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Cipriano Case: Trial of PJ Inspectors starts Tomorrow in Faro

PJ Inspectors in Joana Case tried in Faro tomorrow

Heavyweight witnesses

The defense of the inspectors that stand accused of torture and document forgery has called the highest ranks of the Polícia Judiciária as defense witnesses and concerning the facts

The trial of the five Polícia Judiciária inspectors that stand accused of beating little Joana’s mother during the interrogations that took place when the girl disappeared, in 2004, starts tomorrow. Some of the highest ranking patents of the Polícia Judiciária over the past years are going to testify for the policemen, who stand accused of torture and of forging documents during the questioning of Leonor Cipriano, who is imprisoned over the homicide of her daughter and the concealment of her cadaver.

The long list of defense witnesses includes names like Orlando Romano, who recently abandoned the PJ’s national directory, or judge Martinho de Almeida Cruz, the instructor of the process that led Otelo Saraiva de Carvalho to prison in the FP-25 case.

Due to being an Appeals Court judge, Almeida Cruz had the possibility of writing a witness statement, but he insists in traveling to Faro and in being questioned in person to speak about inspectors Leonel Marques, Paulo Pereira Cristóvão, Marques Bom and António Cardoso.

Counseling judge Marques Vidal will testify in writing about the professional career of chief inspector Leonel Marques. The present director of DCCB [major crime unit], Luís Neves, was also listed.

As factual witnesses, the inspectors’ lawyer, Pragal Colaço, has listed the then PJ national director Santos Cabral.

The now counseling judge is due to explain the reasons that led the DCCB inspectors from Lisbon to cooperate with the team that was led by Gonçalo Amaral – who also headed the investigation into the disappearance of Maddie.

Guilhermino da Encarnação, head of the Faro directory, is going to explain how the investigation into the disappearance of little Joana developed.

Defense squeezes head of the lawyers’ bar

The trial will also count with the head of the lawyers’ bar, Marinho Pinto. It is still unclear whether he will be in the position of assistant or of witness. As far as 24Horas was able to establish, the defense wants to know why the present head of the bar wrote to “Expresso” newspaper – on the same day that the weekly published the images of Leonor Cipriano with swollen eyes.

It further wants to know why Marinho Pinto wants to become an assistant through the lawyers’ bar. The defense also wants him to authorize the lifting of secrecy over the phone calls that he made between the 10th of February and the 1st of March.

24Horas could further establish that if he becomes a witness, Marinho Pinto will have to answer if he had any influence in the nomination of João Grade as Leonor Cipriano’s officious lawyer. “Everyone is mistaken, I can clarify that under the adequate circumstances”, João Grade told 24Horas. On the other hand, Marinho Pinto remained out of contact yesterday until the early evening.

Gonçalo Amaral only listed two

Gonçalo Amaral’s lawyer, António Cabrita, told 24Horas that he listed the same witnesses from the instruction phase: Guilhermino Encarnação and Leonor Cipriano. The plaintiff guarantees that she didn’t see Gonçalo on the day that she was beaten. “Therefore he could not see the black marks. And he trusts his team, otherwise he would be carrying out diligences all the time”. More. “He doesn’t need to show anything further for the time being.”

Accusation admits lack of evidence

Policemen on the defendants’ bench

Among the accused are Gonçalo Amaral and Paulo Pereira Cristóvão, authors of books about Maddie

The trial that will sit five elements of the Polícia Judiciária on the defendants’ bench starts tomorrow at Faro Court.

Four years after the questioning of Leonor Cipriano – who is imprisoned over the homicide and concealment of the cadaver of her own daughter – Leonel Marques, Paulo Pereira Cristóvão and Marques Bom are responding over a crime of torture.

Inspector António Cardoso is accused of falsifying “service information” and Gonçalo Amaral – who recently published a book about the investigation into Maddie’s disappearance – responds over a crime of false testimony and of omission of denunciation.

According to the accusation dispatch, Leonor Cipriano “was delivered” at the prison of Odemira on the 15th of October 2004 with physical lesions.

