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Jury selected - Correio da Manhã

Justice: Trial of PJ inspectors starts on the 24th at Faro Court

A municipal fireman, a financial technician that works at a hospital, a chauffeur and a golf course receptionist. These are the four members of the public that compose the jury that will try five Polícia Judiciária inspectors, at Faro Court, starting next Friday, the 24th.

Leonel Lopes, Pereira Cristóvão and Marques Bom stand accused of torture upon Leonor Cipriano, who was condemned over the murder of her daughter Joana. Nunes Cardoso faces an accusation of document forgery and former coordinator Gonçalo Amaral is suspected of false testimony and omission of denunciation.

Jury selection took place yesterday, at Faro Court, with the choice of four effective jurors and four substitutes, after the 16 persons that had been drawn as potential members of the jury. Initially they were 18, but one of the jurors had a criminal record (which impeded him from becoming a juror) and a lady that had been called due to an apparent mistake of the court.

Leonor Cipriano’s new lawyer, Marcos Aragão Correia, presented a request for protection to be given to himself, to Joana’s mother (who is detained at the prison in Odemira, surrounded by dozens of prison guards) and the “ten accusation witnesses”. “There have been indirect threats”, he accused, citing a press article where he states that Pereira Cristóvão compared him “to the dog and that he should be given a slap on the back”.

Pragal Colaço, the lawyer who represents four of the inspectors, replied by saying that “one should not come to court thinking it’s a child’s play”. António Cabrita, Gonçalo Amaral’s lawyer, commented by stating that “idiocy is free in this country”.


Substitutes – The four substitute jurors are to follow the trial in case it becomes necessary to substitute one of the effective jurors.

Witnesses – The present director of the PJ, former director Santos Cabral and the joint national director of Faro, Guilhermino Encarnação, are some of the defense witnesses.

Lawsuits – Aragão Correia has three lawsuits filed against him. To CM he stated that those are defamation suits, that have been filed by the Judiciária inspectors.

source: Correio da Manhã, 18.10.2008


  1. 2º acto de MAC.
    (não é comp.; nem é o MEC,atenção!)

    Ou será que é o 3ª,caso?

    Não vá ter sido ele o paraquedista inábil

    ou exibicionista.


    A família que viu o "raptor com a criança ao colo";
    o "raptor que sabe ter sido visto;
    as roupas do "raptor" foram descritas pela famosa j.t.;
    daí que as 24 fotos....sejam importantes.
    O "raptor" terá estado no jantar com as roupas do funeral?
    Bem,este é outro caso.

    Eu sei que a notícia é a propósito da infeliz Joana e sua estrumosa progenitora(acho que fiz 1 erro ortográfico.Ou não?)

  2. Best wishes to Gonçalo Amaral and his colleagues.

    Let's hope he can put all this behind him soon and help find a conclusion for Maddie.

    Best wishes, also, to his wife Sofia and his children. I will always remember Sofia taking the basket of flowers to Gonçalo in the colours that symbolized the Maddie search and his childrens words: "Father! We love you very much, don’t forget us, but find Madeleine."

    You go get em Gonçalo! You so deserve to come out of this as the hero. Big hug from me in the UK for all that you have done, and for all that is left to be done xxx

  3. I'm happy Joana's mother and her uncle are behind bars.
    A promiscuous family and the child is dead.

    Her uncle confessed it.These people are a danger for the society.They really don't diserve better and I hope the accused detectives will come out free.

  4. The Policia Judiciaria should, in the future, film and record all proceedings involving depositions. I hope the trial is fair, but I have the feeling that Mr. Amaral is being railroaded. What better news could there be for the McCanns than to have Mr. Amaral end up in jail.

  5. Mère de Joana condamné une nouvelle fois


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