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Cipriano Case: Gonçalo Amaral accused of assaulting Joana's mother

The lawyer of the ex-coordinator for PJ considers the claim "idiotic"

Four years later, the "Joana Case" continues to surprise. This past Friday, Leandro Silva, Leonor Cipriano's ex-partner, for the first time accused Gonçalo Amaral of attacking them at the PJ headquarters in Faro.

 Is that a knife that I see before me?

The claims were made upon arrival at the court in the Algarve capital which, owing to the death of a family member of one of the judges, delayed until Monay the trial of the five PJ investigators accused of torture and other crimes against the mother of Joana Guerreiro.

"I saw him hit Leonor at the Faro PJ. She was right beside me. Gonçalo Amaral asked her some questions and, when she didn't respond, he punched her in the stomach," he fumed. "He also hit me in the ribs. Such that I was attended in the hospital in Portimão. I'm confident that it was Gonçalo," he added. In response, Amaral's attorney, António Cabrita, preferred irony. "The witness could have seen Our Lady of Fátima, but he didn't say anything during the investigation. It's just more evidence that everyone can say as many stupid things as they wish. What's important is what's in the process."

 Leandro Silva and Leonor Cipriano

While Leandro put forth accusations, the ex-coordinator for PJ was inside the court, after having told the journalists at the entrance that "There will be justice."

However, when informed by JN of the level of accusation, he said he would begin a counter suit against Leonor's ex-partner. Amaral emphasized that there is no evidence against him of any assault. The coordinator who retired suddenly as a result of another mediatic case - the disappearance of madeleine McCann - is accused of not making appropriate denouncements and of giving false witness.

Of the other arguidos, three are responding to the crime of torture - Paulo Pereira Cristóvão (ex-inspector), Leonor Marques (retired chief inspector) and Paulo Marques Bom - and one, António Cardoso, for falsification of a document. Along with the arguidos, Leonor Cipriano was also inside the court when, at about 9:45, the president of the jury, Henrique Pavão, announced the delay of the session, scheduled for 9:00. According to the new attorney for Joana's mother, who constituted himself an assistant to the process and requested compensation, the complainant wants to describe the attacks of which she says she was a victim. Nonetheless, Leonor did not recognize any of the accused, against who the accused say there is no evidence.

Source: Jornal de Notícias
Translation courtesy of Debk


  1. Wow,

    Besides being a super-cop, Mr. Amaral now shows us an hidden side a dark side to his personality: the Dago-Rambo!

    Famous for going into police stations, foaming at the mouth... kicking every living being, be it man, woman and child. With the exceptions of cockroaches, for ethical reasons.

    And he is only accused of hiding information and false statements! Imagine if he had been accused of agression... I'm foreseing nuclear here, friends!

    The Dago-Rambo hit you in the stomach and you're "confident" that it was Mr. Amaral? You sure it was on the stomach? Are you sure it wasn’t on your intelligence, wherever it may be that you hide it?

    No can’t be. It would have to exist in the first place.

    I don’t know who is dumber. You or whoever thought that you could carry the story. Just joking. I do know. Give you a clue: the one with the highest degree of education between you two.


  2. I'm sorry. But do allow me a sentimental moment. Promise I won't repeat.

    But looking at the picture, I wonder about God's way. His idea of joke is pretty complex, and I hope that one day He will explain some to me. If that's His wish, of course.

    But one to drive a car, go fishing, set up a small business, one has to be in possession of a licence. But to be a parent, all is required is a fuck (sorry Joana). And you're good to go.

    I know I'm stating an unsolvable problem, but it was weighing heavy on my chest.

    Here is a kiss for you Joana. May there be a heaven where children like you and Madeleine can, somehow and someway, be compensated for the fact that some beasts stole your lives.

    It may have happened so He could teach us all a lesson. I'm worried that I'm still missing the point.

    Ok, don't worry, in the next post the old me will be back.


  3. Textusa

    I realy understand your words!


  4. qué está juzgando la gente aquí?
    a unos pobres ignorantes con nada de intelecto como son Joao,Leandro y Leonor que han vivido una vida miserable porque nunca recibieron ninguna educación ni siquiera en sus hogares,de sus padres, o el hecho de que hay una nina desaparecida de la cual no se ha encontrado el cuerpo aun(como en el caso de Madeleine), y tampoco suficientes pruebas para enviar a la carcel a nadie, que alguien me hable sobre qué pruebas tuvo la PJ. para enviar a la carcel a esos dos pobres diablos? porque la sangre que se encontró en el freezer era humana pero no pertenecía a la nina! alguien tiene los registros de la policía ,para poder discutir sobre ellos?

  5. anonymous 23:07

    O processo é público, basta ler.

    Gracias por tu comentário.

  6. Leandro is NOT Joana's father.
    I remember her birth-father was interviewed early in this case, I think that Joana lived with him at some point, where is her father now? What aren his views on all this? What was his relationship with Leonor like? Why is Joana's family on her father's side so silent?

  7. Why now?

    4 years after the incident?

    after the Maddie case?

    after this lawyer took over?

    is he the missing link?

  8. Textusa - 18:57

    The Court Report of Joana's trial, Judge's findings and rulings includes the exemplary work of the PJ. No photos existed .....

    False allegations do confirm to Mr Amaral and his compatriates the depth of fraud and corruption in Madeleine's tragedy by those directly linked to the British government. Importantly, they know it's no reflection on Britain's decent citizens, only their government in it's ongoing protection of the parents.

  9. Very amateurish faking ... bruised human flesh is NEVER the colour portrayed ...

    Talking of fakes, Mrs Amaral has confirmed she neither wrote or sent a letter to Kate; that displayed on this site was as ingenuine as the ludicrous 'bruises'.

  10. Hi to all
    yes...where is Joanas father?threatend and silenced may be?
    yes...why this sudden spin over Amaral today?have the mccanns succeeded in manipulating everybody on earth or am I simply and plainly paranoiac?but it feels weird,it does feel weird...right after the last court case,right after the announcement of a TV movie,right after Tony Bennet has shown his reinforced determination to make the truth and justice to Madeleine and being threaten for doing it.We do have a furry today from the mccMoney and a clarries comment: "they are just trying to find their daughter"...oh yes? wasnt it gerry who said it was "becoming boring"?

    Anonymous said...
    25/10/08 23:07
    Espero que vas a recapacitar y darte verdaderamente cuenta que "esos 2 pobres diablos" are the lowest scum that can exist.Si no loves,pues tienes un problema muy serio.....

    A special though for all the children who die every single day and will never have justice made to them.

  11. how do you know they both are the lowest scum? have u been there as Joana was gone? I do not think so!
    I do think they did sell her.


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