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Expresso and Marinho Pinto Published Leonor Cipriano Forged Pictures

Expresso Cover article by Marinho Pinto

Allegedly Faked or Photoshoped Pictures of Leonor Cipriano with (and without) bruises have just emerged in the Media. The Expresso newspaper published an article written by the actual bar of the Lawyers Order using the alleged fake pictures in 2004, one of those pictures is used as evidence against the 5 PJ Inspectors.

The question remains: Why?

A possible why and my personal opinion

Firstly, we don't know how long the bruises took to appear after the staircase fall, I assume it was not immediately. Though Leonor was taken to the hospital the same evening of the suicidal attempt we don't know when where the pictures taken, or by whom. We don't even know if it was after the prison director told Leonor she could ask compensations in money and argue/or request another appeal to diminish her 16 year jail sentence. As it is common Knowledge people that are child molesters, abuser or killers do get beaten up in jail. By the way the pictures were taken inside the jail not in the Hospital.

Secondly, the raccoon eyes picture published in 2004 by the journalist/lawyer Marinho Pinto in Francisco Balsemão's Expresso had one purpose only, and that was not one with high morals or in defense of the Human Rights. The game here like it has always been is a fight of power between three chess masters, the Public Ministry, the MAI and the PJ.

Thirdly,  the suspicious photos published in Expresso at the hand of the actual bar of the Order Association of Lawyers Marinho Pinto, the use of pawns like Marcos Aragão Correia, a previously discredited lawyer, the suspicions raised about five PJ officers, who are most of them legends in their professional activities and amongst colleagues, is all but a coincidence, in a timing where a figure of a 'super cop' who oversees all the investigative police forces like the PJ, SIS and the PSP and who only answers straight to the to the the Prime Minister and to the MAI (Ministry of Internal Affairs)(...)

Another aspect this might all have to do with the someone's interests in high profiled cases, but what do I know? This is just an opinion... Anyway, besides the political, financial and hidden agendas let us never forget that this woman and her brother killed Joana Isabel Cipriano Guerreiro, 8 years old.

Full Transcript:

Sic News Studio - Interior

Journalist1: It is then postponed the trial of the Inspectors accused of aggressions to Leonor Cipriano, who arrived around 10am to the Court of Faro. It is then adjourned to two sessions in this month, and another three sessions for November, at 4, 24 and 27 of November.

Journalist2: And at the entrance at this court, the lawyer of four of the five Judiciary Police inspectors, that we have already listen a few moments ago, said that the photographs that were published on the Expresso On-Line edition are suspicious.

Cut to exterior scene outside the Court

Defense Lawyer Pragal Colaço: The Newspaper Expresso, published.. photographs... (handles the dossier full of pictures and papers to a lady behind him) Do you mind?
Published photographs of Mrs.Leonor, and now I ask you, from the pictures (shows picture of Leonor in a bra, where we can see just one bruise bellow the arm), this is a picture, (changes to another picture where Leonor is untouched without bruises) this is another one, without aggressions and this is another with aggressions (shows another picture where we can see more bruises in Leonor's body), more deep bruises, now make your own deductions.

RTP Journalist: Do you believe they were manipulated?...

PC: make your own deduction, make your own deduction...

SIC Journalist:...Is that what you're trying to say?

PC: Listen, I'm not trying to say anything I'm showing them to you.

SIC Journalist: Is that what you're trying to suggest?

PC: (Faces the Sic Journalist - sure he could eat him alive at this point)Your TV Station, because it was Expresso that has published through the actual bar António Marinho Pinto as a journalist, that has published that article. I find it great that your channel (a bit of sarcasm here) which belongs to the group [Balsemão's Impresa] is defending your 'dame' (sic). However, the issue is, we are going to be serious with this. It's the Judiciary Police who is on trial here.

SIC Journalist: (mic off) mumbles something...

PC: You don't have to ask me what you can ask, because we don't have anything to hide from no one.

Sic Journalist: but... but... the...

PC: I want you to notice (show pictures of Leonor) it's three photographs, identical, and why isn't this one (shows Leonor unblemished photograph) the one that you used to publish? I only ask that, I won't ask anything else, okay?


  1. Did they originate from the same source as Kate's alleged 'fake' diary ?

    The McCanns have a media manager to 'handle' such matters.

  2. This Cipriano Crap is starting to get on my nerves.

    A non-fact that for certain agendas's sake, becomes relevant.

    The games played? The one's we're used to... YAWN....


  3. The lady doth protest too much.

  4. The lady being Joanna of course!

  5. anonymous 00:48 e 01:00 "vozes de burro não chegam ao céu" google it!

  6. To Anonymous 00:48 & 01:00

    Yep, she's a lady alright.

    You, on the other hand, are a piece of shit.

    Thank God that electronics safeguards me from the smell.

    Pity you can't say the same.



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