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Maddie: Hol chat on risk of kidnap - The Sun


KATE McCann and three friends discussed child-snatchers hours before daughter Madeleine disappeared, it has emerged.

Dr Russell O’Brien, one of the so-called Tapas Seven, told police of the “haunting” conversation had while on holiday in Portugal last year.

He said it came up after another father said he felt awkward photographing his own child.

Dr O’Brien, 37, was with his partner Jane Tanner, 37, Rachel Oldfield, 37, and Kate, 40.

He said: “We then had a conversation about the ludicrous pressure on parents that they can’t take photos of their children.

“The other aspect of the conversation, which is doubly haunting, was that we said, ‘You’re far more likely to get clobbered by your uncle or your neighbour than some random stranger’.

“Since this happened ten or 11 hours before Madeleine was abducted, it seemed a very uncomfortable coincidence.”

The doctor, of Exeter, Devon, made his comments in April as he was quizzed by British cops at the request of the Portuguese authorities.

The interviews are in documents seen by The Sun.

Maddie was snatched in Praia da Luz on May 3 last year, days before her fourth birthday.

source: The Sun, 21.10.2008


  1. Mirror,Mirror on the Wall
    Who is the biggest liar of All?

    Do they really believe that at those heights people are going to "buy" this kind of rubbish? (I am being polite for once)
    What a convinient conversation! Gonçalo is laughing his head off with this kind of undigestable stories....and the show goes on....jajajajaja
    Is this what their silence was for? preparing this kind of NON NEWS?ridiculous non news?Its getting worse by the day suddenly again.Although an effort has been made for not serving us with "new sightings".....

  2. Ive had enough of the bullshit the Mccanns and or their cronies spout..I bet you on the run up to christmas we will be treated to more of the same kind of crap.

  3. I really do believe that a similar sort of conversation took place, but only after her demise.

  4. The British Press appear to carry on doing anything in order to support the LIE. Let's have the TRUTH for a change!


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