The information that was redacted by the PJ that night reports that Leonor, upon exiting the lavatory, threw herself off the stairs, crying out “I’m going to end this”. Leonor tells a different version. She accuses the policemen of hitting her with fists, kicking her and subjecting her to various abuse while asking questions about the disappearance of her daughter Joana.

According to the accusation, the investigation concluded that the aggressors could only belong to the PJ – because no strangers entered the building that day. But due to a lack of “evidence” means, “it was not possible to identify any of the aggressors”.

Nevertheless, at the end of the document, the investigative team that traveled from Lisbon to Faro was formally accused, as well as Gonçalo Amaral, who was responsible for the team.

Jury court will decide

A fireman, a financial technician, a taxi driver and a golf receptionist, aged between 28 and 50, constitute the jury that tomorrow starts to try the five inspectors. They were selected from the electoral lists of Faro and São Brás de Alportel. The tests were failed by persons that answered that the authorities should beat suspects during interrogation.

Princess Diana documentary was refused to the defense team

The defense team for four out of the five PJ inspectors tried to add to the process a documentary about the death of Princess Diana, which was broadcast on TVI, but it was not possible due to copyright. Pragal Colaço, as 24Horas then reported, wanted to show the statement from a doctor who says that the princess displayed several hematoma in her eyes, due to the accident. He wanted to demonstrate that the bruises in Leonor Cipriano’s eyes are compatible with a fall and do not necessarily result from aggression. TVI didn’t cede the documentary and the court decided it was not important enough for the trial.

Leonor’s former lawyer is also a witness

Only days away from traveling to Faro court as a plaintiff, Leonor Cipriano changed her lawyer. She left João Grade in order to be represented by Marcos Aragão Correia – the lawyer who carried out searches in the Arade reservoir –in order to find the little English girl that disappeared from Aldeia da Luz, Maddie McCann. João Grade told 24Horas yesterday that he was informed through an email from his colleague that he no longer represented Leonor.

“I had been with her only days before and she didn’t tell me anything. But given the fact that clients are owned by nobody, I’m not even going to worry about that”, he explained. João Grade was also listed as a factual witness by the defense of four of the PJ inspectors that stand accused. “I’m surprised, I haven’t been notified yet”, he told 24Horas after being offered that information. “Maybe they decided that after I quit representing Leonor”, he said.

But João Grade made it clear that he will not say anything about what he discovered or what he was told as a lawyer. “I’m a lawyer as well as a witness”, he stated. 24Horas tried to speak with Marcos Aragão Correia, but he kept his mobile phone disconnected until the early evening.

As far as 24Horas was able to establish, the lawyer tried to list witnesses, but his request was delivered out of time. João Grade had outlined his strategy for this case but lost the position. Nevertheless, he won’t be able to escape traveling to Faro court in order to be heard as a witness.

source: 24 Horas page 6 and 7


  1. Getting giddy ... it's on, it's off, it's back on ....

    Exactly the same as the McCanns 'issues with Court'.

    Nothing in the Cipriano case will alter the contents of Truth of The Lie, nor PJ's exemplary work on Joana's and Madeleine's behalf. The guilty in Joana's case have been tried and incarcerated and corrupt labour politicians have aided and abetted the McCanns and perverted the course of justice.

    Nu Labour's vision of democratic government.

  2. well after reading all
    about this case...and had experiences with families like this one...why would Joana tell the police about what happened to her?.. it has not been the first time she was rapped by her uncle for sure...this´s very usual to happen in such families..why would both kill her?..where are the proofs? if they
    have washed the room,still can see some blood with the right light,etc...nobody can wash off absolutely everything,where´s the burned car?,what do the spots with semen proved after all? that she has repeately been rapped in her bed? Leonor´s photo shows she has been beaten..where are the forensic experts ? same like Madeleine´s case....I´m not pro Mccanns either pro portuguese police...I JUST WANT JUSTICE FOR 2 LITTLE GIRLS!


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