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There are many aprons...

Opinion column by Gonçalo Amaral

A few years ago, I discussed the use of aprons with a colleague. I couldn’t recognize the need to belong to any secret lodge where aprons are worn in order to proceed with my duty of fighting crime. After 27 years of work at the PJ, I find myself confronted with certain aprons, which I have no idea of they are made of chintz or any more noble material, which seem to persecute me as if they had been legitimated by some plebiscite.

A magazine that in August 2007 managed to foresee my exit from the PJ now gave its voice to the attack on an investigator, an excellent professional, for reasons that remain objectively unknown.

During the same week, a journalist states that good PJ investigators are being investigated over torture, facing the incomprehensible silence of the PJ’s Directory. Coincidentally, the Centre Region, where the present national director comes from, the head of the Portuguese Lawyers’ Order and the assistant in one of the torture cases – certainly a man of good costumes – is a link between some of these facts. The PJ should worry about defending its professionals, respecting the principle of presumed innocence, and stop summoning inspectors for festive events. Their only use is to increase expenses and promote hand-clapping, like talk-shows do.

source: Correio da Manhã, 25.10.2008


  1. The 'soap opera' gets dafter day by day.

    'Divide and rule' labour tactic continues using 'all corrupt means possible'.

  2. Gonçalo Amaral, contamos consigo para revelar verdades, desmascarar impostores e trazer justiça ao caso Maddie.

  3. Did the magazine's writers know Mitchell ? Sounds as if they did !!!

    Who in their right mind thinks about aprons ? Certainly not a man of Goncalo's calibre and intellect.

  4. With the exception of the McCanns' case, PJ are not subjected to the same governmental red tape, control and target obsession undermining the duties of the police.

    Unlike our police, PJ do the job they're trained to do without interference or media misrepresentation. The latter is as alien to PJ as democratic British commentators/voters.

  5. Joana,

    I thought you might like to publish the following having yourself been an inspiration to so many for so long throughout the oppression in Madeleine's case:

    Living through oppression (Nazis and Communists) forged in Pope John Paul II a determination to make us assert our humanity.

    "You are not who they say you are; let me remind you who you really are" was a constantly repeated message in his preachings and writings for peoples' freedom.
    His inspriational leadership resulted in solidarity; one Polish graduate living under European communism said "what I wanted to do was to live without being a liar".

    Pope John Paul survived an assassin's bullet eight months after Solidarity was born, the movement which secured the Pope's vision of peoples' freedom. In so doing, he taught the market system can't run by itself. Something hs to discipline the great human energies set loose by economic (as well as vocal) freedom - so that what comes out at the end is an INCREASE IN GOODNESS, not just wealth.

    Oppression as well as wealth have been two major factors in Madeleine's tragedy. Your work and writings have been based on your stand for peoples' right to free opinion and speech.

    Tribute is paid to your work and dedication, amongst others, in Madeleine's case: corrupt British 'oppressors', I'm told, left no alternative but publish all findings under private licence in the US in book form.

    The authorities have the means by which websites such as yours can be oppressed, corrupted, plagiarized.


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