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Gerry McCann thanks Tapas Seven for donating legal fees to Maddie fund

MISSING Maddie McCann's dad Gerry has thanked his Tapas Seven pals for donating their s375,000 libel damages to help find his daughter.

Heart surgeon Gerry said: "This money will be put to good use for the ongoing search for our beautiful little girl. Our friends were under no obligation to pay the damages into the fund. However they have from day one indicated that this was what they wanted.

"They have clearly demonstrated that finding Madeleine is of the utmost importance to them. Like us, they believe there is a very good chance Madeleine is alive and can be found."

Maddie, five, was snatched from her holiday apartment in Portugal last May while parents Gerry and Kate ate with pals at a nearby tapas restaurant.

The Tapas Seven receieved damages over false reports that some of them were suspects or helped cover up what happened that night.

Source:Sunday Mail


  1. Whilst Gerry and his cohorts at the same time ensure there's no means of checking the income or expenditure of the limited company AKA The Fund used for raising money under false pretences.

    The tabloids reporting 'out of court settlements' have proved themselves to be totally unreliable and misleading in Madeleine's case.

    DX has made no public correction or apology for misleading readers by proclaiming 'no evidence' despite the release of police facts, findings and conclusions of death and disposal.

    Corrupt media practice confirms DX has absolutely no regard for law or the rights and lives of innocent children .... utterly appalling. The antithesis of it's 'Crusader' claims.

  2. The bucket says it all ....

    "Fighting fund" ... conning people to fight the police, law and justice, including children and pensioners.

    A timely reminder of laborite's tactics of using taxpayers money to 'bail out' problems they create.
    Turning the death/disposal (Mr Amaral's evidenced based conclusions after his 'Brown assisted' sacking) into profit and gain. So sick it's almost unbelievable - morally, ethically bankrupt.

  3. Está bem!

    Acredite quem quiser.Eu tenho as minhas dúvidas.

    Sou mais da opinião que "comem todos porque é mais seguro assim."

  4. Gerry,

    You astound me. Whenever you speak the truth, my admiration for you grows.

    "Like us, they believe there is a very good chance Madeleine is alive and can be found"

    We all know that the "us" know that Madeleine is dead. Thank you clarifying that the rest of the group has the same belief as you.


  5. Do they value their reputations that much that they are spending money on a lost cause or is the money going to some other use?

  6. I am still stunned how a bunch of idiots could control the thoughts of other more idiots---the public.

    It has gone on for more than a year-and-a-half now and each time the media pumps up the volume the masses believe them because they are used to being manipulated and having their thoughts dissected and controlled.

    Then, we have blogs and a cop who think the same as me---with LOGIC and we get hammered for it. Why do we get hammered? Because we speak the truth and the circus doesn´t want too many masters; they want more clowns.

    The game is rigged folks. I have never had any doubts and I have never ahd any fears to say I dislike the McCanns but I am starting to dislike the fuckers who have donated to this crowd.

    Don´t buy the tabloids. Fill your brain with healthy information instead of fakery.

    Madeleine McCann is dead; the parents know that but they have to prolong this cherade because their fucking asses would be locked in a fucking slammer and I´m looking forward to that day.


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