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The “Unbelievable” Lawyers’ Order

an opinion article by José Maria Martins*

Marinho Pinto, head of the Lawyers’ Order, the man who attacked the Casa Pia Process investigation – and went to television to state that the process was an attack to behead the Socialist Party – now has pushed the Lawyers’ Order into a mess that can only tarnish the Portuguese lawyers.

Marinho Pinto - who presumably violated the judicial secrecy and gave the information about Leonor Cipriano to “Expresso” – decided, or acted, for the Lawyers’ Order to constitute itself as an assistant in the process against Polícia Judiciária inspectors.

Today, daily newspaper “Correio da Manhã” reports that the Lawyers’ Order has requested the constitution as an assistant and it seems that it didn’t know the Code of Judicial Costs, thus failing to pay the judicial tax – 192,00 euros – and being condemned to pay a fine, in a total expense of approximately 500,00 euros.

If the news, which can be read here, is accurate, then it is all the lawyers who end up with their image tainted. The Lawyers’ Order doesn’t know the law, it’s amazing!

If it’s true that Marinho Pinto complained that “we weren’t notified”, the case is even more serious, because the judicial tax has to be paid before the day when the constitution as an assistant is requested!

On the 23rd of October 2008, “Correio da Manhã” reports that the Lawyers’ Order has hired the lawyer Dr Rodrigo Santiago to represent it.

All would be well if Dr Rodrigo Santiago hadn’t been Marinho Pinto’s patron when the latter was an intern, and if he wasn’t a member of the Masonry. Is the Socialist Party behind this? Is the Masonry behind this, through the Grande Oriente Lusitano [Portuguese Masonry lodge]?

Why Rodrigo Santiago?

The Order should be represented by its Head, who earns a fortune every month and would thus spare the Order and the taxpayers, who ultimately pay the bill, some money.

I would even enjoy seeing the Head of the Order working in court, instead of only talking against the Casa Pia Process and defending the Socialist Party.

Who pays for the Lawyers’ Order’s mess? The lawyers?

No! The payment of the fine must come out of the pocket of whomever didn’t know the law.

Who pays for Dr Rodrigo Santiago’s honoraries?

And why did the Lawyers’ Order constitute itself as an assistant, given the fact that the parties already have representatives?

In order to defend human rights? I don’t think so! Marinho Pinto is personally involved in the case since the time when he was a journalist at Expresso.

Does the Order know if the inspectors tortured Leonor? How can it afford to embark on this adventure?

And why does it reinforce one side, Leonor’s, and fights the others, the inspectors’?

Shouldn’t the order keep impartiality in the case? Keep absolute impartiality?

I fear that the Order’s presence will only cause further harm to Leonor Cipriano’s defense.

In fact, it can only harm it.

source: José Maria Martins, 25.10.2008

* José Maria Martins is a lawyer and author. His most visible case has been the Casa Pia Process, where he represents Carlos Silvino, aka 'Bibi'


  1. Ter medo do "avental"??????!!!!!

    Eu tenho muito mais da Opus D. Mas muitíssimo mais.

    E como não quero comentar este artigo,DE MODO ALGUM!Comento as fotos:

    Marinho Pinto e Rodrigo Santiago,para a minha idade,seriam uns namorados muito apetecíveis e super para namorar.
    Eles é que não iam achar piada nenhuma à minha idade.

    Não entendo de MODO ALGUM o medo dos Maçons.Tenham é da Opus Dei.


    Até onde vão as pessoas para salvar a sua própria vida ou a de alguém próximo?

    Gravado na RTP2 dia 24/10/2008

    Legendado em Português.


  3. The political connections that surround the case of Leonor Cipriano vs the PJ, resemble an octopus, with tentacles that reach into the Casa Pia case, the Madeleine McCann case, and who knows what else. Coincidences? I don't believe in coincidences. Whether one 'likes' José Maria Martins or not, is beside the point, in my opinion. He shows how lawyers operate only in their own interest, or in their masters' interest - don't confuse master with client here. And he shows how the judicial system in Portugal is easily manipulated, in everyone's face and without the least preoccupation with keeping up appearances. Untouchables. Arrogant and prepotent untouchables. Leonor Cipriano is a pawn, an object that serves a political purpose, nothing more.

    Will justice be served? I somehow doubt it. The cards that are stacked against the 5 inspectors are very, very powerful.

    Victims? Who cares about the victims. Joana, Madeleine, the Casa Pia boys - all forgotten long ago, buried beneath political interests that should ashame us all.

  4. Obrigada pelo link para a Grande Loja Lusitana.Fui ver....

    Mas,não sei porquê nunca tive qq. receio.

    Antes do 25/04/74 todos procuravam incutir receios acerca da Maçonaria...

    Sim.Vi quem lá está e deduzo por isso mesmo que mais do m/mº partido.

    Infelizmente não tendo com quem trocar opiniões....calo-me por aqui.

    Mas,OP!......até causa terror pela manipulação silenciosa das mentalidades.



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