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Ana was found in the Douro River - 24Horas

Ana Ribeiro, the 14-year-old girl that had been missing from her mother’s house for two weeks, was found dead in the Douro River yesterday afternoon, near the fishing village of Afurada, in Gaia.

The Polícia Judiciária still investigates the cause of death, but according to a source at the PJ in Oporto, everything points towards a suicide that is related to a love problem.

The teenager’s cadaver was examined by inspectors from the Judiciária on the left bank of the Douro River, and the body was then removed to the National Institute for Forensics Medicine, where it will undergo an autopsy today.

The girl’s mother, Elisabete Ribeiro, confirmed the tragic discovery to 24Horas, excusing herself from any further comment. “The corpse has appeared, there is nothing that can be done”, she said.

The PJ in Oporto involved the Regional Department for Combat against Heavy Crime in the investigations into the case, but as days went by, all leads were eliminated. There were even persons that stated they saw Ana Ribeiro in more than one location, in the surroundings of Oporto, but nothing was confirmed.

It was the worst possible outcome for the wearing campaign to find her daughter, which Elisabete started on the 28th of September. On that day, a Sunday, Ana sent mobile phone messages to her friends, telling them that she was going to commit suicide, the hypothesis that the PJ consolidated as they advanced with the case investigation.

On the day that she disappeared, Ana had warned that she was going to throw herself into the Douro River from the Infante Bridge, due to a love sorrow, but her mother always believed that the daughter was alive. She was hopeful that Ana had only ran away from home, admitting that she might return to her home in Vila Nova de Gaia at any moment.

Meanwhile, the PJ in Oporto recommends that whenever there is a case of this type, they should be immediately alerted, for which the following email address can be used: desaparecidos.porto@pj.pt.

source: 24Horas, 14.10.2008


  1. Descansa em Paz,Minha Pequena Ana!
    R.I.P. Ana!

    PJ was waiting by this end....unfortanably was true.

    A hug to the Family.

  2. Descansa em PAZ Ana Ribeiro

    Que a tua família arranje coragem para ultrapassar a dor que o teu acto causou.


  3. Poor Ana, how tragic that she felt she had to kill herself over a man.

    How sad she must have been to do this. Understandable, I guess, but very sad nonetheless. Too young to know that better times would have been ahead.

    Big hug to her poor mother who is left behind to cope.

  4. isto aqui está funcionando?

  5. That child was victim of a terrible depression. Many times people around don't see how grave a depression in a teener can be.It is nobody's fault, the poor thing.


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