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Hatred, Hamlet and Humanity

Recent entries in our comments section have suggested that this blog has some sort of sinister intentions other than trying to help in the search for the truth about the destiny of Madeleine McCann.

We stand ‘accused’ of maintaining a hate-filled, biased and persecutory blog.

For a day or two, I have weighed the pros and cons of even acknowledging these accusations – to reply or not to reply, seemed to be the question. I’ve always loved Hamlet, he’s a soul mate in so many ways.

And speaking of Hamlet, a citation jumps to mind.

“Give every man thy ear, but few thy voice.”

Sensible words that have guided me through life, and so far they have proved the most solid advice ever. So why am I breaking my golden rule by answering what could easily be dismissed as a lowly provocation?

Because when we stand accused, even by anonymous commentators that are not worth the effort of reading, much less of replying, of forgetting about Madeleine, it is not only Joana and me that are being targeted.

It’s thousands of posters, of bloggers, of commentators from all over the world.

Thousands of persons that refuse to let the issue die, the way that the McCanns and their backers and supporters would like it to.

Thousands of persons that insist they still need answers for their questions.

Thousands of persons that simply won’t shut up and go away.

We have all been invited to help in the search for Madeleine McCann, but when we started looking into the undesired direction, when we started asking the uncomfortable questions, we were not welcome anymore.

Much like the Polícia Judiciária, under the coordination of Gonçalo Amaral.

As soon as their investigation veered away from the official, McCann-sponsored theory, they were rapidly accused of forgetting about Madeleine, of not actively looking for her anymore.

If anything, the PJ should be criticised for the exact opposite: for not suspecting the parents first and foremost, a procedure that is standard for any respectable police force in the civilised world, starting with the British. Easy comparisons jump to mind – the case of Mari Luz, for example, where the parents and close relatives welcomed the police’s suspicions, whomever they fell upon. They knew that the sooner the police was able to eliminate them from the list of suspects, the sooner they could focus on other possibilities. It doesn’t take a degree in quantum physics to understand this.

It doesn’t take big brains to understand what we are trying to do, through our little blog, either.

We try, with the only means that stand at our disposal, to disseminate information; information which would normally not be available to the vast majority of the Anglophone public because it is published in languages other than English. There is no point whatsoever for us to repeat information from the British media, given the fact that it is easily available and understandable for the English-speaking readers.

The obvious result of this endeavour is that the contents of our blog rarely complies with the official, McCann-approved storyline. Why? Because the media outside of the UK has not been gagged, and thankfully continues to supply their public with unbiased, uncensored information that asks the relevant questions and approaches the uncomfortable issues.

So when you accuse this blog of translating and publishing articles that go ‘against’ the sanitised theory that has been actively supported by the British media, you might as well ask yourself why that is the case. And while you’re at it, you may also ask yourself why after the lifting of the judicial secrecy – the very same secrecy that allegedly forced the McCanns to remain silent for over a year – the public’s questions remain unanswered. You may ask yourself why the British police forces have not been formally requested to investigate Madeleine’s disappearance.

And you may ask yourself what it really, truly means to care about Madeleine’s destiny and her right to see her memory dignified and honoured.


  1. Please continue the great work

  2. Joana e Astro: I am so sorry because You both,also,must read all the people,friendly and not really friendly.

    I hope my bad english do not cause problems,because I support Maddie;her Justice by all,Bloguers and Journalists.I am Pro Maddie;by the truth;

    And,Maria há imensas(eu não sou a tal "maria").O descaramento em acusar novamente a Equipa que foi altamente cilindrada na investigação por causa de "altos interesses políticos,pessoais e sabe-se lá que mais.

    Mas,penso que será essa agora "a dedicação" dos que precisam de esconder a verdade VERDADEIRA DO QUE SE PASSOU,onde a INFELIZ MADDIE PERDEU A VIDA!

    From Astro:" You may ask yourself why the British police forces have not been formally requested to investigate Madeleine’s disappearance.

    And you may ask yourself what it really, truly means to care about Madeleine’s destiny and her right to see her memory dignified and honoured.

    by astro "

    Words like that are always beautiful words and acts.

    I am pro Bloguers whom fight by justice to the killed chlidren .

    Justice .

    "Thousands of persons that refuse to let the issue die, the way that the McCanns and their backers and supporters would like it to."

    I do not wish, I refuse to let the issue die!

  3. We , the people, won’t shut up and go away! Justice for a poor child.

  4. as much as the McCann's would love to silence all non-believers and bloggers... it is impossible

    we will be here questioning everything they say until they are finally brought to justice

  5. Hear! Hear!
    I'm pleased you addressed in writing the purpose of the blog attackers when we scrutinize the parents and expose the McCann-sanctioned party line.
    You, go, girl1 Continue your excellent journalism!

