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Cipriano versus PJ: Leonor Suffers from Memory Loss aka L.I.A.R.S. Syndrome

Leonor Cipriano lied in Court... Again.


Voice Over Journalist: The first court session was defined by the silence of the arguidos and by the words of Leonor Cipriano, who has never talked during the process where she was arguida and where she ended up being convicted for the death of her daughter. The statements, of the now, plaintiff where however marked by contradictions. Leonor only talked about one day of aggressions that she wasn't able to locate in time, she presented several versions for the same alleged maltreatments, and attributed the crime to several Judiciary Police Inspectors but she never identified any of them. For the lawyer who represents her it is, in any case, only natural.

Marcos Aragão Correia, Leonor Cipriano's lawyer: See, this happened four years ago, it's only natural that people forget, of details, so, I don't see any contradiction in that. If this was a trial done in the moment, a little after of the facts having occurred, it was natural that she remembered. But, after more than four years , err.., ehh, it was expected that there were some memory failures.

VOJ: During the afternoon, the defense lawyers of the PJ inspectors were astonished with the fact that inside the process there are two versions of the same photograph, of the alleged aggression, one version was the one that served as basis for the forensic doctor report and the other one was taken to the process by the Public Ministry.

António Cabrita, Gonçalo Amaral Defense Lawyer: If she was just subject to one photographic session and then appeared similar photographs with, err, different types of aggressions, we have to make the possible conclusion of that fact.

VOJ: The pictures, were taken, according to Leonor, by an employee of the Odemira penitentiary, after the alleged aggressions. At the end of this first court session, the representant of the Layers Order said that he has seen better and worst trials, but insists that the closure of this process can have consequences in the case Joana, that convicted Leonor for the death of her daughter.

Rodrigo Santiago, representing the Lawyers Order, defending current head of the bar Marinho Pinto's Expresso Article:
The only evidence was the pseudo-confession done by her, in the inquest. So, before that, if I was a judge, is evident that I had to absolve. Because I wouldn't be a bad judge, I wouldn't incur in such a gross mistake.

VOJ: In the defendants bench are 5 arguidos, but the Lawyer of Leonor Cipriano seems focused on one name, Gonçalo Amaral.

MAC for Leonor Cipriano: We want Alípio Ribeiro to came here, to the court, and explains, in concrete the reasons to why he resigned Gonçalo Amaral from the position he occupied.

VOJ: From the 5 arguidos 3 are accused of torture


  1. Same 'syndrome' suffered by McCanns, Mitchell and their gang !!!

  2. Leonor Cipriano lies in Court. How does this compare with Kate and Gerry McCann? They lie out of Court!

    Justice must prevail in both cases.

  3. Has anyone stopped just for a minute just to evaluate the amount of work that Joana & Astro are having just to keep this blog constantly updated?

    To both of you, my humblest gratitude.


  4. More Mccannory then. Its catching.

    The Mccanns have not lied in court YET. we live in hope.

  5. There's a lot of that syndrome going about, it's more like an epidemic! Four years is a long time to accurately remember such "traumatic" events as a beating? Come on! Even after 50/60 years from WW2, the jews that survided the horrors of nazi concentration camps can remember vividly what was done to them!


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