1.Everyone shall possess the right to freely express and publicise his thoughts in words, images or by any other means, as well as the right to inform others, inform himself and be informed without hindrance or discrimination 2.Exercise of the said rights shall not be hindered or limited by any type or form of censorship Constitution of the Portuguese Republic, Article 37.º

The Strategic Importance of Blogs & Forums

The military have a tactical manoeuvre, which name I haven’t the faintest and is irrelevant, that has two objectives to it: identify the enemy’s capabilities and intentions. You pretend you’re attacking and pay close attention to whatever reaction you get. Basically it’s poking the animal to test its reaction, and from it deduce what he is capable of. If it’s a bull, you get head-butted, but if it’s a cow, a moo and a glass of milk is all you’re entitled to.

The other advantage of this manoeuvre is that it allows to keep the enemy pinned down. Either by making sure it doesn’t stick its head over the trenches, under the penalty of the obvious, or by keeping it busy with trivialities while remaining focused on what is important and crucial. And as long as you know that he is in front of you, you know that he is not anywhere else, especially where he could harm you.

I’ve already stated here, on other occasions, that there is a war raging on. Not between McCanns and Mr. Amaral, not between Britain and Portugal, not even Britain allied with Portugal against the British and the Portuguese. This whole issue has surpassed long ago that obnoxiously infamous couple who gave fame to this all. Even Madeleine, the child we honour, has been relegated to the backstage by events. It’s about dignity. This has hit our dignity pretty hard. Each and everyone of us. We’ve been treated like a retarded herd, led to think as if our thoughts were not only ours to manage, but theirs to own. And our wounded dignity is what we are trying to salvage here. If the other side wins, it means we’ve lost it. And I for one, am not willing to live without it.

Today, it’s quite clear that only three kind of people still believe, wholeheartedly, in the McCanns innocence: the mentally seriously challenged, the illiterate and those who will be hurt by the truth. The first two, deserve my total respect. About the third, well, all I want to say at this point is that it’s a larger group than thought. He who defends the indefensible can only justify with other reasons than reason itself.

It’s not that the truth is unknown. It’s been out as of July. It only lacks minor details that do little alteration to the main conclusions. But each one feels that it has to hide it. Sneak peaks, clandestinely, like a criminal. All simply because it differs from the official version. Only when the adequate communication entities, known as media, accept its existence will the truth appear “out-of-the-blue”. A miracle of modernity.

So, until this happens, we have on one side, the truth-bearers, fighting in name of dignity, and on the other those that, due to survival, will do anything to destroy it. The first outnumber the latter by about 300 million to 1. Or even greater ratio. But the latter hold the physical means with which modern society determines what is true, and what is not. It’s guerilla warfare. They have the “tanks”, we have the spirit.

Using a WWII analogy, Britain has become occupied France, where the British commoner resists at the expense of his peace and comfort, and, who knows, personal safety and financial security. Portugal, as in the Portuguese, has become Britain, a safe-haven where the British Resistance seeks, and finds, support. Portugal, as in Portugal, has just become a domesticated English province where the fight is to be fought. Preferably by local mercenaries. Thus the Cipriano trial.

However, as everybody is aware, only when the British newspapers are forced into overturning their positions will this disgusting deck of cards fall. And only then a memorial in Madeleine’s name can be erected with justice.

This forum [3arguidos], and those sites with similar purposes (like the one of my dear friend Xklamation) are the tools we have to keep the offensive on the enemy. Keeping him pinned down. The ONLY ones with which we can keep on poking him. Irritating it, making him spend resources of time, money and people. The enemy holds the newspapers and the courts. But here, on the frontierless internet, he is helpless. Even fragile, because he cannot afford for the truth to escape him, or permit himself the luxury to stop paying attention to. Here he has to fight as equal, and he’s not even that. We are armed with the truth, he with the lack of shame.

The lack of truth implies lack of argumentation. So the enemy hires people, equally shameless, to do its fighting. Whores selling their talent for a handful of coins.

These employees populate the various sites. Threats, bullying, misleading comments and intentionally misinterpretation of opinions, you’ve seen them all. The most dangerous among them are those that don’t identify the side to which they belong. Sometimes they even disguise themselves as friends, wining your trust. The tactic is always the same. Politely dropping, here and there and very subtly, a distorting idea in a manner that entices you into going down the path that makes you lose sight of what was you were trying to state in the first place. This is to erode your will a bit by bit. Reinforcing the feeling of uselessness that invades when we cannot put across our, apparently simple, idea. Wearing you out. Making you lose momentum and sight of reason. Making you give up.

And everytime somebody gives up, its one less to face. We have the reason, but they have the time. We have the truth, they have the patience. Even if they have nothing else.

So, if dignity is important to you as it’s to me, don’t give up. Show them that it’s not easy to pull the wool over your eyes. That you, as an individual, are entitled to information. And that, without any help, you’re able to deduce from it your OWN opinion.

The way to show all that is through participation. Show how many we are. A simple one-word entry is enough. Inundate them with IPs, so that its physically impossible for them even to try and follow most, much less all. Even if they use national resources and institutions. Paid for from the tax-payer’s money. Your money. So comment away.

