleine's tragedy and Mr Amaral's resultant testimony has shown global readers many truths behind many lies, not least the government linked 'Mafioso' tactics deployed on the parents behalf. This is Nu Labour in action ... the truth behind the lies aka spin by laborites.

    'Those who seek to overthrow nations must first silence it's people'.

    The truth is people will never be silenced or lose their fundamental right to free speech and opinion, especially in democracies. Labour has more than shown it's utter contempt for all three; most critically for the police, law and order, home and abroad. An utter, deplorable disgrace.

    I, for one, am delighted that Mr Amaral and the Portuguese per se appreciate the British government does NOT reflect the views and morality standards of it's citizens.

  3. speak your mind,

    The McCanns have shown themselves to be a public liability in more ways that one; fully supported/protected in the process.

    PJ confirmed Madeleine's case is the most expensive they've ever dealt with - they were set up to be used and abused. British taxpayers are footing the bill for the monumental British investigative input and 24/7 media monitoring for the past 17 months.

    Mr Amaral confirmed the proof for arrests was in place 13 months ago.
    Those protecting the McCanns are censoring, using and abusing the media ... their only means of defence.

    One of the vilest aspects is their use and abuse of the word 'paedophile'; Kate's were the only prints found on the clean window not an 'abductor's'.

    Rest assured, PJ secured Mrs Fenn's statement alongside the Tapas waiters and other 'independents'.

  4. speak your mind,

    Would you 'forget' to tell police that you heard a child crying in distress a night or two before her parents reported her missing ?

    According to reports, Mrs Fenn asked MW to contact the parents who returned from Chaplins at around 11.45 p.m., following 1hr 15mins of their child crying. There is no doubt Mrs Fenn reported everything she heard before and after the McCanns returned.

    I don't doubt she, like the Smith family, had 'a visit' after making her statement to the police.

  5. Mr Amaral was a victim of many attempts made by media controllers to defame and humiliate the innocent.

    In truth, it served to illustrate how morally corrupt and cowardly McCann protectionists are.

  6. anonymous 06/10/08 15:17...Its mad when you consider the press have no qualms about dishing the dirt on others such as John Major, paddy Ashdown and of course they named the Stephen Lawrence killers and dared them to sue....wonder what keeps them towing the line in the case of the McCans?
    Anon 2 twas a typing error meant to read she wont forget hearing the cries in a hurry!!!

  7. speak your mind,

    Point taken re: Mrs Fenn.

    Britain's changed beyond recognition under Nu labour dictate; habits become rights and labour functions on the basis of spin and deception. Those paying their wages find it an insult to their intelligence.

    We're currently using the services of a surveyor who was 'up in arms' at the price 'middle Englanders' are paying for Labour's waste and ineptitude. He said he was surprised that the young in the office loathe the government as much as the 'fifty somethings'.

    Britain's great for the 'freeloaders' but hard for the hard working supporting them.

  8. Ironically, the accident theory itself produced much apathy. As G. McCann said, if she had an accident, would that be their fault?

    I have always thought the accident theory was weak. Children have accidents all the time and the parents don't get charged. I suppose that IF Social Services had a record on the McCanns and they were known child neglecters and abusers then maybe, had there been an accident, they might lose their senses and cover it up, but as there is no evidence at all of prior parental abuse or neglect that theory makes no sense.

    However, contrary indicia is found in the behaviour of the parents. People who care about their professional reputations and most importantly, parents who love their children do not dump a beloved daughter's body and raise money off of her death. What kind of professional drags a stuffed animal around with her? Whatever the mother cared about, it wasn't her professional reputation.

    The Portuguese could have prosecuted the parents for staging a crime, concealing and disposing a cadaver. Since they didn't, and since they are shelving the case as a homicide case while simultaneously releasing the info on David Payne, it is apparent that they made progress beyond the accident theory.

  9. speak your mind,

    In the Staffordshire house tragedy, the gory facts investigated by police/journalists were published in full - the father/husband killed his wife, daughter and himself amid financial difficulties. Investigative journalism does still exist in which police make direct public statements.

    In Madeleine's case, the DX not only proclaimed 'no evidence' in April, it was contra to the PM's evidenced based conclusions being "abandonment, endangerment, homicide and cadaver disposal".

    Having publicly apologized to the then police prime suspects, DX (uniquely) wiped all police reports and statements. Mr Amaral's subsequent evidenced based testimony supports police reports, findings and conclusions.

    Against publishing laws, Mr Amaral's police testimony was reported as "vile and sick". Proves the 'clenched fist' control in which honest reporting in Madeleine's case is being censored.

  10. anonymous - 16.53

    Those protecting the McCanns cast vile sexual aspertions against Murat. Had the equally vile anonymous report handed to PJ on Mr Amaral's government supervised departure been shown true, the Court responsible for Madeleine's wardship would have been given no option other than make her siblings wards of court.

    The malaevolence, malice aforethought in the minds of those protecting the McCanns is, without doubt, the most evil I have ever witnessed and the most cowardly.

    Unlike the McCanns, David & Fiona used a babysitting service.

    The British police were alleged to have received and held on to the vile aspertions

  11. To Anonymous who starts 'Ironically, the accident theory itself produced much apathy'.

    You appear to miss the point.

    1: If she (Madeleine) had an accident it would not be their fault (Kate and Gerry's) and the accident theory 'makes no sense' - WRONG, if she wasn't supervised adequately, and there is evidence this was the case, it was the parents' fault.

    2: releasing info on Payne is a sign the PJ 'made progress beyond the accident theory' - WRONG, Payne's presence may have caused the accident (if Kate caught by Madeleine in sexual activity with him).

    3: 'People who care about their professional reputations' and 'love their children' would not dump a daughter's body and raise money off her death - WRONG again, professional reputation may be one of the main reasons for Kate, and even more so Gerry, to cover up their daughter's death and conceal the body. The money was a most convenient bonus in the 'abduction' cover-up.

  12. On October 06, Anonymous...I know exactly what you mean but who would have the clout to shut the usually nosey press up and why?
    I keep coming back to finger suckers in high places...


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