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PJ forgets about rape to save 10 thousand euros - Correio da Manhã

Joana Case: Analyses in the USA could explain semen in little girl’s underpants

The Polícia Judiciária abdicated from proving that Leandro raped little Joana, before the 8-year-old stepdaughter disappeared from the village of Figueira in 2004. In order to “save 10 thousand euros” in tests in the United States, CM was told by Gonçalo Amaral, former coordinator of the PJ in Portimão.

Leandro refused to give sperm for analysis. The DNA tests that were made from saliva that was collected from the suspect pointed towards the residues that had been found in the girl’s underpants being semen from her stepfather – but in order to obtain evidence that would sustain an accusation, it would have been necessary for the PJ to request new DNA markers from a laboratory in the USA.

That was an indication from the Institute for Forensics Medicine that “wasn’t followed by the PJ”, according to Amaral, a situation that he finds “strange and hilarious”. The PJ refused to spend approximately “10 thousand euros” on the tests.

This process appeared following the investigation into the disappearance of the little girl from Figueira and was archived by the Public Ministry in June last year – when Amaral had already been removed from the case.

The PJ’s final report suggested the archiving “because even if it is proved that the sperm comes from the suspect he can allege that he wiped his penis with the child’s underpants”. As a matter of fact, that was how Leandro justified himself to CM yesterday: “When Joana wasn’t home, we used to go into her room to do those things. And I have no idea where Leonor cleaned herself up.”

A senior official from the PJ states that “it wasn’t possible to establish whether or not the residues belonged to the suspect because there were contamination problems” and because it was a complex type of DNA.

Amaral connects Aragão with the McCanns’ detectives

“A community of psychopaths.” That is how the former PJ coordinator, Gonçalo Amaral, classifies Leonor Cipriano and her lawyer Aragão Correia, while reacting to the direct accusations that had been made by the defense lawyer at the Court in Faro on Monday.

“That gentleman is not defending Leonor’s interests, but rather those of other persons that are unrelated to this process. He’s on someone’s orders”, Amaral accuses. At the same time he alerts towards the fact that the lawyer has “a strong connection to Método 3”, the detective agency that was paid by the McCann couple to investigate the disappearance of Maddie. Aragão Correia revealed that he knew that the British police had carried out a private investigation on Amaral and even spoke to Leandro. At the time, he was informed that the policeman would be removed from the Maddie case – one week before the fact was made public. Amaral says that “it wasn’t the police, it was Método 3”.

Defense already has key witness for today

This morning, right after 9.30 a.m., the defense team for the five PJ inspectors that stand accused of torture over Leonor Cipriano is preparing to present a “key witness” to the Court of Faro which may be “decisive to clear” the policemen, CM was able to establish. This testimony has been kept secret by the defense due to a matter of strategy, and only this morning will it be appended to the process and known by the Public Ministry and the assistant lawyers – Aragão Correia, the defense lawyer for Joana’s mother, and Rodrigo Santiago, who represents the Lawyers’ Order. The numerous contradictions by Leonor concerning the circumstances under which she was assaulted by the PJ “are evident”, according to a source close to the defense, and will now be explored.


Genetic disease – The residues coincided with Leandro’s DNA in approximately 90 percent. A genetic disease that is characteristic to persons of African origin was detected. Leandro is an African.

Children with relatives – The Commission for the Protection of Endangered Children of Portimão told CM that Leonor’s two children are “with relatives”.

Challenge to Amaral – “He has no evidence. Where’s the body?”, Leandro asks, challenging Gonçalo Amaral.

source: Correio da Manhã, 29.10.2008


  1. Thank you for your site where we are able to keep our eyes open.
    SKY NEWS LIFE OF CRIME BLOG is no longer working.

    Freedom of speech no longer works in certain so called "democratic" countries.

    God Bless Joana and Madeleine.

  2. Where is the body Mr leandro? you Know very well where is the body!! No body doesn't mean no crime. In the story of crimes there is several situations that the body was never recovered or was found several years later just by accident. In uk the police knows very well this type of crimes. Normally the children are harmed by closed ones, family or close friends. whatever happen to joana is your fault and leonor fault. What wonder us now is, why are you and mr. aragao helping the Mccann's now? what they promise you and how much monney are both getting from madeleine's fund. ThAt connection deserves a deap and serious investigation by the poruguese, the british and peraphs,the spanish authorities. Maybe mccann's case will be reopen now and the truth about madeleine will show up.Nobody believes on the abduction.

