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Leonor fined for 270 euros - Correio da Manhã

New lawyer wanted Joana’s mother to file an accusation and to present an additional list of witnesses, but court considered the pretense unfounded

Leonor was condemned to pay approximately 270 euros to the Faro Court. The decision was made after Joana’s mother requested to accuse he PJ inspectors that allegedly abused her and presented an additional list of witnesses through her new lawyer, Marcos Aragão Correia. The court classified the request as manifestly unfounded and charged three units of expenses (90 euros each).

Since the process started, Leonor is an assistant, with the Public Ministry filing the accusation against the five PJ inspectors. Three over torture, one over forgery and one over false statement and a failure to denounce. When Aragão Correia became Leonor’s lawyer, in late September, he presented a request for Joana’s mother to also deduct an accusation in the same sense as the Public Ministry. At the same time, an additional list of witnesses was presented.

Nevertheless, the Second Instance of Faro Court decided that Leonor couldn’t file an accusation that is similar to the Public Ministry’s as this can only be done within ten days from the moment that one is notified of the accusation, which happened in June 2007. The additional list of witnesses that was presented was not accepted either because there wasn’t an earlier list.

CM tried to contact Aragão Correia yesterday but it was not possible. It should be mentioned that on Friday the lawyer stated that he had already added witnesses to the process.

source: Correio da Manhã, 20.10.2008, printed edition


  1. Was the lawyer bent ?

    Or did he fail to read the Judge's findings in the Court Report of the trial ?

    In John Lennon's immortal words - "I don't wanna be a lawyer mamma, I don't wanna lie .....". A very prophetic guy.

    I read somewhere that Bliar and Brown are both lawyers ....

  2. It seems the Portuguese impose much lower penalties for wasting police time than British Courts.

    According to reports regarding Shannon Matthew's mother, it's an imprisonable offence.

  3. It was other " DREAM" like he had in Madeleine´s case, what a damn lawyer!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Excuse me for being thick but what is exactly going on here. The psychics seem to have got somethings right.

    1. There was a big silver car, the dogs sniffed it out.

    2. Gerry has a blue button up shirt, he is wearing it on one of his photos.

    3. We now that a bloody towel was found at a farmhouse or barn

    4.The picture is not too much like gerry`s ugly mug but take alook at the photo of gerry on "I Have something to say¬s", blogger of your blagger 15/10/08

    5. Can we deduce from this that Madeleine is burried at lagos then?

  5. sharon,

    You don't have to be psychic to know details broadcast via media and online.

    You don't have to be psychic to identify Mitchell's spin and manipulation from truth.

    The truth is the alleged psychic would have to stand face to face with the (non existent) abductor in order to produce such a detailed identikit.

    The article's author has no understanding of clairvoyant's abilities or their limitations.
    That to which they 'atune' is, at best 'sketchy'.

    FBI were affiliated to an earlier sketch. Kate's were the only prints found on the window ... there was no abductor.

  6. http://madeleinefoundation.org/main/

  7. ...ehmmm.. madeleinefoundation...
    you don't have a donate-button on your site Joana.... why do you allow this link ?
    (do you get 10% ?)


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