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Maddie case with new detective - Correio da Manhã

The parents of Madeleine McCann, the little English girl that disappeared in the Algarve in May 2007, are preparing to hire a new detective to lead the searches for their daughter.

“Kate and Gerry McCann are reviewing their strategy as no major breakthrough has emerged in the hunt for Madeleine”, British newspaper ‘Sunday Express’ revealed yesterday.

Millionaire Brian Kennedy, the main financial supporter of the search operation for Maddie, is looking for a detective with solid experience to coordinate the private investigation. Over the last couple of weeks several candidates have been interviewed, including former FBI agents.

The new head of the investigation can count on the work that has already been developed by the two previous teams, that have been dismissed in the meantime, and also with the crime process containing over 20 thousand pages that ended up archived, in July, by the Portuguese authorities.

source: Correio da Manhã, 20.10.2008


  1. WANTED: Former detective, without any experience whatsoever in searching missing children, but with the will to spend a lot of money while presenting little or no results. Preference will be given to anyone with a criminal past, or without any past at all. Obligatory requisite: to lie exceedingly well. Warning: Will be dismissed after 2 or 3 sightings of Maddie.

  2. Boa,anónimo!

    As entrevistas para "house keeper" continuam.É espantoso!
    Concordo em absoluto com o requisito.

    Tanto,tanto,tanto e infinito medo, que els têm.Grande teia!

  3. anonymous - 11.36

    Exactly ... fraud and corruption must be a speciality for all applicants. Only those prepared to work against evidenced police facts need apply.

  4. "FBI" is back in DX .... alleging the 'identik' face was produced by a'psycic'.

    Whilst those with the 'gift' receive clues via clairvoyance/clairaudience, the 'clear picture' shown is way beyond their capability. Reputable psycics only work for the good - DX is bringing their work into disrepute with another unsubstantiated 'story'.

    Those who work for the police focus on the 'victim' - dead or alive.

  5. The 20,000 archived pages confirm the extent of planning designed to waste police time and pervert the course of justice.

    Forensic findings and conclusions following Mark Harrison's cold case review were simple and straightforward - swiftly solved.
    Within the timescale of parallel cases, Sarah Payne & Sohom schoolgirls. Those responsible weren't politically protected and, therefore, arrested and taken to Court.


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