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Series is inspired in the Maddie case - Correio da Manhã

SIC: Moita Flores writes six episodes about missing children

Francisco Moita Flores is writing a series that tells the story of missing children and that is scheduled to premiere, on SIC, on the 3rd of May 2009, the day that marks the second anniversary of the Maddie McCann case.

“The series of six episodes is focused on a Homicide Squad that searches for missing children, including a little girl that disappeared on a beach and which is inspired in the Maddie McCann case, but it’s not the exact same story, even because I haven’t had access to the process, only to the many reports that have been published by the media”, Moita Flores advances.

Concerning leads on the cases that he is writing about, the criminologist and mayor of Santarém refers that “those are a well kept secret, for the time being”.

Francisco Moita Flores has already outlined the diverse stories that he intends to exhibit on SIC next year. But given the fact that he only has to “deliver the scripts until the end of this year”, the filming is only due to start in early 2009.

Each one of the six episodes tells a story based on real life cases. “I actually use to write about real facts, as I did in ‘Ballet Rose’, ‘Alves dos Reis’, ‘Capitão Roby’ and ‘The Távoras’ Process’, series that have already been broadcast by SIC and by RTP 1”, he concludes.


‘Ballet Rose’ – In 1998, RTP 1 broadcast this series about the involvement of high ranking persons from the Salazar regime in orgies with children.

‘Alves dos Reis’ – The biggest swindler in Portuguese history was the head of the biggest bank note forgery, in 1925. The series was broadcast by RTP 1 in 2000.

‘Capitão Roby’ – One of the most notorious Portuguese gallants managed to deceive several women through promises of marriage. The series was broadcast by SIC in the 90s.

source: Correio da Manhã, 14.10.2008

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  1. SUPER!

    Escrito pelo F. Moita Flores e com as boas relizações e actores que costuma ter,vai ser mais um sucesso.

    Muitissimo bom!

    Força,FMF e cuidado com os ladrões a soldo.


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