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Cipriano Case: Leonor pictures are a Forgery!!

Transcription & Translation

At 2:26 minutes - Court of Faro Exterior

Journalist: We heard Leandro and also two lawyers in this process. One is Pragal Colaço [Defense lawyer of 4 of the 5 PJ inspectors], that we also heard, Pragal Colaço showed us pictures, where he wanted to show that it is possible in a computer to create any kind of blood bruises in the body of a person, in the case he showed a picture of Joana Cipriano, of the mother of Joana Cipriano, Leonor with and without bruises. And also António Cabrita was heard by us to say that he hopes that the Order [OA - Lawyers Order] stands side by side with the Public Ministry as an assistant in processes that are considered crimes against Humanity, in other [processes] besides this one, for example of corruption.

3:05 Cut to Leonor pictures being showed to the media by António Pragal Colaço

Pragal Colaço: This is a picture, this is another one without aggressions, and this is another one with aggressions, more deep bruises. Now deduce...

Journalist: Do you believe they were manipulated?...

PC: make your own deduction, make your own deduction...

Journalist:...Is that what you're trying to say?

PC: Listen, I'm not trying to say anything I'm showing them to you. (...)

More to come....

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