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"Photos can be manipulated" - Correio da Manhã

Faro Court – Five Judiciária inspectors stand accused of aggressions upon Leonor Cipriano

by Rui Pando Gomes

Defense places bets on computer experts who discredit aggression marks on the photos

The photographs where Leonor appears covered in haematomas and that are being used as evidence in the process of alleged aggressions practiced by Polícia Judiciária inspectors may have been manipulated “by any person with a knowledge of computers”.

This is the interpretation made by António Pragal Colaço, the lawyer of four out of the five inspectors that stand accused of torture, and that is going to be used as a strategy to show the Court in Faro, which postponed the start of the trial yesterday due to the death of the mother-in-law of one of the case’s judges. On Monday the arguidos return to the bench.

According to Pragal Colaço, “it is evident” that the images could have been altered. “One cannot carry out medical analyses on files from other files, from floppy disks to CDs”, the defendant of Paulo Cristóvão, Marques Bom, Leonel Marques and António Cardoso alerted. “Those are not photographs. Those are prints from computer files”, the lawyer stated yesterday upon exiting Faro Court.

The original file of the images that are included in the process has disappeared, and the defense of four out of the five inspectors has requested Portuguese Microsoft to carry out an expert analysis in order to attest that the simple manipulation of files can alter the images’ properties, changing the look of the exhibited lesions.

The Public Ministry’s accusation refers that “unidentified individuals” were the ones who inflicted the aggressions upon Joana’s mother, “following indications” and upon agreement with three of the arguidos.

Pragal Colaço warns that what is included in the process does not correspond to what happened and recalls that there is not “a gang of bandits” on trial but rather “persons who have helped to solve the biggest crimes in this country”, like the cases of the ‘cash machine gang’, of terrorist Abu Salem or the FP25 [a Portuguese communist terrorist organization].

António Cabrita, the defender of Gonçalo Amaral, who stands accused of failing to denounce, says that the accusation is “absurd”, because it implies that Amaral would have to “suspect every one of his subordinates”.

Compensation for Amaral

If he is acquitted, the former Polícia Judiciária coordinator, Gonçalo Amaral, will advance a request for compensation against the Portuguese state.

“It’s a strong possibility, if there is an acquittal”, his lawyer, António Cabrita, said yesterday.

This posture appears before the start of the trial, just like the lawyer of four of the accused inspectors had already announced: Pragal Colaço asserts that if his clients are acquitted, he will file a request for a compensation of approximately five million euros, which is to be handed over to the Polícia Judiciária.

Order doesn’t pay taxes and gets fined

The Lawyers’ Order was fined over approximately 200 euros because it failed to pay the amount of judicial expenses to become an assistant in the process, within the deadlines.

According to what CM was able to establish with a judicial source, it wasn’t until yesterday morning, when the trial was scheduled to begin, that the payment was made. Thus, the constitution as an assistant cost the double amount: almost 500 euros, including the fine. The Order had interpreted that there were no judicial expenses to pay.

“We weren’t notified. This is what we call a drawer or pocket veto”, the head of the Order, António Marinho Pinto, commented yesterday.

“It is not admissible that the Order pays fines like this one due to not being able to read and understand the Judicial Expenses’ Code”, Pragal Colaço, the lawyer of four of the inspectors on trial lamented yesterday upon leaving the Court of Faro.

Source: Correio da Manhã, 25.10.2008


  1. oh come on guys...! everything can be manipulated..also the time registers when the PJ. oficcers haven´t been torturing her...

  2. Amaral solo quiere justicia para él pero no para los demás,,,,ridículo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. no medical files or registers she has been at the hospital or doctors have heal her up?
    can not believe this b***s*** from the PJ.

  4. I just don’t understand it, it appears that the Police in Portugal not only have to fight against criminals but also lawyers and politicians, or maybe the lawyers and the politicians are also criminals. Who took these pictures? I can’t believe what I’m hearing:
    “The original file of the images that are included in the process has disappeared,” how convenient. Why is this case even going to trial? If they want an experts opinion on manipulating pictures maybe they should speak with Jon Corner.

  5. So, PJ allegedly beat a defenceless woman under questioning and then decided to take a set of photo's to show the world the evidence.

    Ludicrous ....

    Whoever faked the latest set of photo's hasn't a clue about injury/bruising timescale. A bunch of 'thicko's' !!!

    Kate's injuries,filmed live, cut above right eye, bruising beneath, grip mark bruising to both wrists and arms were GENUINE.

  6. Correio da Manha, along with Mr Amaral has had first hand experience of media manipulation for the McCanns benefit and police disadvantage.

    Any person suffering the damage (falsely) portrayed would require immediate hospitalization for checking inevitable internal damage
    haemorraging, rib fracture, punctured lungs, etc. etc.

    Mitchell's soooooo OTT he destroys his own evidence. Truth always speaks for itself and always will ...

  7. The good amid the evil and corruption is that it gives Correio da Manha and it's readership a true insight into the behaviour of those protecting the McCanns, directly linked to our government.

    The wise and dignified Mr Amaral knows it's no reflection ofnus, the decent British citizens, whom he continues to thank for their ongoing support.

  8. P.S. Kate's injuries were filmed shortly after her child was reported 'missing' - abduction was the plea.

    The film showed Gerry trying, but failing to hide several upper left arm bruising by placing his hand over the area.

  9. Leonor's injuries look very much like fake injuries for others to see, for effect. Kate's injuries are real injuries someone (Gerry) tried to cover up, so others couldn't see... In common, crime, deceit, make-belief. Also in common incredibly cheeky offenders who appear to think the Police are stupid and hope the whole world is stupid too.


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