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Cipriano Case: In the Past

Leonor Cipriano and her boyfriend, Leandro Silva

I see I'll have to post a bit of a background of Joana's case for you all to know who is who. Leonor and João where evaluated by forensic psychologists as being both extremely narcissistic, psychopaths, they lived in subhuman conditions in terms of what we call certain ethics and society rules, the incest, consanguinity and the promiscuity was the rule - pardon my crude explanation but I'm trying to use the correct terms [and just slept 4 hours].

Cipriano's House nicked the Horror House

Leonor particularly is a nymphomaniac, with a grave personality disorder - she is the one who has an ascendant in her brother João Cipriano. When they were jailed for questioning regarding the murder of Joana Isabel Cipriano Guerreiro, João would say as an excuse: "I didn't hurt her, I just killed her" - that didn't 'hurt' her was allegedly  his defence that he hadn't raped his own eight year old niece. Also, in prison, when both were separated for cross examination João said that he would only say what had happened to Joana if Leonor Cipriano came out first, thus demonstrating his subservience to his sister.

Joana Isabel Guerreiro Cipriano

In the first version Joana had arrived at home, and found them in the sofa - as it is described in today's CdM article - initiating sexual intercourse and when Joana threatened to go and tell her Mum's boyfriend - her 'sort of stepfather' Leandro Silva, who is seen in the  'Cipriano Case: Without a Trace of Joana' video attending the village party; - it was at that moment that the violence started and they slapped and beaten up Joana so hard and with such intense force that she died in consequence, banging her head on the wall.

Joana when she was a little baby

However the PJ had a feeling that the story was not quite as told by the incestuous brothers Ciprianos.

Now I will extract from an article:

Rapping was worse than to kill

Joana liked her mum a great deal, therefore, the investigators did not believe that she would denounce the incestuous relation [it was a common situation in that household]. Only a more serious situation would explain that Joana should forget the love that she had for Leonor. Therefore, the police believed that João rapped the niece, before the passivity of the mother. When she threatened to denounce them, she was attacked by both. This version would explain also why they did not want the cadaver to be found. João preferred to admit that he had killed his niece rather than to show that he had had sexual intercourse with her. If the cadaver was not found, one would never know.

 Mass in the Memory of Joana

The uncle confirmed the aggressions, and said that after they beat the girl she was «'quietinha' [still] on the ground». They thought that she was dead and it was necessary to get rid of the corpse. 
While Leonor was pretending to look for the daughter with the companion (Leandro) and a friend (Carlos), João resolved to cut the body of the niece in pieces, to be easier to get rid of it. Then he put the carved body in the freezer. 

Leandro, however, did not believe that Joana had runned away. «She was 'certinha' [meaning a good girl]». Leandro confronted them with his doubts up to which they told him the truth, he would not believe them until he saw the cadaver. They threatened him so that he helped to hide the corpse. He ended up agreeing. The parts of the corpse of the girl were hidden in a car and taken to Spain to a  scrap metal merchant, where the vehicle was burned and compacted. Inside the vehicle were also the utensils that were used to cut the cadaver.

   Leandro Silva and Mum

Well, though there was semen and blood in Joana's nickers, semen in the bedroom wall above her bed and in the bed sheets the defence alleged that it could have happened trough transference, thus the accusation could not prove that Joana was indeed raped. The Cipriano family was under surveillance in the protection of minors - similar institution to other EU institutions, however that was not enough.

 Interior and exterior of the house

Leonor washed the house with bleach and petrol, there was little blood in the freezer and in the sofa.

Accusation of torture

During the interrogation Leonor believes that Leandro has confessed to what happened to the girl and confesses what they did to the body. In the end, she looks at a photography of the daughter, that was glued on the wall, and she apologizes to her. When she lost her self-control, she tells him [tto he inspector] that they are not going to jail her and that it she is going to kill herself.

 Leonor and Joana - group photo

The investigator was still doing the report of this interrogation when he suddenly hears loud screams. Nervously, his colleagues tell him that Leonor has hurled herself at the staircases. She tried to kill herself. She slammed her head and was injured, but, even so, she stood up and apologized to the PJ. After she was taken her to a doctor, who recommended that she stayed laid down «so that the bruised blood did not go down to the eyes area», and then they handed her over to the prison.

 Expresso artcile by the actual Bar of the laywers association Marinho Pinto

The next day an anonymous phone call warns them that in the prison they are trying to convince Leonor to say that  she was attacked by the PJ. A few days later, the director of the prison [a Dyke Diva] sends a letter with photographies of Leonor to the National Director of the police. She says that Leonor was attacked by the investigators.

Missing Poster

The letter of an identified recluse contradicts this version. She says that Leonor always said that she fell off the staircases. Only after a meeting with the director of the prison Leonor began to tell that she was attacked by the PJ and that was when she heard she was going to receive a compensation [cash, $$]. Later, the MP [Public Ministry] accused three investigators of torture.

Parallels between the two cases to follow



  1. Thanks Joana
    A sad thank you I must admit even though I am used to this kind of horrid reading and I can tell you,it is not of one the worst I have read in my life.Some would make anybody vomit....sorry,I am nauseous.I wonder how comes I can carry on living amongts my human fellows when I see every single day,all the atrocities inflictated to children and generally all defenseless people and also animals...It makes me cringe inside.
    Today its my birthday and my only wish is to see justice made to Madeleine and to all the little children condemned to an uncertain faith in the hands of criminals and in those of the "world"s international elite"

  2. Why dredge up that which has been dealt with and laid to rest ?

    The Court Report includes the exemplary work of PJ and the guilty in the case were sentenced according to evidenced findings. PJ were unable to uphold or prove their suspicions of sexual abuse.

    In Madeleine's case, overwhelming evidence of death and disposal were prevented from due Court attendance due to political intervention. PM's evidenced based conclusions were "abandonment, endangerment, homicide and cadaver disposal".

    The only parallels are non disclosure of respective body locations. Both mothers made unsubstantiated claims against PJ.

  3. Why the dustbin logo pop up at the end of my post - preferential treatment ?

  4. House of Horror indeed. Exactly the same description given to the horrorific sufferances inflicted on countless nnocent children in the Jersey Care Home where instruments of torture, blood, childrens teeth and bones were found.

    It makes my blood boil ... Joana was alone in her suffering, without help or protection, but people were PAID to protect the welfare of the children in the Jersey Home. They not only KNEW, the establishment ignored it for the sake of money ... reputation over and above abhorrent cruelty, death and killings.

    Police work in this case seems to be as heavily censored as in Madeleine's tragedy.

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    Thank you

  6. I do not believe they killed her...she has been rapped by her uncle for years
    for sure but this´s usual at such families..so why would they kill her ? Why would Joana will tell someone else about it when it was commun,usual to her?
    I have seen this by other families and this little girl was way to young to "understand" about the way her family was treating her and Leonor photo shows she was tortured..it has nothing to do with bruises at a staircase

  7. Joana was probably raped for the first time that night, the common thing in the sociopaths household was the sexual intercourse between the brothers.

    Anyway you are free to believe whatever, but consider just this one point, Leonor confession was previous to the alleged beating.

  8. The symmetry of the bruises often referred to as raccoon eyes is due to a head injury and not direct trauma to the eyes themselves. So if you believe the police is corrupt or maybe you have an agenda you may decide that someone struck this woman forcefully on the back of her head and caused the raccoon eyes. Myself, based on this woman’s lack of integrity, I believe this woman’s raccoon eyes are due to her striking the back of her head as she fell down the stairs.


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