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Maddie is worth Gold - 24Horas

McCanns and friends are to receive 481 thousand euros of compensation

The McCanns and their friends are to receive almost half a million euros of compensation from the English press group Express. The money goes into the fund for Maddie

The McCanns and the seven friends that dined with them at the tapas restaurant in Praia da Luz on the evening that Madeleine disappeared, are to receive compensation over moral damages in a total amount of 375 thousand Pounds (481 thousand euros).

The English Express group was condemned to pay almost half a million euros over approximately 12 defaming articles about the Maddie case that were published in the “Daily Express” and in the “Sunday Express” newspapers. The lawsuit was filed in the name of the McCann couple and of the “Tapas Seven” by British law firm Carter-Ruck.

The Express group newspapers present a public apology to Kate and Gerry at the Supreme Court in London today. Official apologies will also be published in the “Daily Express” and in the “Daily Star” and in weekly “Sunday Express”.

The 481 thousand euros go directly into the Find Madeleine fund, which “needs money to continue to support the investigation to find Madeleine”, Clarence Mitchell, the McCanns’ spokesman, told 24Horas.

“With this compensation, the Fund will have about 700 to 800 thousand Pounds [approximately 900 thousand to 1 million euros]”, he added.

The third agreement this year

In this case against the Express group, the McCanns and their friends complained about approximately 12 articles – which accused them of covering up the truth about what happened to Madeleine or allegations that they lied to the police and that they had been involved in the child’s disappearance.

This is already the third time this year that several British newspapers accept an agreement to pay compensation over the Maddie case, in order to avoid a trial over defamation.

In March, the same Express group had to pay 550 thousand pounds (705 thousand euros) of compensation to the McCanns because of a series of articles about the disappearance of Madeleine in newspapers “Daily Star” and “Daily Star Sunday” – articles that were considered to be defamatory and damaging to the honour and the image of Kate and Gerry. “That time, the McCanns also donated all of the money to the Find Madeleine fund”, Mitchell recalled.

In July, Robert Murat received 600 thousand pounds (770 thousand euros) from 11 British newspapers over moral damages due to over 100 articles.

Detectives take a break

The contracts with the detectives from Spanish agency Método 3 and with the investigators from the Oakley firm have ceased, Clarence Mitchell revealed. “The McCanns remain in contact with some detectives and whenever necessary, they will hire more again”, the spokesman said.

source: 24Horas, 16.10.2008


  1. Umbelievable. What a money machine!

  2. Certainly making plenty of money for Mr Amaral and more in the offing I presume!


  3. Maria, did you misunderstand the text? This is about the Tapas Seven not Mr Amaral.

    Besides there is no comparison between them. The whole story started with the McCanns, whatever happened to their daughter and they cannot be entirely innocent in it, at the very least due to neglect. Then Gerry and Kate started the money raising exercise, supposedly to help find Madeleine, a task likely to go on for ever if she is dead and the body disposed of as there is strong evidence. Then came the other kind of money raising exercise, from the McCanns and now their Tapas friends, the sueing of newspapers.

    On the contrary, Mr Amaral sought no money. He tried to do his Police job and find out the truth. As a result he lost his job and had his reputation unfairly tarnished. If he makes money on his book, good for him, he deserves and needs something good to come out of a situation he did not create but has affected his life quite badly.

  4. To save time and money, the McCanns have hopefully ensured 'detectives' have been given an authentic copy of Mr Amaral's Truth of The Lie.

    Reputable detectives do not take money under false pretences, nor do they act in contempt of the police and evidenced facts.

  5. anonymous - 12.31

    PM's evidenced based conclusions - "abandonment, endangerment, homicide, cadaver disposal" align with Mr Amaral's evidenced based conclusions in Truth of The Lie.

    It's the first time in British political/criminal history that government ministers have afforded unprecedented protection - at taxpayers' expense - to parents whose child died in their holiday apartment. 15 component DNA match to Madeleine was confirmed by FSS in Mr Amaral's testimony.

    The corruption almost defies belief ....

  6. anonymous,

    Mitchell remains in charge of media hype and spin and manipulation.

    There's no evidence supporting the alleged payouts to McCanns, Murat or the Tapas 3. British tabloids are censored and publish without question - 'political propaganda'.

    Anyone can have their photo taken outside Court. Fraud is as big an aspect in the case as findings of Madeleine's death and disposal.

  7. anonymous - 12.31

    Well said ... any person in a democracy granting themselves power to overrule the police in their line of duty is clearly seeking to overthrow the essence of democracy and is endangering civilized society.

    Icelanders have recently had a taste of the same treatment the government meted to the PJ - a total embarrassment to law abiding decent British citizens.


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