The decision to unfold the white flag is solely yours. As is your choice to exercise the right of speech, and to demonstrate that you, as citizen, don’t want to lose the capability of intervention. And if you HAVE to give up that right, they know that you will fight them all the way.

Speak now or forever hold your silence.

Article Courtesy of Textusa


  1. I agree that forums and blogs are of importance, at least they have the same effect as the Mainstream Media.

    I think the 3 Arguidos started off pretty much as an anti-McCann forum. Then when the Portuguese shelved the investigation, the 3As appeared to have changed and now is more pro-McCann.

  2. One day the truth will be out and justice made for Maddie, it´s only a matter of time. Meanwhile we are those that can sleep in peace everynight unlike those that are afraid and living in a made believe world. Thank you very much Joana and co-writers os this blog. May the force be with US.

  3. Absolutelly marvelous ! Congratulations on a brilliant article.
    Any police force in the civilized world, when faced with a case like this one, with a child missing, with absolutely no evidence of a kiddnaping, BUT, with several signs of acidental death or even murder, what would their tactics be? What direction, what course would their investigation follow subsequently? To blindly direct the investigation in the path suggested by the parents (abduction), who in such cases are usually the prime suspects, or follow the lines of inquiry that the forensic evidence found on the scene points out?
    It is not rocket science is it?

  4. Absolutely brillant.And I hope, there will be justice for a little girl.Never give up people, go on for freedom of speech, All over the world we were looking for a little girl, every day.Now the truth is out.We have speculated what what was happened, and many presumed that the parents were involved. Have we really considered, I think yes. Perhaps
    the evidences are not sufficient enough for a Portuguese court , but it always remains a dark cloud of suspicion over our couple and maybe one day ...
    and by the way, I would like to thank Dr. Amaral for his courage.

  5. Good stuff.
    A sweeping flourish of the bonnet to you Sir(?)

  6. indian summer,

    Truth of The Lie confirms PJ had the proof required to charge and arrest the McCanns - irrespective of results withheld on route from FSS to PJ - government intervention.

    Mr Amaral confirmed that not ALL police findings were included in his testimonial publication. They are nevertheless documented upon which PM's evidenced based conclusions - "abandonment, endangerment, homicide and cadaver disposal" were published in the public's best interests.

    Government monitoring and influence prevented arrest and PJ's duty on the victim's behalf. Government intervention and influence is also well documented and evidenced in corrupt forum/blog activities in perverting the course of justice.

    I'm reliably informed that ITV's 'Real Crime' series is a taxpayer funded government initiative aimed at thwarting evidenced facts in the final programme, Madeleine's tragedy. 'Insider's' say the narrative advertized as Mr Amaral's is fraudulent, 'dubbed'- designed solely to mislead those paying costs of production - cash strapped taxpayers.

    I understand analysts are shortly publishing a taxpayer's guide to the true costs of Nulabor's hidden agendas, monumental wastage and corruption, including costings of the McCann fiasco.

  7. Ian Fleming not only understood the mindset of insane megalomaniacs, he wrote as a visionary in the process.

    His books prophecied the evil pertaining to energy supply and the ease with which IT can be corrupted by the powerful and insane to influence/control the masses.

    The evil corruption in Madeleine's case stems from identical mindsets of power crazed 'mad men' in every Flemming book, specifically the 'media control' maniac.

  8. Blogs and forums are viewed as informative 'friends' of true politicians/journalists, but seen as 'the enemy' of the corrupt, self serving.

    As far as Nulabor is concerned, there's only one 'thinking' and voice in Britain today - it's own.
    It operates it's monitoring unit accordingly, specifically in Madeleine's tragic case.

  9. For those who are not English, Nulabor is New Labour - Gordon's and Tony Blair Party.

  10. Himself, Sir,

    I'm humbled by your comment.

    Only trying to keep up the standards set by some, like yourself, before me. Enormous responsability.

    About my gender, in these day's of political correctness, let's keep, for now, the question mark hanging about. I find that I'm taken much more seriously if thought to be a lady, and much vicious, amusing remarks, if be I a gent.

    And gentle, woman or man, shall I always be, whatever genitalia have been blessed with.

  11. A brilliant analysis. The TRUTH must prevail!

  12. Textusa,

    Winning trust for manipulation - 'conning' - prevails 'online'. Only those with evil intent and access to interceptive monitoring devices (such as that set up by Nulabor)can find out the true identity of commentators. Clones seldom match the style of those they 'ape' for corrupt manipulation.

    In Madeleine's tragedy, her parents continue to be 'politically' protected by 'all means possible' - all corrupt and government connected.

    Nulabor loathes free speech and democracy yet seeks to give the opposite impression. I'm told by analysts they're the biggest con men recorded in political/criminal history. Wasting swathes of taxpayers' hard earned money in the process resulting in historic debt and bankrupcy for generations to come. Labour 'Union' self serving fraudsters - spivs.

  13. Fine Textusa, as we say:"se puede decir mas alto pero no mas claro".
    We shall never give up.


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