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'O Crime' front cover today

Leonor's lawyer denounces:

"The English police discovered Gonçalo Amaral's rotten secrets"

"I'm going to reveal them in court!"

... and we can hardly wait.


  1. At first
    thank You for the translation
    It is unbelievable. Money from the Madleine Fond to dicredit a police officer.
    What is the role of the british police ??
    A british toddler is disappaered,probably dead- after the british dogs marked the smell of death. What is the british police doing now ??
    Nothing in this case.
    Mr Correia- I would be ashamed to take the money from these people.

  2. Read on "The Resident"
    30 Octobre 2008

    Integrity of G. Amaral questioned in police brutality case.

    Lawers will be questioning the integrity of Gonçalo Amaral during the current court hearing of the alleged police torture of Leonor Cipriano, the mother of missing girl Joana, who disappeared in 2004 from Figueira near Portimão. They believe it to be an integral part of the trial to demonstrate the character of the former lead detective in the subsequent case of the disappearance of Madeleine McCann. Leonor Cipriano is accusing police of torture and beatings during interrogations into the case surrounding her daughter Joana. She was later sentenced to 16 years imprisonment for the murder of her daughter, although no body has ever been found in the case. Five members of the police have been accused by Leonor Cipriano, including Gonçalo Amaral. The former head of the PJ, Alípio Ribeiro, is also to be questioned by Cipriano’s lawyers surrounding the resignation of Gonçalo Amaral. This is set to include questioning surrounding claims of


    Comments made about Gonçalo Amaral have been described as “unreasonable” by his lawyer. António Cabrita told Portuguese news agency Lusa: “These accusations do not produce anything relevant to the trial. This debate should take place with dignity and these types of statement do nothing to ensure that.Do you have a view on this story? Avez-vous une opinion sur cette histoire? Email: editor@theresident.com

  3. Thats a ill hidden threat if ever I heard one! Amaral is an easy target to use to muddy the waters after the way he was portrayed re the Madeleine case.
    The low lifes probably rubbed their rotten hands with glee when they saw the trouncing the British media gave Amaral knowing it would come in handy for the defence of the indefencable.
    The McCanns have more than the death of their daughter to answer for.

  4. Let's just hope this trial will not become another lenghty odyssea as the Casa Pia trial.
    About Mr. Amaral's skelletons in the closet, I bet he's alredy shaking in fear...not!

  5. He is trying to intimidate Goncalo amaral and his lawyer, and is trying to get support from some media to help him pass a bad idea about Amaral. Amaral, like everybody, is not perfect but he dont have any of his child missing. Why is Mr. Aragao trying to destroy amaral? Who is paying and we which intentions? The investigation which, according with him, the british police have done on Amaral private life, was it legal or not? Which crime are they investigating and who ask them to do it, because according to what the public knows, the british police came to portugal to help finding what happen to maddie, not to investigate Amaral. This is a very serious issue and he should have strong evidence on what he is saying because this will ruin the relations between the two polices in the future. Their was always a suspicion that the scothland yard works on one way with the same filling as the pj and the Leicester police works pro-Mccann.If this suspicion was true then their will be a War inside british police because the so called top police in the world will end up the most corrupt and incompetent.

  6. I'm surprised they are not asking Clarence Mitchell for vox pops about this case... after all he seems to be involved...

    it is very murky & looks like the McCann's will stop at nothing to try & sully this good man's name...

    hopefully it will make him stronger and he will go after the McCann's with full force & support behind him

    (thanks for answering yesterday about the photos)

  7. No 'hard' copy available in Portugal.

    Joana - would you like a copy of the Court Report of Joana's trial ?

  8. Is this a Portuguese newspaper trying to discredit their own countryman?

  9. Corrupt bully boy tactics is team McCanns' chosen 'weapon' of defence.

    Mr Amaral has acted with honour and efficiency throughout ... the reason Mitchell's too scared to accept Goncolo's offer to 'argue Truth of The Lie in a Portuguese Court'.

  10. Unlike Portugal, Nulabor governs Britain on the basis of a corrupt 'banana republic'.

    It's intervention/influence for McCanns' benefit confirms it's contempt for the legal duties of two police forces and extraordinary experize deployed on Madeleine's behalf. Portuguese & British taxpayers are paying the monumental costs of a straightforward case; public opinion is heavily monitored and censored.

  11. A fruta quando cai é porque está madura e fica podre....

    "queridos" MAC;M3;mcpateticos;T7,8,910....E OS VOSSOS PODRES? SÃO PARA ESCONDER? E PORQUÊ?????????? SÃO IMENSOS,NÃO É VERDADE?????????????

  12. Can't everybody see it? I don't think I'm a genius, and it's so self-evident that it hurts my eyes.

    The Unqualifiable Ones, carbon copied the tactics from the UK into Portugal.

    First, trying to distort the truth through tabloids (The Crime, I believe, ranks in credibility as the Daily Mirror, if not less as in the Isles, say people do believe what's written there) forgeting that Portugal has no tabloid tradition whatsoever. Clarence please do some field research beforehand: people who read this paper are after the news about the prostitute. Do you no how many other papers printed yhat news? NONE. You sad, sod.

    Next, after a lawyer who thinks he's Denzel Washington in "Philadelphia". In Portugal? LOL. You either go on TV, and only then don't defend the McCanns. You'll only ridicule yourself. McCanns, hope you gave this idiot a whole lump of cash, because here in Portugal, I don't see a bright future for the chap.

    Lastly, did you forget that Portugal has read the book? One thing is to hold Britain by the testicles, other is to try a "don't use a condom" slogan to an anti-Aids campaign.

    Are you REALLY expecting something out of this?

    When will you finally stop to underestimate the Dagos?

    You sad, sad lot.



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