  6. Most of all - May I thank you for being You!

    Grateful thanks to you and all the people who work so very hard to help your site every day.

    Without you and a very few other sites, Madeleine would not have a voice at all.

    May God bless you - and the Universe guide us to discovering the whole truth about this very sad case.

    Much Love to you all!

    Coco the Scorpio XXXX

  7. Intelligent and fair, your piece "Hatred, Hamlet and Humanity" says it all. Only those who do not want the truth to be known will attack you. You are doing a great job. Without people like you, we in the Anglophone world would have access to nothing other than the 'abduction' mantra and the PJ bashing. Truth is a must, for the sake of Madeleine and all those whose lives have been damaged by the McCann Spin, and also to prevent a horrid precedent to future cases escaping Justice.

  8. We want the TRUTH and you are helping in that direction. We are grateful for your efforts.

  9. Are the McBullies trying to frighten you away? Don't let them silence you as they have gagged the British media. Freedom of speech must prevail!

  10. This site, and others like it, are the only way the truth will ever emerge about Madeleine. The more that fingers are pointed at those of us who continue to question, who demand answers, who refuse to blindly believe everything we are told when what we are told doesn't make sense; the more that we are accused of not being 'fair' because we are not 'supporting' the McCanns; the more we are threatened in an attempt to silence us, then it means that we are getting closer to the truth and we should double our endeavours, stand firm and support each other in our quest for justice for Madeleine. You have my support and my sincere gratitude for your contribution. Never give in. Yours, Catalina

  11. Astro e Joana, aqueles que vos acusam de ódio ou qualquer outra coisa negativa estão a fazer o mesmo que fizeram ao Gonçalo Amaral. Querem ver-se livres de quem procura informar o público baseado em factos em vez da versão dos pais da criança onde nada bate certo.

    Vocês estão a fazer um trabalho excelente. Não percam a coragem. Força!

  12. The most unusual aspect of this case is the great length Maddie's parents have taken to direct public opinion.

    Publicly, the McCanns stated their belief that Maddie was abducted by a ring of paedophiles and they also requested that the public help the police. It is no wonder that the British government immediately became interested in Gerry McCann's allegation of criminal activity by British operatives.

    The McCann's, not the Portuguese police, firmly planted their knowledge of the activity of a British paedophile ring in the public domain. Now that the police files have been partially released and the allegation of obscene behaviour within their own ranks is also known, for the first time in the case there is actual evidence supporting the McCann's allegations.

    Strange and unexpected twist, but there it is, in the public records. It is unrealistic to expect interest in this case to diminish. Too many twist and turns, Maddie is still missing, this case has the markings of the greatest detective case of all time. And I think it will be solved, my money is on the Brits.

  13. Obviously some British people are not interested in the truth and justice for Madeleine. They would rather sweep the McCann case under the carpet. Perhaps they know what actually happened to Madeleine is so embarrassing they would rather keep it a national secret.

  14. Thank you so much for your blog. It is greatly appreciated by those of us in the UK who cannot rely on their gagged British newspapers for information on this case.
    To those who would threaten, sue and censor, take note of this - we are not going to go away until this poor child has justice.
    We will all stand together, whatever it takes, until that day comes.

  15. Bonjour

    Je n'ai jamais posté sur ce blog , mais je le lis tous les jours . Je suis une blogueuse assidue de Duarte Lévy.

    Mais cet article d'Astro m'a donné envie de répondre.

    Nous voulons savoir ce qui est arrivé a Maddie . J'estime qu'à partir du moment ou les Mccann nous ont sollicité notre aide (Fond , affiches etc....), nous avons le droit de connaitre la vérité .

    Si les blogs se taisaient (ce qu'ils souhaitent apparemment) Maddie tomberait dans l'oubli . Cette petite fille a le droit de continuer a exister a travers les blogs et à travers nos commentaires que ça plaise ou non aux Mccann . Continuez ,vous , les journalistes et Amaral ! Vous etes en train de faire un excellent travail . La preuve ? Vous dérangez .




  16. Joana,

    If you need any help to kick some butt, please don't hesitate to ask.

    The truth is a mighty sword. If you haver stop blogging, your work will always be remembered and looked upon for future references. Give yourself a pat on the back. You've deserved it.

    For those who think that a child death's is an irrelevant colateral damage in the protection of higher interests, forget not that history is filled with them, but, always one day uncovered. In this episode, the "McCann's" (term used broadly) will be, unquestionably, in history books: as disgusting stains to humanity.

    Kate (I know you read this on a daily basis) please do confess your sins. Nothing can be as worse as to be the world's trademark for parental killing for a long, long time.


  17. This above all: to thine own self be true,
    And it must follow, as the night the day,
    Thou canst not then be false to any man.

    Astro and Joana, all love from your friend and big fan, Leo.


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