  3. The Court Report of Joana's trial does include the item' forensically examined for semen, but it was not 'underpants'. PJ's suspicions at the time were unproveable and Judged accordingly at the time.

    Forensic examination of specimens in Madeleine's case produced no 'semen' results. Mari Luz's postmortem confirm no 'sexual abuse'.

    Police reports in 3 cases confirm Joana suffered the most at the hands of her 'carers'.

  4. anonymous - 09:22

    Self serving Nulabor holds democracy in contempt whilst elected to serve it - corrupting Portuguese as well as British society in the process.

  5. "Challenge to Amaral – “He has no evidence. Where’s the body?”, Leandro asks, challenging Gonçalo Amaral."

    Wow... Gerry said something very similar didn't he?

    I feel sorry for the PJ. I can't see how they're going to get justice if Meturdo 3 are linked to this.

    If they don't get justice then it will help strengthen the McCann's case as they can villify the PJ even more.

    It makes you wonder if the McCanns researched Joana's case to use it as a background for their own.

    So many similiarities. What's going on is very shocking.

  6. how on earth did this case ever go to court???

    btw wondering if anyone has any news from Paulo Reis since he started his new job...

    any sign of the 24 photos?

  7. Hi there
    I knew Petardo3 would be in the picture but this is being taken care of in spain,dont worry....now what I find absolutely repugnant is the uk cops attitude and their private investigation on Amaral.
    I hope that Gonçalo is going to do something about it.
    The whole thing is disgusting in Joana"s case as much as in Madeleine"s
    The Court is dealing with 2 sets of pschycos: the mccMIERDA and the ciprianoMIERDA

    Gonçalo,if you read me today,GO FOR THE LOT OF THEM.Dont spare them,crush them once for ever.

  8. My goodness, so they used Joana's room for sex! What a lame excuse, didn´t they have a room or bed for themselves? And those disgusting pigs cleaned themselves with the girl's underwear!?! Makes me think of bleeding noses, squashed mosquitos, dirty nappies, rotten meat...Someone has had a lesson or two in coming up with "plausible" excuses.
    P.J. chose money over justice, this just shows how child abuse and children's rights have little value in Portugal. I bet there will be no problem in finding money to pay for top-guys priveledges, like credit cards, cars, travels, etc.
    Poor Portugal, poor portuguese people, most of all poor portuguese children.

  9. Anonymous..."any sign of the 24 photos?"

    It wont be in the news before a while because Amaral is far too busy at the moment with the other sick case.....but it will come,it will come.It is obvious that things are moving.....justice for Madeleine is coming and so it is for this other poor little girl,Joana.

  10. Mr. Leandro REFUSED to provide a semen sample! And that's it? Why didn't a judge issue a judicial order making him oblige to the request? The strong possibility of child rape wasn't strong enough motive for such a move from our courts/judges? Once again I'm drawn to the same conclusion, a child's life and well being means nothing to the portuguese justice!
    I bet if what was at stake was some piece of property the court/judge would issue all kinds of orders in a flash!

  11. Dear little Joana was agrown woman at the tender age of 8, much more than her poor excuse of a mother. Just the other day, I watched a neyghbor of their house in Figueira talking to tv, saying that Joana acted and talked like a little adult, with worries and obligations fit for an adult, not an 8 year old child. She said how she heard the frequent preocupation of Joana with the domestic chores, loading and unloading the washing machine or hastilly collecting the laundry from the line, because rain was coming. Where was Leonor while her daughter did the work she should be doing as a mother an an adult? Lying in bed, watching tv, enjoying sex with God knows who!
    The poor girl was the woman of the house, the servant for all chores, I wonder how many beatings the poor angel suffered at the hands of her mother and stepfather when things were not done to their content.
    May God in His mercy bless Joana, Madeleine and all the children at risk.

  12. anonymous,

    Freedom of speech works well irrespective of corrupt, oppressive regimes operating within democracy.


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