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The Trial of the PJ Inspectors: The Head of the Layers Bar Marinho Pinto Cannot use the Lawyers Order for his Personal Wars

Rogério Alves, McCanns legal representative and Marinho Pinto, head of the Lawyer's Bar

By Lawyer José Maria Martins

The Lawyers Order has made a wrong decision in becoming assistant in the Process of Leonor Cipriano.

Those who have a minimum of experience regarding the actuation of the Judiciary Police do not believe that the inspectors would ever aggress Leonor Cipriano causing her the haematomas showed in the photographs.

This process seems to be a deliberately staged encenation to attack the Portuguese Police, to attack the Portuguese Justice.

If the Inspectors were to be convicted, Portugal would be denigrated at all levels.

Greater evilness only the one done by the US troops in Iraq and in Guantanamo.

Greater evilness, the one executed by Napoleon troops, who in Portugal, killed, raped, stole, going to the point of in just one afternoon killing more than 2 thousand persons in the City of Évora alone!

The Lawyers Order should keep the necessary equidistance in order to not compromise the Portuguese Lawyers in this adventure of indicating a lawyer to help the Defense of Leonor Cipriano.

Nevertheless, I would accept that the Lawyers Order collaborated in the investigation regarding the destiny of the small child, Joana, who disappeared and is dead.

The head of the bar does not have my support in this matter. Quite the opposite, it is my belief that Dr. Marinho Pinto has done a disservice to Law - another one, another service - using the Order of Lawyers.

I am sure, since a long time, that the PJ inspectors will be absolved and that the Order will came out fragilized.

The Masonry and the United Kingdom would definetely enjoy that the Inspectors were convicted.

What a present for Gordon Brown!

There it would run throughout the World the news that the investigators of the Portuguese PJ, those who "annoyed" Maddie parents, after all weren't cops but TORTURERS!!!

Not even in Burundi this would be acceptable!

Courtesy of Dr. José Maria Martins


  1. The connection between the McCanns and the case of the 'torture' allegedly inflicted on Leonor Cipriano was established many months ago by the McCanns themselves. They tried to use - they still are using - Leonor Cipriano, her brother João, her partner Leandro, as means to achieve one purpose: to discredit Amaral and with him, the whole investigation that was carried out by the PJ and which yielded the results that are now widely know. Or should I write: ALMOST yielded the results... because Dr Amaral was prevented from carrying out a proper investigation, and the PJ was forced to swallow hard and pretend that they are all fine with the way the matter was shoved under the carpet.

    The strange, dangerous connections between the Portuguese Lawyers' Order, which was headed by Dr Rogerio Alves at the same time that he was hired by the McCanns, and the defense of the McCanns and of Leonor Cipriano, can only be ignored if one tries very, very hard not to look.

    They were never a secret, and the first ones who made us realise that were the British media, who last summer couldn't stop comparing the 'victims' of the 'monstrous' PJ: Leonor and Kate.

    What an apt comparison indeed.

  2. My words,anonymous word´s.

    About the article, I do not can say anything because I can not be impartial to the autor.


    Drª Mª do Carmo R.

  3. in these words lays all the truth,
    copy: " The Masonry and the United Kingdom would definetely enjoy that the Inspectors were convicted.
    What a present for Gordon Brown!"

    Favour for favour. What lies behind the disappearance of a child, can be the secrecy of a "big shot".

  4. cópia:
    ..."What lies behind the disappearance of a child, can be the secrecy of a "big shot"."

    That is the BIG QUESTION!!!!!


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