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Helping the McCanns? No way! - 24Horas

Detectives don’t want to cooperate with Maddie’s parents

The McCanns want to hire a new detective to search for Maddie. But they are not being helped much in Portugal

The Portuguese detectives are little interested in helping the investigation into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann.

Millionaire Brian Kennedy, one of the main financial sponsors of the international fund that was created to locate Maddie, announced that he is looking for a detective to head the investigations. But he is running low on luck.

Detective Mário Costa says he is not available to enter “that movie”. Former PJ inspector Pereira Cristóvão states that he doesn’t work on missing persons’ cases. And only lawyer Marcos Aragão Correia, who lead an operation at the Arade Dam to look for the little girl’s body in March, is available to help.

“If a daughter of mine disappeared I wouldn’t stop looking for her either” Aragão Correia, tells 24Horas, revealing that the searches that he participated in were “concerted” with Método 3, the Spanish detective agency that was hired by the McCanns.

If Kate and Gerry came knocking on Mário Costa’s door, the answer would be a resounding “no”. “If the PJ, with all their people and means involved, didn’t get anywhere, how is a private detective going to solve the case? Only if he’s the king of sorcerers”, the detective says.

The former Polícia Judiciária inspector Pereira Cristóvão, who considers that the archiving of the process by the Public Ministry was “extemporaneous”, doesn’t oppose the McCann couple’s hiring: “It’s a sign that there is still money to spend”. Nevertheless, in his case, he says that he is not available for any help. “I only work with firms”, he guarantees.

Mário Costa was approached

Detective Mário Costa was was approached by intermediaries for the McCanns, in order to help out the investigation. “I was asked through an illustrious lawyer, to find out if I was available to cooperate”, Mário Costa confirms. “If I had taken the case, I might have half a million euros in my bank account but I would be discredited due to accepting a case that I could not solve”, the detective explains.

Barra da Costa tries to reopen case

Criminologist Barra da Costa sent the Attorney General’s office a document last Friday, which may lead to the reopening of the Maddie process if it is taken into account.

In his own investigation, the former PJ inspector told 24Horas that he found a witness that he considers to be fundamental but was not taken into account in the investigation. “[The witness] denounces certain facts to the GNR, but that report doesn’t even appear in the process that was now archived”.

After analyzing the 60 volumes and thousands of pages under the magnifying glass, Barra da Costa failed to find one single mention of this witness. Therefore he contacted her and, among other information, he sent the result to the prosecutor that is responsible for the case.

As far as 24Horas was able to establish with a judicial source, the document includes the statement of a witness who says that father Pacheco – who gave the church keys to the McCann couple so they could pray – was involved in crimes of sexual nature against minors. The priest, who was contacted by 24Horas, denies any such accusation. “That’s a scheme against the church. I have never been involved in any process that is related to such things. I only met the McCanns after the disappearance”, he defends himself.

Barra da Costa criticizes the investigation and considers that many doubts remain unclear. During the investigation he raised controversy when he stated that the McCann couple practiced swing (switching couples). He was criticized, but throughout the many pages of the process, which is now relieved of judicial secrecy, there are questions made by PJ inspectors to the couple’s friends that have the purpose to clarify that issue.

“The disappearance of a child must be seen as homicide, because it’s the most serious crime.”

source: 24Horas, 21.10.2008


  1. Aqui destaco: "nem pensar"!


    Quanto a B. da Costa....pelo menos vai fazer barulho e vamos esperar.

    O barulho costuma ser diferente.Vejamos qual o sucesso.

  2. And in comes the paedophilia angle again....first payne and now the vicar is accused...Nothing at all mnw suprises me and this puts another slant as to why father pacheco himself ghot footed it out of PDL....Initially we were led to believe he was upset with the McCanns in some way and had felt used...Wonder if that was spin to distance himself from the McCanns hiding of the body...perhaps father pacheco is the missing link as to how the and where the body was kept untill the move in the scenic....This case is bloody riddled with innuendo about paedophilia, I have wracked my brain many a night as to why Gordon Brown and co would assist them...an dthe only viable explanation I come to is.......BLOODY PAEDOPHILES!!


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