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Guard says that director suggested changing report - Jornal de Notícias

A prison guard says that Leonor mentioned dizziness and a fall at the PJ in Faro

by Marisa Rodrigues

The director of Odemira prison “suggested” to a former chief of the prison guards that he should change the report that he wrote when Leonor Cipriano returned from the Polícia Judiciária in Faro with “red marks” on her face.

The revelation came as a surprise for everyone who yesterday watched the second session of the trial of five PJ elements who investigated the disappearance of Joana. The lawyer for four of the arguidos announced that he is filing a criminal complaint against Ana Maria Calado. “These are serious suspicions that have to be investigated”, António Pragal Colaço said when he was leaving the Court in Faro.

António Maia, who was heard as a witness, said that it was him who was on duty when Leonor returned to the prison on the 15th of October after the interrogation at the PJ that prompted the complaint which is now on trial. In the document, the prison guard wrote what Joana’s mother reported to him – that she fell off the stairs at the Judiciária in Faro due to “dizziness that she experienced because she had spent several hours without eating”. At that time, the prison’s director, Ana Maria Calado, was on vacation.

The revelation appeared when, after some vague replies like “I don’t remember” and “I can’t tell exactly”, the witness was being questioned by António Cabrita, Gonçalo Amaral’s lawyer. “After two weeks, when Leonor’s marks were much more visible, the director suggested that I should change the report in the part that referred to the dizziness”, he explained. A suggestion which the man, who now works at the prison in Silves, did not accept.

“Do you find this correct? Do you think that she fell down the stairs? Don’t you think that she was tortured?”, Ana Maria Calado asked him. “If you wanted to change the report, would she have given permission?”, the presiding judge asked. António Maia replied “yes”.

The prison guard further stated that he had been alerted to the “suicidal tendencies” of Joana’s mother, who was “under closer surveillance and protected by the director, who gave her cigarettes and spent hours with her in her office”. On one occasion, he referred, Leonor took out her shoelaces, which were immediately confiscated by a guard who feared that she might use them to hang herself.

The afternoon was further marked by a sudden remembrance. After stating that she could not remember who assaulted her during the first session [of the trial], Leonor delivered a piece of paper with the names of the five arguidos to the presiding judge yesterday. “The other day I was nervous, but a news piece came on tv with my husband (Leandro) saying that he saw Gonçalo Amaral beating and I remembered. The names of the others I took from documents that I have in prison”, she said, making the public that was completely filling the room burst into laughter.

source: Jornal de Notícias, 30.10.2008

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  1. Gonçalo Amaral is not a man that one would easily forget about, specially if one was assaulted by him.
    The behaviour of the Odemira prison director is very strange indeed, such an intimacy and concern about an inmate, is that her usual way with all the inmates?


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