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Police investigate Argentinian 'McCanns'

Just noticed an interesting and huge article* from Buenos Aires, Argentina. The newspaper makes an extensive comparison to the Maddie case and a more recent one, where a 3 year old girl named Sofia has mysteriously disappeared in Argentina. Her parents are being investigated for similar attitudes [incongruences] to the McCanns.

The story of Sofía Yasmín Herrera, 3 years old and 8 months, is similar to the one of Madeleine McCann of four years old who disappeared in Portugal last year. Sofia was with her parents but disappeared around noon last sunday 28th from the “John Goodall camp” (close to Nacional road number3, 60 km from Rio grande, Tierra del Fuego), a small province with just 3 counties, 1 main road and one land access which includes a state line crossing. The Argentinian police works, the Chilean Police, the province, the nation, Interpol, there are searches, rewards…but the girl it’s still missing.

Summary of the article translated

The Police investigate Sofia's Parents (and they are similar to the Maddie Case)

The contradictions in the statements of the mother and the father of Sofia, aroused suspicions. Certain is that in this type of cases the close and intimate circle surrounding the victim must be investigated and there are no clues at the moment. Without delay the similarities to the Maddie Case and the controversial McCanns, grows at the end of the world.

*will update later

 Source: Urgente24

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  1. Drawing a parallel between the British McCanns and the 'Argentian McCanns' may help the general public see through the smokescreen produced by the British media, that for the few who still need help to see through the foggy cover-up.


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