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Cipriano Case: Judge 'obliges' the decision of the Lawyer's Order

The judge accepted the request from the Lawyers’ Order to become an assistant.

The judge in the case of the alleged aggressions from PJ inspectors on Leonor Cipriano, within the investigations into the disappearance of her daughter Joana, accepted, this Friday, the request from the Lawyers’ Order.

This was made in the sense of becoming an assistant, according to a source that is connected to the process.

The defense of the five PJ inspectors wanted the head of the Lawyers’ Order, Marinho Pinto, to be heard as a witness in the process, but this becomes impossible due to the judges’ decision.

The trial was scheduled to start this Friday, but was postponed to Monday due to the death of a relative of one of the judges.

source: TVnet


  1. Oh, now I see why Marinho Pinto wanted the Order to became an assistant to the process: he didn't wan't to testify in court as a witness!!!
    Someone might ask him some questions he did not want to answer...

  2. Pois é! Muitos,muito tentáculos,por todos os lados e em todas as frentes.
    Por aqui e

    pelo mano Joan e pelo leandreco tb.Devem ser e ter as regaliasque sonharam.os mcs e companhia(os peritos)foram bater, nem bateram,à porta "certa". Qq. dia vivem,em grande rebaldaria,num condomínio fechado...

  3. Parallels in Joana's and Madeleine's tragedies both include the exemplary work of the PJ, undiminished by 'missing' bodies.

    PM's evidenced based conclusions in the latter - "abandonment, endangerment, homicide and cadaver disposal" were blocked from Court presentation, trial and judgment due to intervention/influence of British government ministers.

    Accusations against PJ were made by Joana's & Madeleine's respective mothers in the process. PJ are back in the orchestrated 'soap opera'.


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