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The Mysterious Parachute Jumper

Who was the man that landed furtively in the Algarve in the early morning of August 7, 2007 - and what was his purpose?

As reported by several Portuguese newspapers, at around 3.30 a.m. on the 7th of August 2007, a mysterious parachute jumper landed on the EN 125, between Lagoa and Porches (Algarve), cut himself free from the parachute and fled the spot before the authorities arrived.

According to LUSA, the central Portuguese news agency, the man landed on a car that was driving on the EN 125; the car’s driver unsuccessfully tried to avoid the impact.

LUSA further reported that according to the GNR, the jumper, whose whereabouts was unknown at the time of the report, presumably suffered no major injuries given the fact that he managed to flee the area.

Eye witness André Santos, on whose car the mysterious man landed, was in shock: “I saw a shape in front of me and the next thing that I realised was that a piece of cloth was covering my whole car. I felt strings wrapping around the rear view mirror and then the back wheel jumped. When I managed to stop, I saw a person untying the parachute and escaping into the shrubbery, wearing a backpack on his back and another backpack on the front of his body”, the driver recalls, while describing the individual as being “approximately 1.70 metres tall and thin. He was wearing a dark parachuting suit, and glasses”.

At the time, the authorities informed that they were investigating the case, in order to identify the mysterious jumper, as well as to trace the origin of the parachute, which was collected on the spot.

The GNR considered that it had to be a “very experienced” parachute jumper in order to be flying at night time. The Air Force radar that is located at the highest point of the Algarve, at Foia in Monchique, which detects any intrusion into the Portuguese air space, registered no flights at that time of night on the 7th of August 2007. Local aerodromes were apparently also investigated, in order to find out if any small airplanes had lifted off during that night.

It seems that this news piece was not followed up by any of the Portuguese media.

The identity of the mysterious man who landed his parachute on the road between Lagoa and Porches (Algarve) on the early morning hours of the 7th of August 2007, apparently remains a mystery to this day.

Sources: Lusa, 07.08.2007; Barlavento, 07.08.2007; 24Horas, 08.08.2007; Região Sul, 08.08.2007; Correio da Manhã, 08.08.2007


  1. Estranhíssimo. Mas ainda não posso dar , neste momento a devida atenção.

    Reparei que há notícias mais recentes.Lá irei.

  2. Milk Tray for the lovely Kate?

  3. Ainda vou ler agora,a seguir.Mas a imagem é castanha.Melhor dito: o para quedas e o uniforme é castanho.

    Faz-me lembrar filmes antigos de espionagem.

    Ou será que o M.Ar. ou 1 dos M3 fez uma destas?


  4. Mais correcto: o uniforme e o para quedas desta imagem são de cor castanha.

    O salto foi num dia em que muito pessoal se quiz casar: 07/07/07.

    O salto foi de madrugada para que não fosse detectado; o darling não se queria magoar,nem cair em plena 125; queria passar despercebido.
    Magoou-se com certeza mas não o suficiente.
    Não podemos ser tão português suave.O condutor deveria ter participado para dar azo a uma investigação. Mas já passou!

    Aposta ou não,que 1 dia se saiba o porquê.

    E,afinal as notícias são todas da mesma época.Enganei-me ao olhar.

  5. Ludicrous ..... so ludicrous it failed to make the Portuguese press!!

    Who took the photo of the 'mystery man' on his unexpected descent before he vanished into thin air having escaped injury landing on a car ?? !!!

    One thing's for sure, he didn't leave his prints on the window of 5A - Kate was the only person to do so.

  6. google or another: choose/images/parachute jumper

    So,like that we can choose an image.

    And that image is nice; make to remember us about spy...suspense...


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