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A Canard's Recipe: A Deliberately Misleading Fabrication

After the intriguing explanation offered by Expresso: 'Was it the PJ who left Leonor like this?': On the 18th of October, Leonor Cipriano was observed by Irene Posalaky, a doctor at Odemira Prison, for whom “the lesions that were observed could not result from a fall of the stairs, because they are never symmetrical (like the ones that the prisoner had) or nice and round”. - we have decided to tell you how to make your very own fabricated Canard Recipe*: Mix some PJ inspectors of your choice, add a false statement deliberately, pervert the truth - just a twist, and add a gusto of devious influence for that final zestiest touch.

A possible conversation between two PJ inspectors:

1st PJ inspector - Look at her face, see the left. Much less bruised than the right…

2nd PJ inspector - Let me see… yeah, you’re right.


2nd PJ inspector - Better?

1st PJ inspector - Nope.

(Whack, whack, whack)

2nd PJ inspector - And now?

1st PJ inspector - Now see what you did. Now is the left that is more bruised.

2nd PJ inspector - Sorry.


1st PJ inspector - Be careful man, its becoming oval! We want round! Round do you understand?!? You think you’re in art school?!?

2nd PJ inspector - She moved, man… it’s not fair! If she moves I cannot make perfect circles!!!

1st PJ inspector - Mrs. Cipriano, please do stand still. I know it’s uncomfortable for you, but my colleague here is also hurting his fists. Please do understand that. The more you move the longer we take to do this, and the later we all go home. Ok? Thank you.


2nd PJ inspector - And now? Jeez, I don’t know whose bright idea it was to do this with a plastic bag over her head…

1st PJ inspector - Yes. It REALLY does difficult our job. Ok, we got the “symmetrical” and the “round” part done, but what the hell does “nice” mean?!?

A Saturos Art Team work : PJ's parody Text by Textusa, Introduction by Xklamation and  Illustrative Satirical Design by Himself.

* Canard, French for Duck. Noun: Canard - a deliberately misleading fabrication; an unfounded or false, deliberately misleading story.


  1. this is unfortunately a war between the PJ. on one side, and the MC´s and Leonor,Joao and Leandro on the other side!WE have no corpses and Gonzalo Amaral´s team,kinda weird..isn´t it?

  2. Oh my goodness, thank you for a good laugh! And a big thank you to Joana and Astro, thank you for this site and for your effort and excellent work. Some dark forces are at work to silence the protesting voices, thanks to you we still have a place to express our views. Sky News "Life of Crime" blog is dead as a door nail, it was upsetting someone maybe? "Those damned bloggers just won't let go, will they?..., so let's just ax them! up"
    The octopous is getting larger and larger by the day...and desperate too.

  3. The only cause of 'black' flesh shown in photo is gangrene and a 'prison doctor' viewing it would insist upon hospitalization.

    No medical record was made or presented at the time of the trial for Judgment.

    Mitchell's secondment to head Gerry's "fight" (police and police evidence) is becoming increasingly ludicrous.

  4. anonymous,

    Joana's DNA was reportedly found on a saw, 15 component DNA match to Madeleine's was found along with proof of 'frozen cadaver' (Mr Amaral's evidenced based testimony).

    In both cases, location of bodies is irrelevant. PJ's exemplary work on behalf of both victims is well documented.

  5. Excellent I love this satire.


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