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Maddie reaches the cinema - 24Horas

Gonçalo Amaral’s book becomes a movie that will be broadcast by TVI

TVI’s project tells the version of the former PJ inspector about Maddie’s disappearance

Yesterday, in the Algarve, recordings started for the movie that will adapt Gonçalo Amaral’s book “The Truth of the Lie”, which tells the Maddie case investigator’s version about the child’s disappearance, to the cinema.

Yesterday, the team from production house Valentim de Carvalho, headed by Manuel Fonseca, was in Sagres in order to capture the first images of the scene where a Polish man is caught taking photos of children, a situation that is recorded in Amaral’s book, and which ended up being discarded by police because nothing was found that might incriminate the man. And in the evening, scenes were short near the cane-field close to the Ocean Club, where Gonçalo Amaral believes that the McCann couple could have hidden their daughter’s body on the night of the disappearance, later moving the cadaver into another location. After Sagres, the production intended to move into Praia da Luz, where an “illustrated postcard” of the village would be shot.

Amaral is the movie’s narrator

The retired PJ inspector, who will be present in almost every scene as the narrator, will defend, in the movie, the theory that renders the McCann couple responsible for Madeleine’s death and the concealment of her cadaver.

Amaral will be busy with producer Manuel da Fonseca until mid-November.

Yesterday, at around 3 p.m., the former inspector arrived at Hotel da Baleeira, in Sagres, where he is due to remain until next Saturday. In a suit and tie, visibly slimmer, he said he could not make “any statements”. 24Horas was able to establish that the former coordinator’s silence is based on a contract that gives any exclusives to TVI, after only a few days ago José Eduardo Moniz bought the film rights.

24Horas knows that the castings which have searched for actors and figurants for the movie “haven’t been easy”. According to a source that is close to the production, the major difficulties have been related to “finding persons that resemble Kate and the friends that were dining with the McCann couple that evening, at the Ocean Club’s Tapas Bar”.

The production is based on Amaral’s book, which has sold 180 000 copies in Portugal alone, but may also include “scenes that have never been reported before”. A source that is close to Amaral said to 24Horas that the former inspector “wrote about what was in the process or what could be corroborated”, but that there are conversations, phone calls and episodes that were witnessed by the former policeman which may be fundamental to “bring the truth about the Maddie case into the world”.

The same source believes that the book and the film may expose new data and lead to the reopening of the process, which was archived and awaits “better evidence”. “He still has a policeman’s blood, he is still very aware of an education that prevents him from speaking. But now he has to do it in front of the cameras, in the name of a truth that he wants to see revealed”, the same source explains to 24Horas.

Dispensed to attend court

Gonçalo Amaral will be dispensed from the filming next Friday in order to attend court. The former policeman is an arguido in the case of alleged aggressions over Leonor Cipriano. The accusation sustains that Joana’s mother was tortured by the inspectors that interrogated her. The PJ says that Leonor fell off the stairs at the Faro Directory. Amaral stands accused of the crime of failure to denounce because he “knew about the crime and didn’t report it to the Public Ministry.”

source: 24Horas, 21.10.2008


  1. there´s a good german actress that looks like Kate,her name is Nina Hoss, she would be great for that rol

  2. Hello
    I´m from Oporto and I would like to be submitted to the casting regarding the difficulties you have been related to finding persons that resemble Kate and her friends. Please let me know how to proceed to nena_qi@sapo.pt.
    Many thanks n Kind Regards
    Nena Fonseca

  3. Óptimos colaboradores,esta/estes anónimos.Bravo!


    "...may expose new data and lead to the reopening of the process,..."


  4. no, better not Nina Hoss... the German accent would maybe ´hurt´ unintendedly the movie and even worse ....the truth...


  5. Good about the movie. It should contribute to make the truth of the lie widely known.


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