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Freeport records and Maddie on the agenda of Portuguese and British authorities

According to a source close to the Foreign Office and to the Cabinet of Prime Minister Gordon Brown, the British authorities have recently discussed the follow-up of the "affairs" Madeleine McCann and Freeport of Alcochete during  the course of the same meeting.  The information has been confirmed by a source of the Judiciary Police in Portugal , who has also put forward the accusation of "an exchange of good intentions [doing favours for each other]" was considered during this contact between the two countries.

While the "Maddie" case, as it is best known, concerns the disappearance of a three year-old girl and the protection given by the British authorities to her parents, namely by the direct interference of diplomacy and  Gordon Brown's government, the Freeport's case concerns, according to the latest information, money transfers from accounts in the United  Kingdom to Portuguese political personalities and raises questions surrounding the construction of the commercial hypermarket of Alcochete.  

 Stay tuned ...

Source: SOS Maddie by Duarte Levy

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BRITISH POLICE want to join forces with Portuguese counterparts to investigate the legality of the construction of one of Europe’s largest factory outlet shopping parks near an environmentally protected nature reserve.

Paulo Rebelo & the Freeport Connection
He was also in charge of a recent investigation about a leak of information from the “Freeport case”, when documents from a corruption investigation were sent to the Press and published the day before the last Parliament elections in Portugal. Those documents allegedly showed a connection between the case and the leader of Socialist Party, José Sócrates, now Prime-Minister. A PJ inspector was accused and later sentenced to eight months in prison (suspended sentence) for making copies of confidential documents and giving it to journalists. 

Business Information
Freeport plc engages in the development and operation of outlet shopping and leisure centers in Europe. Its shopping centers provide a range of retail brands, restaurants, bars, and leisure activities for various ages. The company also organizes various events and entertainment activities at its shopping centers. As of June 24, 2006, it operated 388 retail and leisure units, including 63 in Freeport Kungsbacka, located in Sweden; 85 in Freeport Excalibur, in the Czech Republic; and 240 Freeport Alcochete, in Portugal. Freeport, formerly known as Freeport Leisure plc, was founded in 1994 and is headquartered in Reymond, Monaco.
Freeport Alcochete Official Site


  1. So is this saying there was some kind of a pay off to fuck the Madeleine case?

  2. Madeleine's case is one of many examples of the British police working to government dictate to the detriment of justice systems, PJ and it's taxpaying citizens.

    Labour appears to consider itself a powerful dictatorship over and above democracies.

    The weaver continues to spin on labour's behalf .......

  3. speak your mind,

    More like Labour's need to distance itself from it's intervention/influence in police findings of death/disposal.

    Brown was cited as a 'spin master' long ago by the Portuguese. His minion Mitchell made personal threats to Mr Amaral and Correio da Manha in the process - so much for the European 'Union'and democracy !! Thug rule, more like.

  4. A case involving evidenced based police conclusions of death/disposal of an innocent 4 year old girl has - 13 months after collation of proof -
    (stated by Mr Amaral) - evolved into a case of political espionage by McCann protectionists via media propaganda.

    The McCanns raised £1.3 m for a "Fighting Fund".

  5. An article in 2006 copy of Readers
    Digest highlighted the corruption within the EU. Auditors have been unable to 'write off' EU accounts for ten previous years such is their lack of accounting and accountability for the money it handles.

    The EU is financially unregulated; the results of Labour's lack of financial regulation has ended in utter financial disaster. British taxpayers are reported to contribute more to the EU than any other country and are now being used to bail out profiteering banks.

    Mandleson was paid £1 m of taxpayers money when he left the EU.

    as lack of accounting It's previous ten year accounts were

  6. Cheers for clearing that up anonymous, do you have an opinion as to why or what prompted Gordon Brown and co to get involved in the first place

  7. Só consigo falar de " banalidades".

    Antes foi o acordo do tratado/Maddie;

    Agora temos mais uma cena Freeport/Maddie.

    Não tenho capacidade para alcançar as teias....

  8. maybe just maybe madeleine's body will be found under one of the pyramids of the alcochete
    free(masonry)port building.
    wake up people !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    emma b.

  9. In following the Madeleine case I came to the conclusion that there is corruption in both England and Portugal. I feel that in order for the Madeleine case to move forward there must be political change in both countries. This Freeport case may bring about this change. Let's hope that there are enough honest and courageous people in positions of authority to bring these crooks to justice.


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